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WSM Morning With Guests...Wine...and Christmas Ladders

Two days til Turkey Day...do you know where your giblets are?



I was on air yesterday morning "dark and early" on 650AM-WSM with Charlie Mattos as the regular host Bill Cody took the morning off.  Just back from the beach and the songwriters festival in Gulf Shores with a danged cold...I'm glad I sucked it up and went in because it turned out to be a very fun and memorable show.



Mel Tillis passed away Sunday so a LOT of the music we played was that of Mel or songs that Mel Tillis wrote including iconic country songs like, "Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town", "Life Turned Her That Way" and of course "Detroit City".  An Entertainer Of The Year, a consistent Country hit maker as both a singer and a writer, a great storyteller....and man could he be funny.  He used is stuttering not as a liability but an asset that landed him as a favorite guest on countless TV shows and of course in movies.  It was a pleasure to share stories an play Mel's music yesterday morning. 



And then John Berry walked in at about 8:30 with his Gibson Hummingbird and sat down and sang us a Christmas song in his clear tenor voice that we've loved for years.  John is doing a slew of Christmas shows this year including one last night at the Ryman Auditorium.  The man do stay busy.  Check out John's website for tour dates near you.  What a singer.




And then Aaron Tippin joined us at little after 9 AM along with his talented wife Thea and his two boys who are chips off the old block.  They brought some bottles of his new "Kiss This" wine that they make in Crossville, TN that's a holiday cherry flavored wine that goes down soooo good.  I'm not a big wine person...I don't sniff corks or swirl my glass or dig into the history of grapes.  I just like what I like...and this wine is delish!


We talked about wine...about his airplanes...he has SIX of them right now.  About bulldozers and big boy toys he owns...and we talked about the loss of a songwriter friend rencently Kenny Beard who helped pen "Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Flies". 





Aaron is always engaging and fun and it was a pleasure seeing him again.  I showed him a picture of him many years ago in Milwaukee at Summerfest when my daughter Heather opened his show one night (long story) and this picture of Aaron signing Heather's door sign made him laugh out loud at the memory.  And he also bragged about his "big" guns that you see here.  Along with his other talents he was a competitive body builder at one point and admitted on air that he did "oil" up for the competitions.  And his wife Thea admitted to having some of those tiny things he wore on stage still around the house.


What a morning on the radio.  My thanks to Charlie and WSM for having me again...always a pleasure.  I'll be back on air this Wednesday from 10-3 so listen in if you can.






Over 28.5 million folks will be traveling in one form or another over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Yikes.  And Black Friday and shopping is on and some will be standing outside doors waiting for them to open to go rushing in and scoop up the deals.  Sort of like "The Running Of The Bulls" in Spain.  Somebody is going to get gored and trampled over a 30 inch flat screen TV.  Wear your mouthpiece folks.  Pretty sure that "online" thing is a good way to go.  Same deals...and you get keep your teeth.



How bout one of these for a gift this year.  A Nebraska man is taking old sewing machines and turning them into toy tractors like the one pictured here.  A Singer Deere if you will.  What one person throws away turns into money for someone else. 


My idea for turning outdoor johns into fishing shanty's has not quite caught on as big as his idea..but I'm hopeful it will.




Instead of decorating a tree...some folks are putting up Christmas decorated ladders.  Uh huh.  Unfold...string some lights...season's over...take the string off...fold the ladder back up an you're done.  Course...I have no idea if Santa would dare walk under the ladder to leave you a Christmas present...










Some Italian Doctors are saying "head transplants" will become a reality and will do at least one surgery coming up soon.  So...if you see a guy with a bit of a beer gut with Brad Pitt's head on top...it'll be me. 



Stock for electric trucks has shot up.  We're talking semi-trailer loads of stuff traveling over the interstate system powered by electricity.  This is mostly because Tesla now claims to have a truck that can go 500 miles before it needs to be re-charged.  Better for the planet.  Imagine the amount of gas that would be saved if all of a sudden semi-trucks didn't need to fill up with petro?  I like it.  Between that and self driving cars on the way?  Gonna be a whole new look on the highways. 



Okay...my wife left me this joke to pass along this morning...so all the credit or blame goes to her.  Here ya go.


Doctor:  "So what are you using for birth control"?  The woman replies: "Me...just who I am as a person". 



Because of this lingering cold I'm dealing with...I cancelled my writing appointment today which will give me some more time to rest up for WSM tomorrow at mid-day.  So I'll clear the deck and then say hello to my little Nqyil friend again and put my feet up and nod off in the middle of a Tuesday.


Have a good one.




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