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The Rhine River Cruise...Polka...Bluegrass Awards

Sep 25 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning with a big ole Harvest Moon on tap for tonight.



It was all about catching up as much as possible after a couple of road trips with an overseas adventure dead ahead starting Saturday.  My computer went to the shop to be repaired and I’m hoping it’s up and running and back in my possession a bit later today.  It’s amazing how a computer going down can re-adjust your day…big time.


My wife and I are starting to pre-pack for our Italy trip.  I found out yesterday for sure that my friend Brent Burns and I will indeed be playing in some local venues in Italy that our Travel Agent has set up for us.  That should be cool.  Although…I don’t think they are going to let us sing “Going Ugly Early” in the Coliseum.  Pretty sure that’s the case.


I also found out that our trip down the Rhine River next year (I wrongly said Danube yesterday) that the cheap cabins on our ship have sold out.  You can still go with us to Amsterdam, Germany and Switzerland…but the lower cabins are completely sold out.  It looks like we could have as many as 100 or so folks go on this cruise next year.  Why not join us?  Here are the DETAILS so that you can sign up if you’d like.



I want to say big time congrats to my longtime friend “The Polka Queen” Lynn Marie who found out a few days ago that she will be inducted into the Polka Hall Of Fame.  We’ve written together through the years and she’s been nominated multiple times for a Grammy Award for her music.  Her “go to” song if you will is “That’s What I Like About The North”…a funny response to the song “That’s What I Like About The South” made famous by Phil Harris and others eons ago.  So happy for her!



Our cars today are smart…really smart with technology.  A lot of that is loaded into the front bumpers of our cars.  A KIA owner had a little fender bender recently on his left bumper and found out it would cost him $34,000 to repair it because so much technology was stored under the bumper.  Yikes.  I may go back to a three speed on the column Chevy Bel Air.



A couple of articles caught my attention this morning.  One was a list of the top ten states where one lives longest.  Number one?  Hawaii.  Clean air.  Ocean.  Less infectious diseases.  Of course it costs more to live there than most places too…but by golly the land of ukulele’s and pineapples is good for the heart.



Gotta love this.  Some of those in spandex and workout gear believe you can strengthen your core with a Hula Hoop.  Uh huh.  Forget crunches.  Put that plastic circle around your belly and wiggle folks.


If that’s the case…wouldn’t playing the game of “Twister” be healthier than bending yourself into pretzel positions on a yoga mat?



One article I perused this morning suggests that walking SLOWER will help you lose weight faster.  Although…I don’t see that many mall walkers looking all that fit.  The probably forgot to Hula Hoop.



Love this.  Cops chase two burglars in Wisconsin and one finally bails out of the car.  He runs into a mosquito infested area and was getting bitten so much he asked for repellant and gave up.  For the record…mosquitoes in Wisconsin are bigger than drones.  Been there.



A woman in Virginia is digging around in her flowerbed and uncovers a TWO HEADED copperhead snake.  What’s the old saying?  Choose your poison.



Harrison Ford wore THAT hat as Indiana Jones.  THAT fetched $520,000 at an auction over the weekend.  Wonder what the whip would bring?



That one can spend $42,000 on a woman’s handbag.  A danged handbag.  Some place to put lipstick and Kleenex in and carry it over your shoulder.  Doesn’t Wal Mart still pass out free plastic bags?



A little comedy writing for my New York folks this morning followed by a songwriting session with my Americana-Bluegrass friend Irene Kelley who just recorded two songs we co-wrote together.  I’m hoping she’ll play those for me today at her kitchen table.


And speaking of Bluegrass.  Thursday night the International Bluegrass Music Awards Show takes place in Raleigh and a song I co-wrote with Karen Taylor Good is up for “Best Bluegrass Gospel Performance” of the year.  Darin and Brooke Aldridge are the artists who performed our song "I'm Going Under”


The sad part for me is I won’t be there to see what happens Thursday night because of our trip to Italy on Saturday.  We just couldn’t make all of that happen so we’ll have to wait and hear what happens.  Either way, I’m so happy that this song is getting this kind of attention.  Good luck to all the talented nominees this year.


Have a great Tuesday!



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