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New Writers...The Ole Ballgame...Two Show Weekend Ahead

Aug 25 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Bring on the weekend.



I wrote for the first time with Chadley Bradley and his wife Jessie Rose Penninton Brassfield.  Chadley and his brother have a trio called "Brassfield Aly" and Jessie plays in a duo called "Sweet Honey".  Both grew up in separate musical families.  Chad is a relative of the late Rod Brassfield who was Minnie Pearl's comedic sidekick for many years on the Grand Ole Opry.  And...it turns how that Jessie (who I met for the first time at this session)...her Dad is J.P. Pennington who's one of the band members and lead singers in the great country group Exile who have had a lot of hits on the chart.  So...I was in the room with folks that came from talented family trees for sure.  It was a very fun co-write with those two as I brought a "funny" idea to the writing table.  Neither of the groups they are a part of have anything quite like what we wrote yesterday which is all about things here in Nashville that only the "locals" will know about. 


I wrote a song years ago titled "You're Not From Cleveland, You're From Cincinnati" that always gets big laughs...as long as I'm playing it in Cincinnati.  Folks in Cleveland or anywhere else would not understand the local humor.  I've decided with co-writers from different cities I could write a box set of "local" funny songs like these two.  The really good news for me is...this song will be something I can also sing out in my shows when I play in Nashville.  So a really good day of writing and making new friends here for sure. 



Our Minor League baseball season is about to give away to crazy SEC college football fans.  Last night was an absolutely incredible evening to be at the ballpark with temps in the 70's...for August!  So I'm trying to squeeze in a couple more "boys of summer" evenings before they lock up the bats and gloves and balls and start tossing leather footballs around. 






I spent a little time texting my sister Vickie out east to touch base with her and that led to her sending me a few pictures (like the one pictured here) of my Mom's old lyric sheet music that she handwrote herself.  She played piano at the New Hope Baptist Church in Missouri when I was growing up and I had forgotten completely that she could write music...I can't.  But certainly my love for music came directly or indirectly from my Mom I'm sure.  Many times I sat in a pew and listened to my Mom sing songs just like this one.  She may have known...but certainly I did not know that I would have a long life of singing too.  A blessing...every day for sure.  Until one gets older I think a lot of us believe that things will stay the same and your friends and family will always be there.  Of course that's not so.  So little reminders like this picture are things to hang onto preciously as they remind you of a simpler, younger, wide eyed time in your life.  Thanks for the picture Sis. And thanks for the influence Mom.






Lot of folks boarding up right now in Texas for Hurricane Harvey which is starting to look nasty.  Here' hoping my friends down in the Galveston, Houston, Corpus Christy coast line area are going to be okay.  Hurricanes are a double edge sword.  If the wind doesn't get ya...sometimes the water does.  Batten down the hatches.



Here's an eye opener.  Shania Twain said in a recent interview that it was naked pictures of Brad Pitt that she saw in Playgirl Magazine back when Brad was in his early 30's that inspired her huge hit, "That Don't Impress Me Much".  She couldn't understand why so many were making such a big fuss about a naked actor in a magazine and went to work writing the song.  I'll refrain here from telling you what inspired me to write "Goin' Ugly Early Tonight" and "Trailer Park Sexy". 







Amazon has indeed bought Whole Foods and promise that they are going to slash prices on food products that are THE most expensive to buy.  As one person once tweeted, "Whole Foods added a 10 item or less checkout line as if anyone could afford to buy more than 10 items at Whole Foods".  Amen.  Maybe I won't have to take equity out on my home next time I want to buy an organic banana from there.



Of course Amazon is big on drone delivery...it's coming.  I read an article this morning listing severa things that will soon be ghosts.  Like...shopping at grocery stores.  Drones...dang drones are going to take the place of those wobbly wheeled shopping carts that need a front end alignment in the worse way.  Other things that will disappear include phone books, phone booths, mailing at a post office, going to a bank, writing checks, cable and more.  Two that really surprised me on their list of things that will disappear?  No more lawyers and accountants...replaced with AI...artificial intelligence...robots.  Look for those robots to be wearing expensive suits and carrying leather briefcases. 


And how about this one.  Owning your own homes.  Less will be doing that because Millennials struggle to make enough to pay one off according to the article.  I don't want to make you scream out loud...but think about that.  If that is really true Mom and Dad...look for your kids to be moving back in.  Stop screaming please...you're hurting my ears.



The new iPhone 8 getting ready to launch?  Cheapest one will run just a tad under $1,000.  Wow.  Where are they selling those...Whole Foods?



Okay...I'm there for this upcoming movie "Last Flag Flying".  Bring a tissue if you have any red white and blue blood running through you.  Check out the trailer...click on the link.  Three great actors...Steve Carrell, Bryan Cranston an Lawrence Fishburne



Yep.  One airline has stewardesses in bikini's.  Bikini Airlines...for real.  Glad my daughter works for American.  It's an airline based in Viet Nam believe it or not.  Not sure I wanna know what the male attendants and male pilots are sporting.  I'm waiting on Amish Airlines myself.  Slow flights...but the attendants are covered up for sure.



I've got a busy musical weekend ahead.  Tomorrow night I play an 8:30 show at Puckett's in downtown Franklin, TN. 









Then Sunday I play a 5:30 songwriter show with several other writers at the Cultural Center in Acworth, Georgia...a little over three hours from my front door.  As always...complete details are available for these shows and others on my calendar at billwhytecomedy.com


Have a great weekend!

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