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Amanda Williams & Her Daddy...Frozen Pipes...Living Backwards

Feb 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Friday morning…the weekend is ahead and one of true early signs of Spring shows up when the drop the checkered flag at Daytona on Sunday.



I had the pleasure of writing something new with Amanda Williams that has a shade of a Motown kind of groove in the song that turned out to be a good collaboration. Amanda sings that kind of stuff great so it was fun chasing the idea with her. Yesterday was also the anniversary of her Father Kim Williams death a few years ago. Her Daddy is a Hall of Fame writer with many big hits including a couple for Garth Brooks like “Ain’t Goin’ Down”. Amanda herself has a couple of Garth songs she helped write. “Beer Run” was written with her Daddy as well as Keith Anderson, and on the new album Kim wrote a song with Garth called “She’s Tired of Boys” that Garth sang recently on a CBS special he did with Trisha Yearwood his wife.  So Amanda is a Daddy’s girl big time so was a bit melancholy which is understandable. She told me she tries extra hard to keep herself REALLY busy on the anniversary of his death. So I was more than a little happy to make her laugh, take her mind off it a bit, and create something cool together. Amanda is also one of the sharpest folks I know and is extremely versed on the “business” side of the music business which allows me to pick her brains some. When the pandemic ends someday there’s a pretty good chance that the two of us will team up in a teacher capacity mode. It’s something she’s been doing for a few years so she may end up pulling me into that world a bit too.  We’ll see.



Quite the 100-car pileup in Fort Worth from icy roads leaving 6 people dead yesterday. You can navigate snow on the roads…but ice is impossible. Hats off to a Texas nurse who was in the crash, crawled out of her car and quickly went to work trying to aid others who needed that kind of help. A reminder that there’s more good in this world than bad as some often forget.


It’s weird looking at our Tennessee forecast right now as we have SNOW chances 4 different days over the next week. We do not see that a lot here. Brutally cold in a lot of the country and that can lead to FREEZING pipes which leads to a story here from the past about freezing pipes.



At that first little radio station I worked at in Bowling Green Missouri, the whole radio station was tucked inside a one-bedroom trailer in a cow pasture…KPCR.  A TRAILER. It gets really cold sometimes in Bowling Green, Missouri. One morning as a young kid I drove to the radio station before sunrise to turn the transmitter on and be on air from whatever time we were allowed to sign on from that 1,000 Sunrise to Sunset radio station. It was REALLY cold when I got there and there was NO heat. FREEZING. I turned the transmitter on, put a record on the turntable, dropped the needle and it skated across the vinyl. I could not play any music!  So I found enough cartridge tapes that had music on them to stay on the air until the owner-manager Paul Salois got there with a Bunsen Burner blowtorch and crawled underneath the trailer to thaw the pipes out. The window looking out of that little studio was frosted over, so I knew things were normal when the glass cleared up. What a morning.



Last night I was surfing around 400 channels of nothing I really wanted to watch when I noticed the MLB Channel was showing the first game of the 1968 World Series from Busch Stadium in St. Louis where Bob Gibson was on the mound and set a major league record for most strikeouts in a World Series game. 17 KO’s. I got glued to it. I remember watching it as a kid and as a huge Cardinal fan at the time. The 67-68 Cardinals were my team. Brock, Boyer, Javier, Maxville, Orlando Cepeda, Tim McCarver AND the best pitcher ever Bob Gibson. The replay was in black and white and calling the game was Harry Caray and Curt Gowdy two Hall of Famers. It was exciting to watch it all over again all these years later. And…I felt warmer watching baseball! And it was a reminder again of how dominating Bob Gibson truly was in that era. That’s about the most fun I can have from my couch.



I got all excited yesterday when I opened an e-mail from a booking agency in Chattanooga that books our “Evening in the Round” show starring Linda Davis with me and Lang Scott. We’d had a run for a couple of theater shows last year. One show in Illinois, the second one in Wisconsin. They of course cancelled because of Covid-19 then were tentatively rescheduled for early this year but got cancelled a second time. The note said it look like the dates might happen in March and I thought, “great…we’ve got a show next month”!  Then when I read it a second time, I saw the rescheduled dates were in 2022!  Sigh. So Carthage, Illinois, and Adams-Friendship Wisconsin? You’ve got plenty of time to get your tickets.



Dr. Fauci is now saying he believes the general public will be able to line up and get vaccines in April of this year.


With vaccines arriving in pharmacies those folks are on a hiring spree right now. So, if you’re looking for a job that entails asking, “which arm would you prefer”? That might be a job for you.


Biden is saying we’ll probably be wearing masks through 2022. Not what may want to hear.


Here’s an interesting fallout from the pandemic. The wedding industry has seen a shift to smaller cakes, shorter dresses and bigger diamonds. Sounds like a song don’t it?


And one more economic fallout. Disney has taken in a BILLION dollars less during the pandemic.



Get this. More folks than ever are giving chocolate to their sweethearts for Valentine Day. Lots more. Chocolate spending they say will DOUBLE this year meaning that 78% of us will be giving something sweet to someone sweet. My wife is such a health nut I have to go a different route. But it’s hard finding anyone that makes non-fat chocolate Tofu.



Gas prices are now the highest they’ve been over the last 12 months. Seems like a blip ago I could fill up for a buck 50 per gallon or so. Now it’s up at 2.25 per gallon and more. We have an old Prius I’ve wanted to sell for a while but my wife has resisted. That decision makes her look smart today. I can see driving it a bit more if the prices keep jumping.



A Spanish speaking couple booked a trip to Portland Maine through a Travel Agent. They wound up in Portland Oregon! Imagine their shock when they got off the plane. The best part of the story is that a TSA agent at the airport covered the cost of getting them back on a plane to Portland Maine. Again, proof that good folks still exist.



I got into a songwriter discussion with a co-writer a few days ago about what life would be like if we could live older to younger. We talked about the movie The Case of Benjamin Button and how it captured that thought with Brad Pitt.


But I have a friend, singer-songwriter Michael Peterson who cleverly co-wrote that idea with Chris Wallin that they titled “From the Grave to The Cradle”. If you’ve not heard it…click on the link and take a listen.



“Border Patrol agents confiscate nearly 200 pounds of bologna found in car at New Mexico border”. They are still looking for the other car with the white bread and cheese.



Man with ‘Not Drunk, Avoiding Potholes’ sticker busted for alleged DUI. Well of course!



I want to thank whomever it was that posted a funny line about drinking yesterday that I wrote down that I’m going to try and write today with my buddy Brent Burns down in Gulf Shores. This should be right down his beach alley. So thank you.


Have a great weekend!




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