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Bluegrass Festival...Super Bowl...Packer Song

Feb 3 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello February.  The groundhog may be right about early spring…at least here in Nashville.  Sun is out and it’s going to be 70 today!  If you need me I’ll be out mowing my lawn.



I had a busier than expected weekend when I wound up spending quite a bit of time Friday and Saturday at one of the big bluegrass conventions held every year the SPBGMA that’s held in Music City. I made the rounds with some of the folks from my publishing company listening to a couple of acts in particular.  Friday my friend and co-writer Irene Kelley played with a full band that included here daughter (who speaks five languages) tear it up.  And then Saturday I sat with Jerry Salley and Joe Dan Cornett from our company and heard for the first time a group they are high on Carolina Blue who will have a new album out this year on our label Billy Blue Records.  If you like or liked the legendary Bill Monroe?  You’ll love Carolina Blue. Really a great pleasure hearing them the first time I can see and hear why our group wanted to sign them to a deal.  The folks who love traditional bluegrass are going to love their new album.  The SPBGMA confirmed they were great by giving them the award for best Bluegrass Band AND "Entertainer Of The Year"  at the Festival.  Congrats!



Pretty good game huh?  I was happy a team from my home state won and certainly like a lot of the country I was happy to see Andy Reid finally get his Super Bowl ring. However my hips are pretty sore trying to shake them like Shakira and J-Lo did in the half time show. 


Favorite Super Bowl moments for me:


The Johnny Cash film honoring those who serve over his great song “The Ragged Old Flag”. NIce to see the NFL show support for patriotism after all the Colin Kaepernick kneeling.


The NFL 100 spot with the young boy meeting all those athletes and getting to run the ball out onto the field in Miami.



The Bill Murray “Groundhog Day” revisit for Jeep was really funny.


The Hyundai commercial with several l recognizable faces including John Krasinski from “The Office” and the self-parking car.


I loved the Google ad where the old man who had lost his wife showed us how Google can “remember” things important. Moving.


Sam Elliot and the Dorito dance off in an old Western street…hysterical.



On the internet this weekend I found the old song “Big News” which is really the Lonestar hit “Big News” that the band re-recorded with lyrics I wrote about the Green Bay Packers the year the Pack won the Super Bowl in New Orleans over the Patriots.  Because of their contribution and in essence re-recording their big hit for our radio station in Milwaukee WMIL…we raised well over 50 grand in cassette sales of that song the benefited the Child Abuse Prevention Fund.  If you want to read the entire back-story on how that happened…just go to my Facebook page and look for my post yesterday.  It’s a pretty cool story if I do say so.



One of those did ya knows?  Did you know that hospital visits spike big time right after the Super Bowl is over?  Folks wait until the Big Game is done before they go in to check out what needs to be checked out.



Which way will they go today?  Will the Coronavirus keep it going down?  You gotta love business even in a crisis.  They have apparently jacked up the prices for those masks you see folks in China and other places wearing trying ward off that virus. 



Johnny Cash’s house sold for over 3 million over the weekend.  The same house on Old Hickory Lake down here that you saw in the movie “Walk The Line” with Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon that was so good.  We live on Old Hickory Lake too but WAY away from where Johnny and June’s place sits on the water.  And I’m pretty sure our house won’t fetch 3 million when we go to sell it someday.  Sigh.  You’d think if you were on the SAME lake…but no!



The Bachelor show is going “live” on the road with dating shows scheduled in over 60 different cities. A couple of Bachelor stars will be on hand as folks try to win the hand of one Bachelor on stage in the course of maybe 3 hours.  Just doesn’t take long to fall in love these days do it?



That would be the movie “Bad Boys For Life”.  It’s now made 150 million at the box office.  Mindless action fun with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.  No wonder they are already writing a 5th sequel.



There have been a lot of great and moving tributes to Kobe Bryant since the news of that awful helicopter crash.  I’m not sure if this is moving or not.  I know PETA won’t like it…and I also know that Kid Rock won’t care if they like it or not.


Kid Rock killed a deer with a gun he named “Kobe” to honor him. Only Kid Rock.



Getting close now.  I’m not thinking I’ll name a gun after my wife and then go kill a deer for her Valentine present but if I don’t think of something better soon there may be venison on a plate for Valentine dinner. 


And what a time for Victoria’s Secret to be selling. You’d think they’d have an uptick in lingerie sales right now with Valentine’s Day on the way.   I do have a line in a song I wrote titled the “Question Song” that begs this question, “What the heck DO you see in a Victoria’s Secret half-off sale??



“Woman Accused Of Setting House On Fire Then Running Over Her Husband When He Escaped”.  Wonder if it’s too late for marriage counseling?



Well…I literally had my afternoon writing session cancel on me while I was blogging this so my day has opened up.  70 with sunshine?  I see a trail with my tennis shoes hitting it sometime today.


Have a great Monday!



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