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Little Shop of Horrors Dentist Time...Podcast Guest Today...Cheeto Burglar Arrested

Mar 2 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello Tuesday…back to blogging again.


I missed yesterday because all of a sudden at about 7:30 in the AM I found out I could get in a dentist chair and jumped at it as I had a toothache all weekend. Suspicions confirmed. I’ll get to have a fun root canal procedure in a couple of days. I’ll be asking for the laughing gas so if you hear loud giggles late Wednesday afternoon…you’ll know where they’re coming from.



Thank goodness for Ibuprofen and some meds the dentist gave me. It helps manage the pain for sure. I used to be deathly scared of dentists when I was a kid and it’s still not my favorite experience. Remember parents yanking teeth with a pair of pliers?  Acquired taste at best. That was my first lesson in parental psychology as they would remind me the tooth fairy would be coming and I’d get rich if I’d be a good boy and let them yank. I was into my 30’s before I ever went to a dentist after one horrible scary experience as a grade schooler. My parents took me in, and I threw such a fit the dentist actually let me go…or kicked me out. Or my screaming just scared the bejeezus out of the local dentist.


Fortunately for me my wife at one time worked in a dentist office and got me in with a dentist she knew and let him know I was pretty much a baby about the dental experience. She was right about how good he was. Of course they still charge me for the fingernail marks I leave in the arm rests…but I can now tolerate it.  Progress



Dave Lenahan is an old radio friend from my Cincinnati radio days and he like me is also a frustrated songwriter. So he’s here in Nashville writing tunes too and has been a tour guide at the Ryman Auditorium which is cool. Dave recently launched his own podcast called “Songwriters Connection” where he interviews writers about the craft. Today, the podcast we recorded together a few weeks ago is available to listen to at this  LINK if you’d like to check it out. We talk about some of my songs, and radio too of course and it’s a fun 45 minute conversation with music. Check it out.



There are less Coviv-19 patients in hospitals since November of 2020. More progress. And all in all 10% of the country is now vaccinated fully. It’s kind of become a conversation starter. “Did you get your shot”?  Happened yesterday while I was in the dental chair. The entire office there had been vaccinated. Even Donald Trump and Melania rolled up their sleeves in January.


Meanwhile at Spring Training baseball in Florida they had to kick a guy out of the park for refusing to wear a mask after fans were told they would need to wear one if they wanted to enter and watch the game. He was an unhappy camper.


And on a sobering the note the CDC issued a reminder that all the gains we’ve had over the past few months could be wiped out by new variants if we’re not doing the right things. At the same time the WHO (World Health Organization) issued a statement saying the virus is “very much in control” and won’t be over anytime soon. Sigh.



If you’ve ever flown into Vegas you usually leave money behind and lick your wounds before you take your return flight home. Don’t ask me how I know.  But a few days ago and woman decides to play a slot machine at the Vegas Airport and wins $302,000!  So the lesson here I suppose is to make sure you leave a few dollars in your purse before your return flight.



Did you see this video of an Eagle swooping in and grabbing a little kid in a park up near Montreal and then carry the child a few feet before releasing it? Unreal. Imagine being those parents and witnessing that.



A new report says that fast food can be as addictive as heroin. Wow. I’ve never been called a “junkie” before but…The big difference between those buying fast food as opposed to those buying heroin is the dude selling the illicit drugs probably never asks if you want fries with that.



Wife: “Our new neighbor always kisses his wife when he leaves for work. Why don’t you do that?”


Husband: “How can I” I don’t even know her.”



Did you know that there’s a little place in Maryland that sells a 6 POUND milkshake?!  You’ll find it at a place called Chick & Ruth’s Delly on Mainstreet in Annapolis. 6 pounds! Bring some friends and ask for a bunch of straws to finish off that bad boy.



“Cheetos Stuck in Woman’s Teeth Helps Solve Burglary”. If you’re going to burglarize a home lady, don’t help yourself to the Cheetos for gosh sake. The orange doesn’t just come off easily.



I’m back to writing this morning. Becky Denton from Missouri is on tap today so it will be fun catching up with her and creating something new.


Have a great Tuesday!




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