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A Mobile Writer..."Hits & Grins" Christmas Tune...Songs on the Charts

Dec 21 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning and it’s Christmas week. Wow. And…it’s Winter Solstice. Dark…early. Not my favorite thing.



I wrote for the first time with Eric Erdman who lives in Mobile but was in Nashville to write and produce an album for a country act. Eric plays a lot of those Trop Rock shows for those Parrot Head fans that are scattered all over the world. Beach gigs…and he doesn’t play beach music. He just sort of backed into that world. His college degree is in statistics so he’s interested in lots of things…including music that he’s really good at. So I was glad he shot me an e-mail asking if I had time to write and I had a hole in may calendar this past Friday that the two of us filled up writing and getting to know each other better at my publishing company.. We finished up a fun idea I had and then grabbed a couple of cold one’s at a little place with a view of Old Hickory Lake. And that’s when I found out he’s as big a baseball nut as I am!  He hit over 400 on his High School team and certainly could have gone to college on a baseball scholarship but chose another path. So I have a feeling we’re going to be GREAT friends over time and possibly see a couple of ballparks together as both of us are trying to see all the Major League parks. Twas a really good Friday for sure.



I did get the last of my Christmas wrapping done…couple of packages. But as I blogged Friday, everything I wrap looks like a head of lettuce. The good news is my wife has no problem recognizing which gift is hers under the tree.


Our “Hits & Grins” trio with Steve Dean & Victoria Venier and myself filmed some Christmas songs for our booking agency “Live Arts & Attractions” that was sent out to buyers and clients that book “live” music in their theaters all across the country. Our tour was pretty much wiped out when the pandemic hit, so the agency thought it would be nice to film a bunch of their acts and then provide a link for those clients to watch. A way for us to say, “hang in there” and “we appreciate you” …and we can’t wait to reschedule some shows when it’s safe again. The put together a great set with several cameras so I thought I’d share a little of that right here.


This song is “Santa Where Art Thou” written by Steve & Victoria.



And I did get some good news from my friend Scott Southworth over the weekend too. A song I wrote with Scott “Less to Break” showed up at #29 on the Country Music People’s Magazine Top 50 Tracks for 2020. That don’t suck. Scott is an independent traditional country artist and this song we wrote that was his idea is the kind of “country” I grew up listening too in Missouri…twin fiddles and all. So congrats to Scott.


And then news came that my friend Lauren Mascitti’s song “I Wanna Show You My Town” landed at #15 on the same chart. That song is included on her album “God Made A Woman” that was selected as one of the best albums of the year by the New York Times. And I’m blessed to have written as song with her and Wil Nance that’s on that album “Never Been in Love Like This”.


So double congrats this weekend to my musical friends.



London just started its 3rd shutdown since the pandemic again. And they’ve had a new Covid strain break out which forced France to shut down their borders to England…Canada has followed suit and won wonders if the US will stop flights here from London? And with news of a second strain the stock market could dive today.


Some doctors are begging folks to stay home for Christmas. That’s just not going to happen as the airports are jammed for holiday flights. It is truly unthinkable what could happen to our hospitals after Christmas and New Year back-to-back.


Congress finally passed another stimulus package for Americans. $600 for most Americans but considering how long unemployment may last for many because of the pandemic? It may not be enough.  It did prompt this tweet from one guy, “The 600-dollar check won’t pay my rent but it’s enough to buy a weapon”. So there’s that.


I don’t watch much news. It’s either Covid or politics and I don’t think that leaves folks that watch a ton of that in a good mood. I watched “The Sound of Music” last night…and that did put me in a good mood. It was one of my Mom’s favorite movies. She loved music too so it’s no surprise that she loved this movie. Hard to be in a bad mood when you’re singing along with “Doh…a deer…a female deer”. Watch some movies like that during the pandemic. It might save you on visits to lay down on a couch with a therapist.



So the Rsian hc pl $)-dasy and r0@ MMMM ….cla7&*….sorry.  Apparently, the Russians hacked my computer for a second. 



Jim Carrey will no longer be Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live. That role has now gone to one of the cast members Alex Moffat. So his job is safe for the next 4 years I suppose. Here’s the first look at his take on Biden. After watching I'm not sure they've got this as dialed in as the did with Alec Baldwin doing Trump. Not as funny for me...yet. The character shows up midway through this opener for SNL this past Saturday.



Well, if we can have fake news why can’t we have fake Christmas boxes? They make these boxes so that you can prank your friends. They tear the wrapping off and see a box labeled, “Sizzle Bacon Scented Dryer Sheets” complete with a picture that looks legit and makes the recipient scratch their heads. Inside of course is the real present. Actually, I wished they made those for real.  How good would the laundry room smell?!


If you want a look at some of the other fake boxes you can buy…here ya go.



They shut down a bunch of their stores in California because of Covid-19.  However, they did announce that their Apple autonomous driving car will roll out in 2021. If they use the Apple logo for a hood ornament that might look cool. Here’s a peek at the prototype Apple car.


I wonder if the car stalls if you can just reboot it to get moving again?



Carrie Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher (a former NHL great) bought her two cows for Christmas. She actually said, “They make me so happy”.  For the woman who literally has every single thing?  Buy her cattle.  And a feeding trough. And a salt lick. I can’t wait to see my wife’s reaction this Christmas when sees a couple of Angus munching in the front yard.



I got Paul McCartney’s new CD in the mail this weekend…getting ready to wear it out. Paul put out a video of one song that shows you how truly talented he STILL is at age 78. In the video he plays every single instrument on the song…and produces it. In Nashville there are several talented folks who can do that. I use some of them to record my demos (recordings to pitch to artists). They have home studios and can play guitar, bass, add a computer loop drum, mandolin, piano and more all by themselves and they sound absolutely amazing. And it’s cost effective which makes my publishing company happy when they get the bill. I’m still amazed at how talented some folks like McCartney are. I can barely play the tambourine.



In Alabama...small town near Birmingham the cops busted an illegal winery they found in the town sewage plant. Uh uh. That’s one cork I won’t be sniffing.  I don’t even want to know how they made it.



In China they just rolled out a Spam Burger with Oreo cookie crumbles on top. Some chef had a lot of time on his hands. Spam and Oreo. Ya want fries with that?



Panic time now for all who have not done their Christmas shopping. Thank goodness I’m done. Wrapped what I had and stuck it under the tree last night. But for those still looking check out this article “21 Inexpensive Gifts You’ll Probably Want 2 Of”. Well…I do kind of like the Golden Girl Tarot cards they’re offering.



“Man Proposes While Girlfriend Is Asleep and Puts Ring on Her Finger as Surprise”. She actually woke up and said “yes”.



If it’s clear in Nashville I may grab my binoculars and look up to see if I can see Jupiter and Saturn. They’ll be in the same place in the sky tonight…something that happens once every 19.6 years. It’s either that or I’ll be watching the Bachelorette with my wife on the couch. Both events are truly amazing.



I’m off to write with Jerry Salley today who is the head guy at Billy Blue Records. Jerry was instrumental in signing me to a publishing deal there and that’s been a fun and great marriage so I owe him. Jerry might be the most prolific writer in all of bluegrass. And he’s had mainstream and gospel hits too. Just a heck of a writer…and singer for that matter. I shared an idea with him last week about writing something to tribute the front-line folks who are the true heroes in this country right now so we’re going to see if we can do just that today.


Have a great Monday!






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