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Colds...Drunk Yoga...Murses

Jul 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello you hot old Tuesday…almost 95 for a high today in Nashville.



Well…I spent most of the day trying to put a damper on this cold I caught.  I’ve gone from the sore throat, to the runny eyes, to the sneezing and blowing and currently we’re in the coughing mode.  Sigh.  So I canceled a writing appointment yesterday…got out in the sun a bit for a walk trying to do something healthy to speed up the “get over this” process.  Still hacking this morning…but starting to feel a little more human which is a good thing because of a busy schedule ahead.



I did sit on the couch last night and watch some of the Home Run Derby last night on ESPN.  Pete Alonso won the whole thing…a Mets player…but Vladimir Guerrero was the real star.  If you have not seen this very young man swing a bat?  It’s impressive…and very fun to watch.  The Blue Jays up in Toronto have a very big star on their hands. 


I’ve never seen the HR Derby “live” but have seen one All Star Game when it was in Cincinnati and I was broadcasting there.  The American League won that game I saw at Riverfront Stadium 1-0.  But it was all the activities that led up to the game that was so fun.  Sort of like Superbowl Week if you’ve ever gone to one of those.  I’ll be on the couch tonight watching this year’s matchup of the best ball players in the world…with a box of Kleenex and some Luden cough drops.



Now we have “Drunk Yoga”.  Well…they call it wine nights on a little mat I think but the term being most used for those who put on their leotards to stretch on nights that wine is provided is “Drunk Yoga”.  That might explain how some of those participating wound up taking a goat home with them. 



So now they tell us it’s not fashionable handbags we men should be carrying but these things instead.  “Murses”.  Hit this link and check out the guy in the middle carrying his murse.  If I have to wear that outfit…there’s not much chance I’ll be buying a “murse”…ever.  They can take away what Brent Burns and I wrote about ya know…your “Mancard”.



How bout Chik fil A offering free food for “Cow Appreciation Day”?  That would be today at all participating stores.  However, you must wear some kind of cow thing into the store to get your free food.  Okay.  Given a choice of wearing what that dude is wearing carrying his “murse” (in the story just above) I’m down with dressing up as a Holstein.



Apple could be releasing 4 new iPhones in 20-20.  4 different kinds.  I’m rooting for one to be attached to a trucker’s wallet chain for my pocket. Please.



How bout this musical collaboration.  Ed Sheeran who I just saw in that Beatles movie “Yesterday” (and he was great) has a new song out called “Blow” that features a couple of fairly talented friends.  Chris Stapleton and Bruno Mars.  Uh huh.  And I thought the “Dive Bar” collaboration with Blake Shelton and Garth Brooks was awesome. 



We’ve got a Prius sitting in our driveway we rarely drive anymore.  When the price of gas shoots back up to $4 a gallon I’m sure I’ll dust it off and drive it again.  Now they have a Prius with solar panels on top to give one even more distance before having to hook up at a gas pump.  Solar panels on the hood of a car.  Wow. 


I’m waiting for Detroit to build one powered by a windmill on top like the ones we saw in Amsterdam recently.  Pedal to metal with wooden shoes if you will.



Well…this looks interesting.  Actress Renee Zellwegger  (who was married to Kenny Chesney for about 4 minutes once) was tapped to play Julie Garland in a feature movie.  I thought, “is that gonna work”?  Here’s the TRAILER.  See what you think.



I’m on the lookout now for Asian Longhorn Ticks.  They now exist in Tennessee.  I’m not a fan of ticks.  I’m even less of a fan of pulling ticks off of folks or dogs like I did growing up in Missouri.  And I sure don’t wanna see one with longhorns for gosh sake.  I’ll swap a tick for chigger any day.  You do what ya want.



With more fly dates just ahead…Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Montana…I’m off this morning to get one of those passes that will get me through check in a little quicker with more clothes on.  Anyone behind me at an airport security line will be extremely grateful I’m sure.  You’re welcome.


Then it’s back at a songwriting table today with my friend Irene Kelley as we catch up and try to create something new together.  Looking forward to that.


Have a great Tuesday!



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