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Home...Upcoming Texas Shows...Labor Day Weekend

Sep 3 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Friday morning and I’m back home in Music City after a 4-Day Disney run. Haven’t seen a mouse here yet.



I caught a morning flight on Southwest home to Nashville from Orlando. Pretty much on time which got me home before noon. After 4 hard days of running at Disney World it was certainly nice to sleep in my own bed last night. Good to go, even gooder to get back.  After revisiting Disney World for the first time in a LOT of years my list of “Don’t Miss” if you go yourself is:


The Avatar ride where you feel like you’re riding on the back of the bird. If you ever been on “Soarin” at EPCOT?  This is that multiplied by 10 times the excitement.


The new Star Wars thing at Hollywood is as good as advertised or better. The ride is incredible, but the town they built that resembles the movie set is equally incredible. Take your time wandering there.


The Skyliner that floats above everything is awesome. Take it anywhere at night and see the lights down below on the hotels and the theme parks. The last night we took it back to our hotel was just as the finale of the fireworks began at EPCOT. It was like we were floating in the fireworks.


Everything was fun. But those are a must if you’re donning the ears and making the rounds in the park.



It’s a little cooler in Nashville than it’s been for quite a while. Low 80’s. The rain that came through because of Ida dropped the temperature and I ain’t complaining. Labor Day weekend is ahead, and some are thinking about Fall. In fact, a survey says that half of all Americans want pumpkin spice to be available all year, not just in the Fall. No wonder Starbucks rolls out pumpkin everything so early.


And of course Fall brings college football and here in the SEC crazy south they’ve been ready since the last game wrapped up last year. Guess who’s ranked number ONE again?  Uh huh. Roll Tide. Followed by Clemson, Oklahoma, Ohio State and Georgia in the top 5.


And some can’t wait until Christmas. When I visited the WSM radio studios a couple of weeks ago with our “Evening in the Round” trio with Linda Davis and Lang Scott, they were already stringing Christmas lights at the resort. So Happy Halloween and Merry Christmas. Who needs Labor Day?



Our trio will be on a plane Sunday September 12 for Houston. We have two shows coming up just north of Houston. The first one at a great place we’ve heard so many good things about Dosey Doe which is in Spring Texas. We’ll be doing some filming that night of the trio to use in the future to help promote our show. And then the following morning we have a private corporate show in Conroe, Texas before flying back to Nashville that same day.


In between we’re going to stay with Linda’s sister and husband up in College Station and that might give us time to see the George Bush Museum that we didn’t have time to see when we were there years ago to play a fund raiser for the Texas A&M equestrian team. Although it's closed right now due to Covid. Hoping that changes by the time we get there. We’re coming to see you Aggies.



A study done in Bangladesh shows that wearing masks help prevent the spread of the virus. They tested a bunch of villagers there and found that those living in the villages wearing masks were 11% less likely to develop Covid-19. That number went up to 35% for people 60 and over.


Some hopeful news. A new blood survey reveals that 80% of Americans 16 and older have some immunity to the virus. AND…there has finally been a decline in numbers. Over the past seven days, total hospitalization increased by just 2%. Total numbers are still high, but hopefully it’s a small sign that numbers could decrease.


An ER doctor in Oklahoma says that their rural hospitals are clogged with people who have been overdosing on Ivermectin.



I’m so happy that Kristy Cox’s new single that’s just released “Person of the Year” will also have a video coming with it. I got a sneak peek from my co-writer Jerry Salley who produced this musical tribute to those fighting the good fight on the front lines these days. Before Jerry sent it to me, he told me to keep some tissues handy. He was right. I’m thrilled that Kristy LOVES this song enough to put it out. She lives here, but she’s Aussie by birth. We think it could have a huge impact “Down Under” where that country is really locked down tight from Covid. I can’t share the video quite yet, but if you’ve not heard the song, I can share that with you here. Thank you to ever Doctor and Nurse and person working so hard to make a difference and save lives.



It is Labor Day weekend. An extra day off this Monday for most folks. Many will be throwing something on the grill. Which reminds me of the joke: You know that mouth-watering sensation you get when you’re grilling a fat, juicy steak?


I wonder if vegans get that when they mow the lawn.



Tropical storm Larry has gotten ugly out in the Atlantic. Now it’s a Cat 4 like Ida was that was not kind to New Orleans. Hopefully it’s winds will die down some before it comes ashore somewhere on the east coast. And oh yea, there are hurricane jokes too despite how serious those bad boys are.


What do a hurricane, a tornado and a red neck divorce have in common?


In every case, someone loses a trailer.



I don’t think I’ll try this at home BUT…it’s fun to watch from afar. A Taiwanese cyclist got tired of pedaling I guess so he put a jet engine on the back of his bicycle. It goes 82 mph! For every kid who delivered newspapers…don’t you wish you had one of those?



I’m back to the songwriting table. This time with Laura Leigh Anderson who’s been working on a new bluegrass album that I’ll have a song on. Bluegrass stars and ureal talents Justin Moses and his wife Sierra Hull are producing it. Check out this video to see and hear their mind-boggling talent. I don't have a clue how they get their fingers to fly that fast.  After a long week at Disney, I’m ready to start rhyming again.


Have a great Labor Day weekend!






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