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Gordon...Boys State...Writing With Burns

Dec 29 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday….last couple days of a year most of us will not miss when it’s gone and in the books.



I’m in a complete creative lull right now with no appointments on my books until we clear New Year’s weekend straight ahead. It was nice enough in Nashville yesterday to take a hike around a nearby lake that’s a favorite place of mine to walk.  Most of this week we’ll be in 50’s and near 60’s a couple of days so I’ll take that as we creep into January. My kind of winter. I did watch the musical documentary on Gordon Lightfoot last night on Prime and that was great. If you’re into music and great songwriters you might like this too. I had forgotten what a truly great writer he was and how big a star Gordon Lightfoot was…and is…a Canadian treasure for sure. “If You Could Read My Mind”.



Boys State” has been pointed out as one of the best documentaries of 2020. It’s on Apple + and it’s about those 17-year-old boys selected when they are in High School to go to Boys State…a gathering that teaches kids about government. I got selected to go from good ole Elsberry High in Missouri when I was 17. Two memorable things happened from it.


First, it was an honor to be selected. You’d think maybe that experience might peak my interest in politics. Nope. It’s not the fault of Boys State, which was fun, but there’s nobody on the planet who hates politics more than me.


Second, Boys State in Missouri was held in Warrensburg, MO. After being on campus I decided to go to college there…CMSU. And yes, I’m a CMSU Mule…our mascot. Not jackass…mule.  Thank you very much.



The George Jones Museum and the Wild Horse Saloon were far enough south of that bomb explosion on Christmas Day that both survived with minor damages.  Others were not nearly as lucky.  BB King’s and the Melting Pot both will be closed for repairs for a while. In fact the Melting Pot is saying at least a year before they can rebuild completely. Could have been much much worse if this guy had been intent on taking lives and not buildings. And as of now there’s not a clue as far as motive goes.



Greg Norman, the great Aussie golfer is just the latest person to look into a camera and warn others how serious this Virus is. Back in the hospital for a second time. His headaches are so severe he says it’s “like a chisel going through your head”. And this is a guy who is in GREAT shape.


Most Doctors, Fauci and other experts are in agreement that the worse is still to come. How bad? Already in LA at least one hospital is treating patients in a gift shop. There are no more beds to be had. And the worst is yet to come as a record number of Americans traveled over Christmas weekend. And New Year’s weekend is ahead.


On the good news front...Wall Street climbed to yet another record close yesterday on the news of a stimulus package being passed. In December the Dow went up 765 points…so far.



The iconic line from Star Trek. James Doohan was the engineer on board the Enterprise and when the actor died in 2005, he asked for his ashes to be scattered in space. His son made it a mission to get that done.  He befriended a citizen astronaut who took a Russian flight into space along with a couple of laminated photos of his dad that ashes tucked inside. Nobody knew. But his friend Richard Garriott left some inside the space station, and yes…some got scattered in space. That’s a pretty dedicated son right there.



The online publication Trave Awaits just listed their top 15 ice cream shops in the country. The top 5 includes “The Yard Milkshake Bar” in Gulf Shores, Alabama! Now, I’m in Gulf Shores a lot and I’ve never heard of the place. You can bet that the next trip down there I’ll be stopping by to check that out.


At #3 is one our family is very familiar with “Graeters” in Cincinnati. Folks swear by it up there and even nationwide as it became an Oprah favorite. The put HUGE chocolate chip wafers in each pint…I mean big dark chocolate chips…a chunk!  I’m not a fan of dark chocolate so it’s never been my fave like it is my wife’s but folks do swear by it.


Did your favorite make their list?  Check it out here and see for yourself.



Apparently, actor Alec Baldwin’s current wife Hilaria (real name Hillary) is not Spanish after all as she’s claimed. She’s faked her Spanish accent for years. So…if he didn’t know that I wonder if she knew that Alec is really not Donald Trump?



I read a list of those lines’ guys try on girls hoping to get lucky. This may be the cheesiest. Some guy asked a girl, “Are you a parking ticket? Cause you’ve got fine written all over you”.  I don’t know but I suspect if I had dropped that line on my wife when I first met her, she would have reached for a sharpie and write “loser” across my forehead. Pretty sure.



I am going to write on the computer today…Brent Burns. He’s got a song idea about all those Trop Rockers…the folks who make beach music like he does. So, we’ll kick the tires on that and I’ll ask him about that ice cream shop I mentioned earlier to see if he’s been there.


Have a great Tuesday!


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