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Tech Weekend...Cinco Bobblehead...Mama Day Perfume

May 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Cooler this morning with a little fog to start the week.  Meanwhile back in my home state of Missouri the ole Mississippi River is flooding again. 



I was reminded of what a “tech-digital” world we live in again when this past Friday on my computer I watched one of my co-writers do a “live” 30 minute concert that was streamed…and Irene Kelly and her band looked and sounded great promoting Irene’s new CD that I have a couple of songs on.


And then later that night while sitting on the couch watching my Reds blow a 10-0 lead I see a “live” Facebook feed that I click on and there’s my longtime friend Brent Burns holding a backyard house concert in Texas.  I gave him a shout out on my computer and then we had some fun with him making jokes at my expense to his crowd.  And on top of all of that I typed in “Play Tiki Hut” and he played out Trop Rock Award winning song.  Amazing.  Technology ain’t always a bad thing.


I'll be heading down to see Brent this weekend to write some new songs for his next CD project that's starting to take shape down in beautiful Gulf Shores, Alabama.  Can't wait.



And…I got see a double-header baseball game on Sunday as our minor league team the Sounds had a rain out on Saturday night.  On top of that it was Cinco de Mayo and I got one of these cool BOBBLEHEADS going through the gate.  Cinco-de’ Scaro…but cool.  My wife knows I’m a simple guy to buy for.  Get me something related to baseball and I’m a happy camper.



It was National “Naked Gardening Day” on Saturday.  You’re probably thankful that I don’t garden…right?  Please refrain from posting your own pictures.  Thanks.



I didn’t catch the Derby “live” but tuned in to watch the controversial call the stewards had to make.  First time ever they took down the winner.  My dime?  Though I hate seeing the better horse taken off the board I agree with one owner said when he remarked, “if this were a claiming race they’d disqualify that horse in a second”.  Just because it’s the biggest horse race ever…they should treat the rules the same.  I was a little surprised but glad to see the stewards did just that. 


Imagine the precedent it could have set.  The next big Derby a rider could sorta deliberately let his horse impede those behind him and there would be precedent that they would have to follow.  Tough, hard call…but the right one in my little opinion.


And with the Derby being over…what do folks do exactly with those big ole Derby hats?



That “Avengers Endgame” movie (I’ve not seen) has taken in over a BILLION dollars over it’s first two weekends making it the second biggest movie of all time by overtaking “Titanic” at the box office.  Avatar remains number one for now.


I read a headline today that says, “Watching Superhero Movies Can Boost Self Confidence and Decrease Anxiety”.  As I sit here in my “Underdog” pants, mask and cape blogging…I actually feel a little more anxiety than normal.  Maybe it will work better for you.



It is Mother’s Day weekend coming up boys and girls.  What to get them?  I always buy my wife a Mother’s Day card and or gift but it’s hard shopping for her.  But…after having our lawn mowed and smelling how great that fresh cut grass smells…I’ve decided to buy her “fresh cut grass” perfume.  They make that right?  They should. 



Most of us can recall a song or two that we bought as soon as we heard it.  I remember driving to Paducah, Kentucky once with my old band and hearing “My Home’s In Alabama” by the group Alabama (their first hit) and thinking WHO is that?!  I went to the first record store I could find and bought the 45 RPM record of it.  Remember those?  Our band learned it and started playing it that week.


The second one I remember feeling that way about was “Walking In Memphis” by Marc Cohn.  Slayed me.  “Tell me are you a Christian child and I said “Ma’am , I am tonight”. 


What song did you hear and buy the first second you could?   



You can buy an album that’s going up a chart in England of birds singing.  Literally. The album is titled “Let Nature Sing”  Check out this VIDEO.  (I did not run out and try to buy this after I heard it)


Do be careful ordering though as I mistakenly ordered “Birds Pooping On Car Windows” album on Prime instead of the one I really wanted. 



How about this little robot HEXA?  You put your plant on top of it…and the robot is programmed to move to the sun or shade as needed?  Cool.  Do it water and weed too?



Fox and the NFL are going to change up the way they throw commercials at us during the Superbowl next February.  Instead of 5 commercial breaks per quarter we’ll see only 4 BUT (and there’s always a but) the commercial breaks will be longer.  Pick your poison.


Of course sometimes the commercials are the best part of the entire football she-bang…so I’m not sure if I really care or not.



Now there’s a place online that will allow you to buy a person to protest for you.  They’ll walk a picket line, hold up a protest sign…and get your point across without you being there.  And when they’re finished they should be able to pick up some eggs and milk for you too.



“Alligator Attempts To Ring Door Bell As Owner Looks On”.  Probably a croc working for Amazon Prime in Florida.



Off to write with Paul Bogart who just got to sing to Randy Travis on Randy’s 60th birthday.  Pretty amazing moment for my cowboy friend and you can watch that right HERE if you’d like. Randy even sang a tiny part of it and that's touching because of what's going on with Randy right now. 


Our mutual friend Dan Wilson will be joining us from the trio Mama Dear so it will be good to catch up with Dan and find out more about the trio’s upcoming second trip to Monaco!  How do one get to play music in Monaco?  I’ll try to find out.


Have a great Monday!

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