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Last Day of 2020...A Birthday To Celebrate...Album Recognition

Dec 31 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Happy New Year’s Eve. A special day here at the Whyte House as this is our only child’s birthday today…Heather Whyte.  We stayed up all day and into the evening before she finally arrived that day in a Cincinnati hospital. And she has made our life more fun and brighter ever since.  Love you kid!



Just another lazy Covid day.  I had time to get in a walk and it was warm enough to wear running shorts and I finished reading the biography from my buddy Brady Seals God Blessed Texas and Me Too”. It’s a fast read mixed with true road stories, ups and downs of a musician’s road life and all of the story is mixed with Bible verses putting each chapter into a bigger perspective for the reader. I spotted a passage in one chapter that he wrote that was so poetic in thought that it seemed like it good be a song. I e-mailed him and he agreed so we’re going to tackle that sometime in January.



Gosh, sorry to see that 82-year-old Dawn Wells who played Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island passed from Covid yesterday. And the list grows. She beat out 350 other actresses to get that part. A lot of folks might not remember that Gilligan was only a moderate hit when it ran on CBS but in syndication it took off. And you can still watch episodes today. I got to interview Jim Backus…” The Millionaire” once in Hollywood…still have his autographed biography.  He LOVED being part of that TV show and shared some stories. By all report, Dawn was as sweet as the character she played on TV.  RIP.



Now they say two more Covid vaccines might be ready for the US. Johnson & Johnson have one ready to go, and the one from the United Kingdom was approved yesterday. Now if they can roll them out more quickly than they’ve been doing that would help.


Dr. Drew the TV doctor who initially downplayed the virus now has it and says, “It’s no fun. I wouldn’t recommend it”. No kidding Doc.


Universal Studios reported they were maxed out multiple times during the holidays. Folks still want to get out and do something!  RV sales are up 40%...another indication of how true that is.



Some of the best quotes about the Coronavirus in 2020…at least for me include:


Mosquitoes be waking up from winter like…”where y’alls at”?


Due to quarantine I’ll only be telling inside jokes.


And my favorite: ME IN 2019.  “If I could just have like a week with nothing to do and nowhere to go, I could finally get this house clean and organized”.


ME NOW: “Nope, that wasn’t the problem”.



That’s what they call the period of time between Christmas and New Year’s. “Twixmas”. If I were the makers of Twix candy bars I’d try and take advantage of that. And consider this. Some retailers have already stocked Easter Egg candies on their store shelves. On to the next holiday.



The “Aquarium” a music online magazine just listed their top 25 albums of the year and my friend Lauren Mascitti’s album “God Made A Woman” made that list too. It finished in the top 20 for the New York Times also. Amazing. And she deserves it. Blessed to have a song on the album co-written with Lauren and Wil Nance. Here’s what they said.


“With the warmest country sound, Lauren Mascitti’s 2020 release is all you need to look back on this year fondly. The starlet’s voice drips with honey and musical melody like it’s second nature and this record encompasses that gorgeously. The title track is contemplative, but assertive, with the sweetest musicality and production that lingers throughout the 13-track love letter to the greatest, most romantic and well-versed singer-songwriters of all time”


Wow. Congrats Lauren!



Forbes just printed that Tampa Bay was 2020’s busiest travel destination. Lots to do there, it’s warm and there’s a beach. Worse places to be spending quarantine time for sure.



“Why I Won’t Fix My Misspelled Tattoo Any Time Soon”.  I didn’t want to know…so I didn’t read the article.



In the New York Times: “Is Dairy Farming Cruel to Cows”? Well, they do get yanked on a bunch. Better to be the “yanker” than the “yankee”.



We’ll celebrate New Year’s Eve quietly with my daughter Heather and her husband Casey this evening on her birthday. Tomorrow the two of them will be headed to LA…lower Alabama where Casey will be trained to become a pilot in the Army over the next couple of years. So a special evening for sure. We’re surely going to miss them being closer, so I see some trip to Bama in our future.


I don’t make resolutions. I think those are just made to be broken for the most part. But I will certainly hope that in 2021 we come out of the pandemic somehow someway. There are no real New Year’s gigs except for TV events. The ball will drop in NYC but the public will not be allowed near it. I can certainly remember playing in a band for years and years at New Year’s Eve gigs with lots of noisemaker and funny hats. And now, I can’t remember the last time I was awake at midnight on New Year’s Eve. That all kind of changed when our daughter was born…and I don’t miss that a bit. And now we get to say, “Happy New Year” and “Happy Birthday” on the same evening.


Happy New Year’s to you and yours too!

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