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Great Co-Writes...Cats...Wild Boars

Nov 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Middle of the week already.  Have you got your Christmas shopping done?



My songwriting appointment was with a young artist Nora Collins who’s working on a new EP with a great producer and we added my friend Josh Shilling who’s part or the incredible Mountain Heart Band.  Josh plays piano and guitar and sings like crazy.  Nora wanted to put an up-tempo love song in her song pile so Josh gave us a great groove and we were off and running.


I think we all love the song and now we’ll have to wait and see how good Nora’s producer thinks it is when they start listening to songs and deciding on what will make here new EP.  Forest Glenn Whitehead produces Nora and he’s also produced Brandy Clark and Kelsea Ballerini so she’s in good hands when it comes time to record whatever songs they decide on.  Either way, we got a good song that we can pitch is she does not record it, and we had a great time getting to know each other and co-writing a new tune.



So Google just bought Fitbit.  They paid 2.1 BILLION for that company.  So for those who continue to wear one, know that while you might be counting your steps, the old owners are counting their money. 


I’m going to invent RemoteBit for the rest of us.  A device that will count how many times we change the channel on the TV from our Lazy Boys.  Google, if you’re interested in that company go ahead and make me an offer.



Have you noticed that it must be Black Friday already?  Lots of pre-Black Friday deals popping up everywhere.  Today I read of great Black Friday deals on mattresses.  I’ll go back to what I’ve said before.  There’s ALWAYS a deal on mattresses.  And I think there must be a law that requires them to be on sale for every single holiday.  I got a great discount on Arbor Day last year.



The things you find out when you accept a movie role.  Tom Hanks is playing Mr. Rogers in the upcoming movie that’s getting great reviews.  Tom just now found out that he was a sixth cousin to Mr. Rogers.  He never knew that.  How ironic is that?  I wonder if Mr. Rogers left him a sweater in the will?



The new Cats movie is also out soon…to mixed reviews.  Jennifer Hudson, Rebel Wilson, James Corden, even Taylor Swift all have roles of the blockbuster musical that we’re about to see on the silver screen.  They just released this new Trailer  that some are calling "creepy"...so take a look and decide if you want to go.


If I were the producer though, I’d blow cat hair into the theater while folks watch that they can pick off their clothes when they leave just to make it more realistic.



I’m reading that the co-owner of the Orlando Magic basketball team Pat Williams is behind a movement to get Major League baseball in Orlando.  I know one of his daughters Karyn who’s a  singer and out on tour all the time with Christian comedian Chonda Pierce.  I’m going to have to talk to her and ask her to plead with her Dad to NOT do that.  And that’s because I want Major League Baseball to land here in Nashville first!  We are in the conversation for sure…but I don’t see two new cities getting that to happen so please back off Mr. Williams!  And if you look at the empty seats in Tampa and Miami…why would they give another Florida city a chance at baseball.


Okay…I’ve made my case…I’ll move on.



Now, who could not use a cool bottle opener that makes it fun to open your beer or coke bottle? I’m just hoping my wife thinks I need this T-Rex for Christmas this year. 



While I was in Texas last week there was talk of boars…wild boars.  The ranch I stayed at has them and they have to trap and get rid of a lot of them because there are so many of them.  I was told that there’s an electronic device that can monitor when they roam into the “trap” area and lower the trap on them…or open the trap below…whichever it is.  And you can probably watch it on your App.


Now there’s a story of a bunch of wild boars that found 17,000 pounds of cocaine that was supposedly hidden in a forest and having a snort party.  They should be easy to spot with the white powder on their nose.  Since wild boars can be dangerous, the last thing they need is cocaine to rev em’ up even more.  They need to be shopping for CBD’s to mellow out.



My writing appointment will be with my young Aussie friend Angus Gill who’s in town writing songs.  Angus recently wrote with Charles Esten whom many of you saw as one of the singing stars on the series “Nashville”.  He and Charles wrote a song that Charles liked a lot…so much so that Charles invited young Angus to sing it with him on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry last weekend.  You can imagine how thrilling that was for Angus…and I’m thrilled for him.


Angus has invited a Christian comedian whom many of you have seen with the Gaither Family... Aaron Wilburn to write with us…so I’m thinking we’ll be trying to come up with something funny today.


Have a great Wednesday!



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