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Hot Springs Show...Expensive Mask...Expensive Hair Too

Sep 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning and a new week begins brand spankin’ new. Flood warnings here in middle Tennessee as we’ve had a LOT of rain over the past few days.  But, we’re not dealing with wildfires like the west, and we’re not boarding up for another hurricane like Louisiana is doing right now.



I made a trip to beautiful Hot Springs Arkansas and played an outdoor show in Hot Springs Village which is a HUGE retirement community. Lot upscale homes, lake homes, golf courses, tennis you name it.  And they have a huge beautiful theater for shows as well as an outdoor venue I played which is perfect for social distancing and safety.  We had a gorgeous day for it and folks came from everywhere it seemed with their lawn chairs and cooler to enjoy the show that the community throws for free.  I’d say we easily had 175 or so fans scattered on the hill above the stage that I played on and they were so kind to me. I think a lot of music lover are looking for “live” music where they feel safe and this was one of those kinds of environment.  My thanks to Larry Wilson for asking me back, for the lake view home he put me up in, and to the sound crew who made me sound like a million bucks in an outdoor setting.  That doesn’t always happen. Can’t wait to come back again.


And if you want to see some of the pictures from that show just check my Facebook page.



Happy Anniversary to my youngest sister Rita and her husband Terry who celebrated 27 years of marriage up in Rochester, MN this past Friday.  Looks like Terry took my sister to Cracker Barrel to celebrate.  Can’t beat that. You can get gravy on everything and take home one of those golf tee games to frustrate ya for the next 27 years.  Good for you guys.


It's funny how food works for an anniversary.  My wife received 25 Chik Fil A Nuggets from me on our 35th wedding anniversary.  True.  Nothing is too good for that woman.



Fauci sounded yet another ominous note for my lifestyle of playing shows in theaters by saying he did not think we’ll see shows in theaters again on a wide basis until LATE next year.  If that turns out to be true, I’ll be wearing out my cancellation pen for 2021 too.  Sigh.


One of the positive side benefits for celebrities during this pandemic is that when they wear a mask, not many folks recognize them when they go out…if there’s anywhere to go out to. And some are spending large dollars on those Covid masks.  Louis Vutton is now selling one for $1,000.  Well of course they are.


Some are profiting big time.  Amazon?  Now hiring over 100,000 new workers to keep up with demand in the US and Canada.


The folks up in Bethlehem, PA are saying they are stopping production of those marshmallow Peeps for now during the Covid crises.  You’ll find none at Halloween or Christmas as the company is saying they are protecting their workers health.  Gonna have to get your holiday sugar fix somewhere else.



You can get Eggo Pumpkin Pie Pancakes as well as Gingerbread Pancakes in time for the holidays.  And why is it we only crave pumpkin and gingerbread during the holidays?



Good grief.  They just sold a lock of Abraham Lincoln’s hair at auction.  It brought in $81,000.  Hard to believe.  Fourscore and seven hairs ago I suppose.



From a husband who tweeted, “I’m the man of the house so I do whatever my wife tells me I want to do whenever my tells me I want to do it”. 



Have you noticed how hard it is to find a hard copy of music CD’s these days?  Yep. More proof that they will soon be extinct too.  Vinyl just outsold CD’s for the first time since 1980.  I don’t mind that actually…I love vinyl and have a collection I’ve hung onto for years.  However, the downside of that is it’s REALLY hard to get a vinyl album to play in my CD player in the car.  Really hard.



Well, it’s back with controversy and all. But I still watched some yesterday. And with Tom Brady now wearing a Tampa uniform (really strange) I wanted to see how that looked.  Answer…not all that great.  Tampa lost.  Meanwhile with new QB Cam Newton now taking snaps in New England for Belichick?  He won. 


So, early results.  Belichick 1 Brady 0.


My Packers won and Aaron Rogers looked great.  Go Cheeseheads.


And the Tennessee Titans play their first game tonight in Denver…I’ll be watching some of that as well.



I’m back at the writing table with Dave Brainerd and Jenny Tolman.  I’ll find out more about Jenny’s new single being released Oct 2 that I helped the two of them write “If I Could Invent A T Shirt”.  They are making plans to do a video production of this song that should be very fun, and I can’t wait to hear more about their plans for that.


Have a great Monday!



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