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Blue Bayou...Parades...New Date

Dec 16 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning and we’ve got a little thunder, booming, mixed with rain and a flood warning.  I’ll take it over some of the snow and icy roads that cover my home state of Missouri right now.  Our Christmas weather should be warm here in Nashville.  Fine with me.  Put a palm tree in my front yard I won’t mind.



Well, I actually got some Christmas done.  Opry Mills is normally packed, but this past Friday?  It was a breeze.  Crowds were small…a blessing!  I got our Christmas cards from the “Whyte” house all signed and ready to go in the mail so there’s another “gotta do” off my Christmas table. 


I also caught some football, watched the newest installment of The Mandalorian, and finished up a southern gospel song and sent it to my publisher for pitching to a particular quartet that’s looking right now. And I still had time for some Christmas gingerbread cookies my wife baked.  That’s a pretty good weekend.


I did watch the Kennedy Center Honors last night…always a great show.  Linda Ronstadt was one of those honored and if you didn’t see it?  Carrie Underwood knocked “Blue Bayou” out of the park honoring her last night.  Congrats to Linda, Sally Field, Earth Wind and Fire, the Sesame Street creators and conductor Michael Tilson Thompson.



Would you see Loretta Lynn and Kid Rock as co-Grand Marshalls in a Christmas parade.  That happened in beautiful Leipers Fork, TN over the weekend.  I’ve been in a LOT of parades through the years because of radio.  Many Christmas parades in Milwaukee…the West Allis, Wisconsin Western Days parade with no motorized vehicles…all horse drawn.  The Indy 500 parade in Indianapolis and the huge Opening Day Parade for Reds baseball in Cincinnati. I even had the honor once of being a Grand Marshall in Fall Festival Parade in Elsberry, Missouri where I went to High School.  And not once would Loretta agree to ride with me.  I should have changed my name to Kid Bill maybe.


The first West Allis Western Days Parade I was in a horse drawn carriage. I was brand new on air at WMIL replacing a guy the station let go for reasons I won’t get into.  But he had been on air several years and the audience loved him.  Then I show up on air with no explanation to the audience (because they couldn’t) of why the old guy was gone.  SO…my first parade in Wisconsin?  I got booed along the parade route some.


So parades aren’t all their cracked up to be sometimes.



Be glad you’re not shopping for a real tree in New York at a place called SOHO. They want $6,500 for a 25 footer.  Down the street another vendor sells them for $2500. Wow.  And the way I grew up you could grab a saw and walk out and cut one down for free if you knew someone who knew someone.  Have I ever mentioned I kind of like to visit NYC…but could never live there?



My musical friend you’ve read about numerous times here Lauren Mascitti who has officially announced that her anticipated album will be out next month. I have THIS SONG that I wrote with her and Wil Nance that all of us love so I’m happy to see this project finally being released. And…you’re going to be seeing and hearing a lot more about my talented friend in the very near future.  Stay tuned and congrats to my Italian buddy here Lauren!



I added one more date to the 2020 calendar, as I’ll be returning to the Grinder Coffee House in Crossville September 18.  This is a very cool listening room with great coffee and food.  Thank you to Asa and the gang for having me again.


If you check my calendar online you can find that date and many others including the 2021 Danube River Cruise with Brent Burns and Trop Rock artist Sunny Jim.  Check out the details and think about joining us for an unforgettable experience on board one of the beautiful Emerald Waterway ships.  We took the same kind of ship down the Rhine River last year and my wife and I can’t wait to be part of this one too.  Unreal.



The oldest couple living has now been married 80 years!  She’s 105 and he’s 106.  They live happily in Austin, Texas.  And if that ain’t some kind of warm and fuzzy Hallmark movie for the future I don’t know what is.  Wow. 



Josh Donaldson who’s been a great baseball player for the Braves.  His mom smoked forever and he begged her to quit.  Finally he told her if she would stop smoking he’d buy her a Maseratti.  She did.  And look what happened HERE.  He’s a pretty good ballplayer but an even better son.  And her reaction is priceless.



The bat Babe Ruth used to club his 500th home run just sold for over a million dollars.  Mine is still in my softball bag in the garage.  Any offers?



A guy walked into a Guitar Center over the weekend.  He must have really loved the Fender Six String because he tucked down his pants and proceeded to walk out.  They’re still looking for him.  The guitar is valued at $1,700 bucks are so.  They’ll get him.  All the police have to do is follow the string of capos falling out of his pockets.



And…there’s now a movie theater that you can literally go to bed in. A cinema in Switzerland yanked out all the seats and put double beds in their places.  I’m not sure which movies will draw more people to the beds…romantic movies or comedies.  Time will tell.  They do look comfy.  Take a LOOK.



Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani just released their first duet together “Nobody But You”.  Pretty lovey dovey stuff.  They may want to book a movie in that theater with the double beds.



“Things To Never Do When Cooking Bacon”.  I didn’t read the article but I’m betting the number one tip is to never do that naked.



I’m taking my umbrella and I’m off for my co-write.  Have a great Monday!




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