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A Video Shoot...A Book Award...TV Theme Songs

Sep 28 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday…starting the very last few days of September.



Mine started with a writing session with both Jerry Salley and Rob Mills at my publishing company on Friday as we tackled an idea that Rob brought to the table with a melody. Because of the start Rob gave us, it didn’t take us all that long to finish up this bluegrass driving melody of a song. And the good news is that there’s already interest in it from a bluegrass artist…and that doesn’t happen a lot…not that quickly.  So, thank you again Rob.


Rob and his two boys with his gospel group “The Sound” will be on the road for at least another week with shows. Rob lives just north of Detroit with his family so he gets to Nashville as often as he can and when he does get here he writes with folks.  It was a pleasure getting to know and write with him a couple of times this past week.


And Jerry Salley besides being his own artist and hit songwriter is also the head of Billy Blue Records…a newer label that already has seven or so acts signed that Jerry works with, writes for and sometimes produces. It’s always great to get some of Jerry’s creative time too. Jerry is helping to produce a very cool thing on Dolly Parton.  I can’t say a lot right now but will be happy to share the finished product when it’s time. Really happy for my friend for that kind of opportunity.



Jerry told me a very funny story about the first and only time he heard his Father use the “F” word which was completely unlike his Dad…and of course that makes it funny. I was able to relate to him how my long-time beach friend Brent Burns was so scarred from hearing his dear Mother drop that word once after hitting her thumb pounding in a tomato stake that he and I wrote a song about it.  The song is called “The Day My Mama Dropped the F Bomb on Me”.  Take a listen…yes…he did record that thought!



Saturday I got to see a bit of a video shoot for the song “If I Could Invent A T-Shirt” that I co-wrote with the artist Jenny Tolman and her boyfriend producer Dave Brainard. They shot the video in a barn like setting complete with the Opry Square Dancers Marcia Campbell is one of those dancers who used to do the all-night truckers show on 650AM WSM at the same time I was working their part time so she’s an old friend and a big fan of Jenny’s as I am. So, it was cool to have them involved. The single will be out October 2 with the video and I’m looking forward to sharing this fun song with everyone.


And there’s also a lyric video that will roll out too that really clever I’ll also be able to share here soon.



I was celebrating with songwriter Brian White by text Friday night as both of us were rooting on the Reds who did clinch a playoff spot after beating the Twins.  Brian is a Cincinnati native and I got hooked on the Reds after living and working in that city on the radio for a lot of years. First time my Reds have been in the playoffs in a LONG time so some of October at least is going to be very fun.



And I would love to be in the ballpark to watch some of that.  However, not so badly that I would break into the ballpark and then drive a tractor around the field like this guy just did in Milwaukee!



To my desert pal former radio partner Roger Naylor (who sat with me in a couple of Reds playoff games back in the day) out in Arizona whose great book on Arizona State Parks just won the 2020 New Mexico-Arizona book award in the Travel department.  Roger is proof that if you have talent and marry your passion as he has that success will follow. He’s was inducted into the Writers Hall of Fame for Arizona a few years ago, his books are widely read, he’s an in-demand Arizona travel speaker AND also the voice you’ll hear narrating the trip on the Verde Canyon Railway that everyone should ride sometime. Congrats pal!



Never seen a tornado before in Myrtle Beach of all places but they got one. Weird weird weather year. I’ve been to Myrtle just once. Small plane took our golfing foursome into Myrtle and it was the MOST scared I’ve ever been on a plane as we hit bad weather. How I did not throw up I do not know…. but the bag was in my lap the entire time.  Geez.


We had a great time though once we got there. Played 36 holes of golf a day on some beautiful courses, back when I could actually not embarrass myself playing the game.  It was really COLD though.  How cold?  One morning I actually took the soft head covers off my clubs to use as gloves.  Really cold.


These days of course if I played golf in a tornado?  It really would not affect my score.  Might help.   



Until just a few days ago actress Jennifer Aniston held the record for getting a million followers the fastest on Instagram.  British broadcaster David Attenborough, a naturalist and traveler with TV shows just broke that record getting a million followers in 44 hours and 44 minutes beating Jen’s time by more than 30 minutes!  David Attenborough is 94 years old.  Hey, turns out those social networks ain’t just for kids.



Partly because of quarantine and wearing comfy clothes more of the time, and partly because of celebrities wearing them Crocs are back…hot…and popular as heck again.  Crocs…those shoes that look like they were cut out of a whiffle ball. Go figure.


Florida has decided to open fully…bars-restaurants and pretty much everything.  Here’s hoping that works out.


A funny virus joke. A guy tweeted, “All these lunatics out there panic buying again I’m still getting through the 500 rolls of toilet paper I bought in March”.


THEME SONGS (Paste Magazine)

I love TV theme songs…especially the classics. Here’s one LIST of Most Popular TV Themes of all time.  The top 5?


5  All in the Family


4  The Simpsons


3. Sanford & Song


2  M*A*S*H


And number one on this list was the theme for “Cheers”.  And I do love that one.


I think the Mayberry theme with just the whistle and this theme song that got John Candy got a busload of people singing in the movie with Steve Martin “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” …The Flintstones.


What’s your list?



That would be Taylor Swift whose latest album “Folkore” has now been the #1 album on the Billboard Charts for 7 weeks non-consecutively. That’s the all-time record supplanting Whitney Houston back in the day.  Again, I warned folks that leaving country music was going to kill her career. Right.



Well, if we can have “pumpkin spice” everything for Fall and Halloween…no reason we can’t have some Christmas treats too.  General Mills will roll out a box of “Elf”cereal this season…like in the movie.


Wonder if we can get a box of “Scrooge Flakes” going too?



“Giant Rat Wins Hero Award For Sniffing Out Landmines”.  This big ole rat has sniffed out and found 39 land mines in Cambodia that were still active…but no longer.  Give that guy a lifetime supply of cheese while you’re at it.



It’s National Yoga Month. They gave an entire month to yoga. I bought a thigh master years ago.  They don’t give a single day for that.  Total injustice. 



I’m back at a writing table with my Appalachian-Bluegrass-Pennsylvania friend Irene Kelley.  So, it should be a good Monday.


Have a great one. 



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