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Cooking With Music...Cruising...Hedgehog Bowling

Jun 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hey…it’s weekend time again!



I was back face-to-face at a kitchen-writing table with Jenny Tolman & Dave Brainard and we completed a song I had forgotten we started back in March when Covid shut us down from writing face to face. So good to see them again.  And gosh we got a dang good song out of the day along with some great “catch up” conversation.  Jenny is doing some cooking-baking fun segments (I mentioned that in yesterday’s blog) but found out she was just on WGN doing one “live” and had done a couple more taped TV appearances showing off that skill set.  Just another way to stay alive during a time when there are few shows to be had.  I was happy to hear that she will do a show in Vegas in a couple of weeks as Vegas has opened back up…and I know she’s more than ready to do that again…as we all are.  Really good folks…good song…great Thursday.



I listened to most of the new Jimmy Buffett CD yesterday while driving to and from my writing appointment “Life On The Flip Side”.  If you like Jimmy at all…you’ll like this new album for sure.  And one of my favorite parts about this one is the insert that’s maybe 20-25 pages worth of stories, and pictures and the inspirations for the songs.  Growing up I had albums to sit down with next to the stereo that you could flip over and read the liner notes.  Loved that.  These days you have to go online to find out more about a project.  So it’s cool that you can listen and open this little book and read while you’re going through the tracks.


One of the great stories is how Jimmy was going to Dublin for a couple of shows and wanted an Irish artist to open for him.  A musical friend quickly suggested Paul Brady whom Jimmy knew little about.  Jimmy called Paul…they talked and Jimmy extended the invitation for Paul to open.  Then Jimmy found out that Paul Brady is a HUGE star there and routinely fills auditoriums on his own as a headliner. A tad embarrassing for Jimmy but who knew?  They became fast friends and one of Paul’s songs is on this new CD…one of my favorites…the catchy “The World Is What You Make It”.  With Jimmy name-dropping Paul this way?  I’m sure Paul is going to see an increase in his album sales.



California is now requiring all residents to wear masks in public.  Except in the grocery stores?  I just don’t see a lot of folks wearing those. 


Here in Nashville many of the bars are not following the restrictions…at all.  Crowds have been big with no social distancing much less no masks and some of those clubs have been issued fines and suspended beer licenses for 5 days. That includes Kid Rock’s big honkytonk down on Lower Broadway. 


How bad is the cruise business because of Covid?  Carnival Cruise Lines are reporting 4.4 BILLION in quarterly losses and they are selling at least six of their ships.  Will that business return to normal ever?  I dunno.  But I know some are going to sail including the Viking Cruise Ships.  I’ll be one of those next July 4 as me and Brent Burns and another great Trop Rock artist Sunny Jim White cruise down the Danube River with a bunch of beach music fans on board.  And yes you can join us.  Here are the DETAILS.



Yes…there are lots of travel bargains for those willing to travel right now.  One can book a round-trip flight to South America for $232!  And from what my daughter tells me South America is beautiful.  She made several trips there when she was flying with and for American Airlines.  She went hang gliding off a mountaintop in Columbia.  Got her Daddy’s sense of adventure in her.  Her favorite city she visited in South America was not Rio…it’s the town of Medellin.  And after seeing pictures?  I wanna go to.



Scientist is Japan are developing robot bees equipped to pollinate like real bees.  With the bee population in decline somebody or some thing has to pollinate!  They’ll be attached to drones and they can fly them to whatever needs pollinated.  Sorta like honeybee crop dusting I guess.  Wonder if they’ll be equipped with mechanical stingers for anyone who gets to close to their flower?



One investor suggests we collect comic books.  They appreciate over time.  Some of them big time.  Of course you can’t open them and read them if you want the most value so what good is that?  I never got into comic books.  First, I can remember as a kid growing up in Missouri seeing them in a rack at a little corner drug store but never had the money to buy one. When I did get a little of my own money…I tended to buy records instead.  I’ve lost some due to a flooded basement once upon a while ago…but still have some that I bought a long long time ago that could be worth a few dollars.  Albums, 45’s, Cassettes, 78’s…heck…there’s probably an old Red Sovine “Truck Driving Song” 8-track somewhere. I should have bought comics instead…they be worth a whole lot more.



This should do the trick.  Watch these hedgehogs knocking down pins…like in hedgehog bowling.  Where does one buy a hedgehog in case they want to try this?



It’s Father’s Day weekend…take care of Dad if you’re lucky enough to still have yours.  I was blessed to have the Dad I had.  He taught me how to fish, to hunt.  He dragged my band around and booked little shows for us.  We got to play on the same church league softball team that won a little championship.  Dad, me and my two brothers Gary & Gene.  Pretty special stuff there.  But the greatest lesson my Dad taught me at a young age was, if I wanted something?  Get a job.  Earn it.  It’s a gift that’s served me well over my entire life.  Thanks Dad.



I’m back writing in person with Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry.  We’ve written online the last couple of times…today we get to sit down at Jimmy’s together and that will be fun.  Jimmy sang at Jimmy Capps celebration of life a few days ago.  Jimmy Capps..the long time beloved guitar player on the Grand Ole Opry, Larry’s Diner and he played on so many hits for country artists. So quite the honor for my friend Jimmy Fortune.  I'm sure we'll talk about that a little today before we start rhyming.


Have a great weekend!




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