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The Weekend...Big Birthday...New Years Eve On Air

Dec 31 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

New Year’s Eve…it’s raining with a high of 70 for the last day of 2018 before getting into the 40’s by Tuesday.…and it’s my daughter’s birthday today.  Happy Birthday Heather Whyte!  Best New Year’s celebration ever.



I did spend time on air Friday on WSM…and I finally did talk to Ray Stevens after a couple of mis-cues and cancellations.  What a pleasure.  We talked about his new venue Caba Ray which is located just off I-40 West here in Nashville.  And we played “Retired” that I co-wrote with Brent Burns that Ray recorded on his “One For The Road” CD. 


I tell folks that it’s an honor to have this cut.  Ray is a true comedic Hall of Famer genius.  So for him to take something he did not have a hand in writing and record it is pretty special.  And it certainly was fun spending a few minutes on air with him this past Friday.



All the late parties and celebrations are of course tonight.  Ray is having a big New Year’s Eve blowout at Caba Ray tonight as a matter of fact.  It’s my daughter’s birthday as I mentioned…so I have a great excuse to not go out and pop corks and stay up all night.  Good timing on me and my wife’s part me thinks.


With that said, my wife and I are going to hang out with some musical friends, other songwriters and swap songs tonight before they drop the “Note” here in Nashville. They used to drop a guitar…now it’s a note. True.  In Mobile they'll drop a danged moonpie tonight...even better.


It’s not my thing…but gosh there was a day when I played EVERY New Year’s night with a band.  It’s double the pay scale so it’s one of the nights you CAN’T not play if you’re doing that thing.  But…I surely don’t miss it.  Here’s how boring I’ve become.  I’m always sound asleep before the New Year shows up…always.



Driving home from WSM last Friday I could not help but notice a young man standing on the street spinning a sign that read “Party Supplies”…everything you need for a New Year’s party I suppose.  All I could wonder is, does one put “Sign Spinner” on their resume?  Ever?



For the first time ever police will use drones to look for crime going on down below on Times Square in New York tonight.  I would think we’d start seeing a lot of drones at big events.  Mardis Gras could use a couple I would think.  Big Brother is not only watching us now…he’s flying and watching us.



I did have one on air Friday but fortunately no one called me on it.  The Music City Bowl was Friday…I had the game on the TV inside the studios.  I lost track of time…saw the teams going off the field with the score Auburn 56 and Purdue 7 and announced that as a final score on the air.  It was much later I found out it was the HALF-TIME score.  Good grief.  I could hear Homer Simpson screaming “Doh!”



We made a little trip down to Franklin, TN to see a young friend Laney Meredith perform with a band.  Laney is on this year’s American Idol show starting in March and we’ll be rooting her on as we did Friday night.  I started writing with Laney when she was twelve…and now she’s grown up and about to graduate college here before too long.  Jus an incredible reminder to me again how fast time flies. Look for a little blonde hair girl to steal your heart this year on Idol.



My wife and I finally got out to see Mary Poppins and it did not disappoint.  Just excellent in every way.  I worried if the sequel’s music could hold up to the original.  Boy did they ever.  The Lampost scene is classic.  Dick Van Dyke re-appearing is a treat.  And the movie did such a GREAT job of saluting the original with deftly placed musical pieces in the score from the original songs.  The actors were superbly chosen.  Most fun movie I’ve seen all year.



KSON…a major radio station released their list of top Bluegrass Albums For 2018 and I had songs on two of those listed.  What a nice surprise that was.


I’m on the song “Front Porch Philosophy” by Jerry Salley that I co-wrote with Jerry.


And I’m a co-writer with Sydni Perry and Jimmy Fortune on the “Ricochet” CD on the song “Blame It On God”


My congrats to Jerry and Kristy and my co-writers.  Thanks for having me in the room with you on those days.



Uh…I think that company is doing fairly well.  Next year the CEO and Content Chief will each make over 31 million per year.



Kanye surprised his wife Kim Kardashian with a tiny little gift.  A 17 MILLION dollar condo for her Christmas present. Just an extra little place to store her shoes I guess.



A couple delivered a baby yesterday at an Arlington hospital in Texas.  Biggest ever for that hospital.  The bay weighs in at 14 pounds and 13 ounces.  The parents named the little big one…”Ouch”.  Well…I would.



I am back on the radio today 10-3 on WSM.  Tune in worldwide at wsmonline.com.  We’ll have a quiet little birthday with my daughter and then I’ll grab a guitar and sit in a musical round with some friends as we wait on 2019. 


I’ve had a heck of year in 2018.  Rode the Grand Canyon Train again, saw my daughter get married in Ireland, toured and played music all over Italy, had several of my songs recorded by artists I admire, spent more time on the radio and my family is healthy.  So…that’s a pretty good year.


Looking forward to an even busier 2019 ahead.


Have a great New Years Eve!






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