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Southern Gospel...Bowling Green Songwriters...Pumpkin Already

Aug 13 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday…hot enough for ya yet?



Monday was full and fun. Wrote a morning show jingle for a country morning show in New York early then headed to my publishing company to write with a couple of young talented writers Nathan Woodard and Hunter Leath.  The writing order of the day was to write a gospel song for a noted act that looking to record something “Southern Gospel”.  So that’s what we did.  Both of those guys are deep into that southern gospel culture and though I grew up with it…in 2019 it’s a bit of a different language and sound…slightly.  So I leaned on those two to steer us down the right path.


Apparently we did that as we played it for our publisher after it was finished and he ran Nathan and Hunter over to one of our studios to lay down a recording ASAP. Don’t know that I’ve had that happen in a long while so it’s nice knowing the song is going to get pitched and that they like it that much.  Mission accomplished yesterday.



I could not run to the studio with those guys, as much as I wanted to because I had to leave for a sound check in Bowling Green, Kentucky and then a show last night for the Water Wheel Round that host Dan Modlin throws once a month at Lost River Cave.  We had a nearly sold out show and I got to sit between Dan and writer Bill DiLuigi and swap songs and sing.  And I was so impressed with our opener, a Bowling Green writer named Joey Hayes whose songs truly impressed me.


Folks were so nice and they laughed big time at some of the funny tunes including “Going Ugly Early” that I closed with last night.


Dan Modlin is an old PBS radio guy so we have lots in common and that makes it fun to be part of what he does now…hosting a writers round.  And he’s a darn good songwriter himself.


Thanks for having me again Dan!



Most know I have a Ray Stevens cut that I’m proud of that I wrote with my friend Brent Burns.  Brent is also my co-writer on “Going Ugly Early Tonight”. 


I bring that up because I read this morning that it takes about 1.7 million for folks to really RETIRE without worry.  Hmmm.  Now you know why I’m not retired.  LOL.  Of course that’s not the case really for me.  I’ve been sorta kinda retired for years…I’m just doing stuff I love doing.  And thankful for the opportunities that keep coming my way.



Now for you ladies who are thinking about retiring at the beach someday…here’s your perfect piece of fashion.  Flip Flops with heels.  Yes…they make them.  Don’t ask me why.  But you know you want them!


I also read that there’s a company that will take your old baseball glove and repurpose it by taking the leather and turning it into a wallet.  So…if my wife insists on buying flip-flop heels…I’ll be purchasing a new wallet.



Now Blake Shelton had a huge hit with that song…”Some Beach”.  He sang it solo.  But, he’s had a bunch of collaborations and there’s more coming.  Currently he’s singing with Garth on “Dive Bar” but he announced he has a new single coming out that he recorded with his buddy Trace Adkins titled “Hell Right”.  The two recorded a fun hit “Hillbilly Bone” years ago…so if that’s any indication, the list of Blake hits is gonna continue for awhile.



People are so inventive.  How bout this tip for dining at Disney World that a visitor shared.  Buy the tall plastic popcorn container you’re strolling by the attractions.  Eat the popcorn.  Then when you get hungry again, buy one of those delicious turkey legs and put it in that container.  No mess, no grease in your hands and easy to dispose of when you’re done gnawing.


Or stick the bone in your back pocket and take it home to the dog.



Yep…the heat is a tad ridiculous again.  We’ll be up near 100 again today in the shade.  So it did make me feel a little cooler seeing Halloween costume stories and finding out that some pumpkin spice stuff is already rolling out.  It’s AUGUST…but here come the pumpkin.  Do they make a pumpkin beer flavor?



“Man Wearing TV On Head Caught Leaving Old TV’s On Porches”.  Probably his Halloween costume for this year.



I’m off to write with my Missouri pal Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti.  Wil just built a little shed he calls his writing room on his property complete with a little porch so we’re going to see if we can break that in today in a good way.  There’s a little pond with fish just outside it so if we’re not writing well…we can go drop a line in the water.


Have a great Tuesday!








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