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Malpass Brothers...Moving Video...Small Schools

Jan 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Last Hump Day of the month. A 39-degree high with nothing but sunshine is on tap today here in Twang Town. Beats the heck out of being near that “weather bomb” they’re calling for in the northeast. Never a good thing when the weather dude uses the word “bomb” in a forecast.



Gosh, I was so reminded once again yesterday how lucky I truly am to get to do what I do these days. Be creative and have fun. I wrote for the first time with the Malpass Brothers. It was the first time the brothers Christian and Taylor from North Carolina had co-written with anyone, so it was an honor that I got to be their first official co-writer. They told me they were nervous! Geez. I felt a bit the same way as I love what they do musically. Traditional-retro-country and boy do they do that well. Merle Haggard, who they idolized had these boys out on the road as his opening act for 7 years! And man do they have some great Merle Haggard stories that I was all too eager to listen to.


I brought not one but two ideas with me and danged if we didn’t write both songs and they fit like a glove for what they do. And then Christian had me look at a song that he’d been working on, and I helped him tweak it just a teeny bit. So really, three songs came out of our session.


I knew their manager Dan Mann and Dan told me he was excited that I was their first co-writer. He helped make that happen, so thank you Dan. Now, if I can just get these two guys to stop calling me sir! All will be well.



After we finished up my buddy Jerry Salley who runs our two record labels Billy Blue and Billy Jam came in WITH former American Idol star Alex Miller whose current single on Billy Jam is the song I wrote with Paul Bogart and Dan Wilson. So the room turned into a music party quickly.


And then right before I left the room Jerry called me back to show me the video of “Grand Ole Circle” the song that I wrote with Darin and Brooke Aldridge that they will premiere on the stage of the Opry this Friday night. And I’ll admit that it brought tears to my eyes. The video uses a lot of archival footage from the Grand Ole Opry. So not only am I proud of this song, and the moment we’ll have Friday night watching it, but I’m proud to be tied to a song that has so much history attached to it.



I can only guess some folks in Canada are desperate as they reached out to me to do an online webinar class with their songwriting group in Saskatchewan. Actually I’m honored that they reached out and I’m looking forward to meeting with their creative group on Sunday February 6. Should be fun, and I can only hope I’ll say something during our 3-hour class that will resonate with them and give them something they might be able to use to their benefit when they write their own songs.



And now Fauci tells us that hey thinks an omicron vaccine would be prudent but doesn’t think Covid-19 will be eradicated.


The Emerald Isle of Ireland has dropped its Covid restrictions…just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! The pubs will be full, and the Guinness will be a flowing. I’ve said it before but will say it once again here if you ever get the chance…do go to Ireland. And go up and spend some time on the north coast like we did. Beautiful.


A study from China says that drinking red wine may be helpful in preventing Covid-19. Yes, from China of all places.



I’m always amazed how wine articles and headline resemble articles and headlines I read about coffee. It’s good for you…it’s bad for you…it’s good for you.  Which is it? 


I say, drink up if you like either. We have only one life to live and if that gives ya joy how can it be so bad? It’s like the lyrics say in a great song that the late Shel Sylverstein wrote that "The Old Dogs" with Bobby Bare, Mel Tillis, Waylon Jennings and Jerry Reed recorded along with other folks.


Stop drinking booze and you’re still gonna die

Stay away from Kool’s and son you’re still gonna die

You can cut out coffee and never get high

But you’re still gonna, still gonna, still gonna die.



A guy in the UK is making his living by standing in line for other folks. He makes up to $215 a day to line up and wait for however long it takes to get tickets for popular shows, or whatever the person paying him needs that they don’t want to wait in line for. I’m betting the guy has a closet full of comfortable shoes.



Amazon Prime just listed their most popular items for Valentine Day this year.


Ugg Slippers


Olapex Shampoo and Conditioner


Capri Blue Candle


Zimasilk Silk Pillowcase


And Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones make up their Top 5 list.


I’ve already bought my wife a $100 coupon for White Castle. Thinking I’m going to have to re-think that gift.



Jimmy Fallon ask viewers to send him funny things about their High School experience. Here’s my fave.


“I served as student body president, was homecoming King, and was voted most likely to succeed. The joys of being homeschooled.”


I was thinking about my High School experience graduating in a class of about 32 kids at good ole Elsberry High in Missouri. It was not that much different than the joke above. I was class President, played in the band, played in every sport the school offered, was FFA President and was voted “Best Personality” AND “Most Scatterbrained”! The scatterbrain vote was accurate…still is. I daydream a lot because I’m writing in my head so much. The rest of that? Not so much that I was talented or good at any of those things as it was that because I was in a small school, and the kids attending got to experience a lot of different things. If I’d have been in school in nearby St. Louis? I probably would have had none of those experiences. Wouldn’t trade going to a small High School for a bigger experience in a million years.



This flying car is ready to go if you’ve got the money. But you’ll need a pilot’s license first. Which makes me wonder if you get pulled over for speeding will the officer say, “Driver AND pilot license please”?



I get to write with Jimmy Fortune this morning. Such a talented talented man. A former Statler Brother of course, the only one who’s still singing and doing shows around the world. It’s amazing to sit in a room and not only write songs with Jimmy, but it’s quite the experience just hearing him sing with that amazing tenor voice he has.


One of the newer things Jimmy has been involved with lately is being a member of a group called “Brotherly Love” that also features some other amazing folks. Ben Isaacs, Mike Rogers, and Bradley Walker. Their harmony blend is off the charts great, and I want to share one example here for you. This is their quartet singing the old hymn “Where No One Walks Alone”.


The first time I saw this I could not figure out why Jimmy was not singing harmony on the choruses. But at the very end of this arrangement, Jimmy leans in and sings the last verse that ends with a big high note that brings the house down. Gives me goosebumps. Watch. You’ll thank me later.


Have a great Wednesday!






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