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Publishing Deal...Operation Song...Beer Opener

Feb 27 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Anyone else notice that February is almost gone…already!?



I had a busy Tuesday that started with writing a parody song about the Summit going on now with Trump and ole Kim Jong.  I took the great Bonnie Raitt hit “Let’s Give Em’ Something To Talk About” and made that work pretty easily.  Sometime there’s just a perfect title laying there ready to be re-written for things like this.


I actually got that done after doing the morning show yesterday morning on WSM which is always fun.  I filled in for Bill Cody once again working with Charlie Mattos and we had a blast.  I hope you got to listen in some at wsmonline.com  There’s a chance I’ll be filling in on the afternoon show there next week.  I’ll let ya know.



After that I made my way over to Daywind  where unofficially I’ve been signed as a co-writer for what will be Billy Blue Publishing.  I say unofficially only because we have not signed the document yet…but we’ve agreed on everything and in a couple of weeks we will have an official “signing” with the folks there including their President who I met yesterday for the first time.  This company has won a ton of Dove Awards (gospel) but they also own their own bluegrass and Americana record labels now that my friend Jerry Salley is in charge of.  Jerry made this publishing agreement happen and I’m grateful to him and all the folks I’m getting to know there.  It’s going to provide some wonderful new opportunities for my songs and my song catalogs in the future and I’ll be writing with a lot of their artists and in house songwriters for sure.  In fact that’s already started.  More on this after the official signing…but I’m really excited about this opportunity.


Yesterday Linda Davis and Steve Dean came to the publishing company to write with me and it was quite the scene as for whatever reason there were multiple gospel artists in building along with several songwriters.  So they insisted we grab some photos for the company, which we did in their big recording studio.  Linda and Steve knew a lot of those folks so it was a pretty cool way to start the morning that then resulted in us writing a pretty cool up-tempo bluegrass gospel song together yesterday that we’ll be doing a demo recording on pretty soon.


And after that Linda and I did a little selfie video to promote our shows and workshops coming up in Florida next month.  Did I mention it was a busy Tuesday?  Productive too for sure.


And I also got a peek at some of the new photos for our “Evening In The Round” trio with Linda, her husband Lang Scott and myself that you’ll be seeing soon as we start to use those for publicity.  Gotta say that photographer David Bailey did a terrific job of making us look great.



And…a couple more new dates are going on the calendar.  First…another “Evening In The Round” show has been slotted in March of 2020 in Carthage, Illinois and there may be a concert in Wisconsin the night before.  Still waiting for confirmation.  But those details will be in my online calendar soon,



And I’m excited to say that my friend Steve Dean has invited me to join him and hit writers Wood Newton and Wil Nance Friday April 26 for their “Operation Song”.  The writers sit with a veteran and write their personal stories into songs.  It’s truly an amazing project that Steve has been part of for a long while.  And I’m honored to be able to do this.  The group believes this musical process is “healing” for many of the veterans who are dealing with PTSD.  Thank you Steve for allowing me to “give back” a little to those I admire so much.



So I keep seeing those Peloton workout bike commercials on TV and in ads.  It looks kind of cool.  But have you ever notice how every fitness machine commercial features only people who are already in perfect shape?  The folks who need it less are the one’s we see using the apparatus.  Things that make you say, “what the hey”?



That Ariana Grande who looks to be all of 18 and is also in perfect shape is the most viewed Instagram page…more than Kim Kardashian now. It pays to be pretty and in shape folks.  Not that I would know of course….



When I get home sometime in the afternoon usually…it’s nice to be able to hit the MLB Network and watch some Spring Training baseball.  Get this now for change.  They are considering backing up the pitcher’s mound.  100 mph fastballs and higher are becoming more and more routine.  Hard to hit an 85 mph fastball…much less one zinging in at over 100 mph.


I played in a Reds Fantasy Camp experience many years ago.  Baseball every day for a week in a Reds uniform.  It was amazing.  The last game you play some of the old pro players.  Sammy Ellis took the mound against our team.  You can look him up.  He was throwing maybe 65 or 70 mph.  I couldn’t get a bat on that.  And then when he got mean and tossed curves?  It was laughable.  So I can not imagine standing with a bat in hand looking at 100 mph coming my way.


AND…they are going to explore robo-umpires.  Yep…AI technology that can call balls and strikes behind the plate.  So…will the robot be able to toss a manager out of the game for arguing the call?  Stay tuned.



I had wondered numerous times what the heck CVS stood for when I would pass the pharmacy.  Found out today online it stands for Convenience, Value and Service.  Who knew?  Easier to say CVS isn’t it?



There is now a Lucky Charms Beer.  Magically drinkable I suppose.  Sometime me thinks brewers have too much time on their hands.


The other beer discovery are THESE WAYS one can open a bottle of beer without a beer opener.  Using a quarter, a tree limb, a trash can….you name it.  Most beer bottles I come in contact with have twist tops.  But every now and then you get one where you still need an opener.


I’ve witnessed a redneck buddy opening one with his teeth.  His dentist appreciates the extra business.



“Man Walks Out Of A Hospital For A Cigarette With A Knife In His Back”.  Tell me cigarette smoking isn’t really addictive.



I’m writing with Jerry Salley and for the first time Donna Ulisse who’s a great bluegrass artist that Jerry has been telling me about for a while.  And after listening to her MUSIC…I’m looking forward to creating something for her with Jerry’s help today.


Have a great Wednesday!



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