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Expensive Rooms...Spanx...Beach Bound

Nov 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hump Day and a packing day for a trip to the beach tomorrow morning.



Yesterday was catch up and work ahead as my writing appointment was cancelled due to illness.  So I spent some time pitching songs and just generally catching up on what needed catching up.  And I did a little pre-packing for a run to Gulf Shores that will start early tomorrow morning as I head for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival where I have three shows with my “Hits & Grins” trio that starts tomorrow night at Lulu’s…the place Jimmy Buffett’s sister owns that sits right on the intracoastal waterway.  It’s always good to get to play shows where most of the singers are wearing shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops.


And meanwhile up north?  High temps in a couple or three states will be 30 degrees or less!  You might want to pack your bag and come join in Gulf Shores this weekend.



A new study popped up that reveals what a lot of us here suspected.  Nashville now is #1 in the country for most expensive hotel room stays!  That’s more than San Francisco, New York and Chicago.  Wanna come and hang in the honkytonks on Lower Broadway?  The AVERAGE cost of a hotel room here is now $223 per night.  Wow. 


And figure in the cost of parking which can be as much as 20-40 bucks a day?  Makes this place a very expensive hillbilly town y’all.  Wonder if the price of grits and gravy and biscuits is shooting up with that?



The CEO they had to fire at McDonald’s had a pretty darned good contract.  By firing him they’ll have to give him 70 MILLION dollars.  They’ll have to sell a lot of nuggets to cover his McSeverance package.  Wonder if he’ll want fries with that?



So I mentioned someone paid over $400,000 for those Olivia Newton John black leather pants she danced in with John Travolta in the movie Grease?  Turns out that the person who bought them is Sara Blakeley who is the founder and owner of Spanx.  So, I guess it makes sense a little why she was interested in owning those.


Although…Olivia never needed her product which had not been invented yet when Olivia danced in those pants…but I digress.



This was the headline I read today.  “Why Is Ice Slippery”?  I did not read the article because I already know the answer.  It’s ICE!


And for the record, I will indeed wear PADDED Spanx if I ever lose my mind and decide to try and ice skate ever again.  There’s a lot of things I can’t do.  Dance, and skate would be at the top of the list.  My wife and daughter actually had to pull me off the ice once in Milwaukee because I could not move.  Don’t look for me in the Winter Olympics any time soon.



You got to love a woman who needs to transport a bed and mattress and doesn’t have a truck or know anyone with a van and truck but…she doesn’t let it stop her from moving it.  What to do?  This lady in England stuck in the back of her BMW convertible.  Check out this Clampett SNAPSHOT


Some folks just stay real even if they have a fancy car.  I won’t mention the name but great friend (country singer) told me a story about how she gave her Father (a musician) her used Cadillac after she had just bought a new one.  A while after she had given it to him she went to visit her Mom and Dad and noticed the Cadillac was not in the driveway.  When she asked her Mom where the car was her reply was, “he took it with him to cut wood”.  What?  And out in the woods she found Dad, and the car and the backseat full of firewood he had tossed in there.


Makes me laugh every time I think about it.



I’m doing a podcast interview in a few minutes with a husband wife team from Fort Worth, Texas who found out about me from the World Wide Web I suppose.  They both play music and have this podcast called “True Country”.  Here’s the LINK where you’ll be able to find it once they upload the podcast.  Heck, maybe I’ll tell them my Cadillac firewood story today, as that really IS True Country.


Then it’s bag-packing time for the Songwriters Festival down in Gulf Shores.  Likely to be a very short blog in the morning as we leave early for the Gulf of Mexico.


Have a great Wednesday!






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