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Christmas...A Bombing...Boys Being Boys Pranks

Dec 28 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And how was your Christmas?



We had a wonderful Christmas here at the Whyte House with our family. Our daughter, son in law and his sister, Mom and her husband all gathered with us. My wife Kathy did an amazing job of making the Christmas dinner and it just could not have been much better. Except for the fact that Nashville had a bombing that you all know about. I THINK we may finally have cell phone service as we are AT&T customers and the bomb has affected cell service for no telling how many. Some in Georgia and Kentucky were affected as well.


Our Metro Police Department truly did an amazing job responding and using their instincts to get on the case early. Lives were saved because of their quick reaction and instincts. Watching them in action, knowing they gave up their own Christmas just made me appreciate the men and women who serve us even more…and I’ve always been a huge supporter. I understand less and less how anyone can be in favor of police defunding. Those folks more than ever in today’s climate need to know how much we support them…I do for sure. Thank you so much for everything you do for us. 


The visuals do remind me of the Oklahoma City bombing that my brother Gary had a front row view of. It’s sad to look at landmarks and buildings that were blasted out that you recognize.


41 businesses were damaged in all…The Wild Horse Saloon was one them. I’ve done “live” radio shows and played music in there numerous times. So that brings it into a chilling perspective for me.


The good news is they know who did it…he died in the explosion. Described this morning in our local newspaper Anthony Warner was a 63-year-old loner computer geek, a neighbor described him as “odd”. Ya think. One friend said they hated to use the term but that he was a “nerd”.


Now police will try and find out what this guys motive might have been.



That’s the song the guy was playing over and over inside the RV that blew up…the old Petula Clark classic. One thing that will happen at radio stations in Nashville and probably other cities. They WON’T be playing “Downtown” on the radio for a while. The Challenger disaster happened when I was doing the morning show in Cincinnati. Billie Joe Royal (famous for “Down in the Boondocks”) had a country hit going up the charts titled “Burned Like A Rocket”.  Every country radio station stopped playing the song…and it fell off the charts because of the incident.  I was also on air during 9/11 here in Nashville and every Program Director did their best to make sure now songs were played that might be insensitive in content. Airplanes songs, any song with an explosion kind of reference etc.



We have internet…and text but no phone working. And that’s when our daughter Heather gave us a great App to put on our cell phone. I knew nothing about called Text Free. You download the app…select a phone number they give you, and if someone else has the app with a number they selected you can call them for free. So, I can call my wife or daughter in an emergency. Who knew?



We did not let the horrific news ruin the holiday though. At some point you realize just how much our world has changed and that some things will happen…again and again. But you still try to find more good than bad in the world and there is always plenty of that if one just looks around.


We were blessed to be with family on Christmas Day for sure. At one point around the Christmas table we got to talking about “boys being boys” and the pranks boys pull on each other. Our son in law Casey’s Dad works in Miami leading a department that stops cocaine and drug smugglers hiding their stash in boats. Some of those stories are pretty amazing. But he also mentioned how they pranked one of their officers who’s not very computer literate to begin with. The actually changed every key on his keyboard so that say when he hit the “G” button the letter “Z” might come up. And so forth.  He could not figure it out and showed the problem to the folks who set him up.  How they kept a straight face is beyond me.


My story was about sending our young radio producer my show in Milwaukee out one morning to the Lake Michigan shore with a bike helmet on that waw covered in peanut butter. He had a microphone he held up to his helmet the seagulls attacked it. It sounded like a jackhammer going off on his head.


Boys being boys. So yea, we did have fun. And after company left, we put on “White Christmas” to put a bow on the day.



Morocco (Northern Africa) has decided to get REALLY aggressive as they ordered 65 million doses of the vaccine from China and Britain. They plan to vaccinate 80% of the population in short order.


If you are one that still doesn’t believe in the vaccine or won’t take it when it’s available here is one option. The President of Turkmenistan (I have no idea where that is) is claiming that licorice is effective in eliminating the Coronavirus.  Licorice. For the record the President’s name in that country is Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov. So if you have questions, e-mail him…if you can spell his name. Or just go out and buy a bag of Twizzlers and take his word for it.



Lots of face masks to choose from. Some serious ones, some plain ones, Christmas themed ones, funny ones and this one that sort of describes how most feel about the pandemic.



How bad has business been since March for those in the Music biz? Well, Pollstar just revealed that early last year they projected 12 billion dollars would be made from “live” music events in 2020. Only 2 billion was actually made. A 10-billion-dollar difference. And those losses are mostly about the household name stars you know and love, the large group of folks like me down on that other level that also lost most if not all of their “live” shows.


I’ve decided I’m going to start eating more licorice in hopes it will cure that problem.



If you don’t follow bluegrass, and I know most of you don’t you may not be familiar with the name Tony Rice who passed away Christmas Day. Ricky Skaggs said the was the most influential guitar player of the past 50 years. That tells you something. My friend and co-writer Tim Stafford wrote a book a few years ago about Tony. Acoustic guitar players, especially in the bluegrass world sat at his feet to learn and steal the original guitar licks that he constantly invented and used. And so many speak of him in reverential terms. I plan on getting more familiar with him myself. Here’s one example of his work. RIP Mr. Rice.



Mark Wahlberg left a $2,020 tip for a waitress then challenged others to do the same. Tom Selleck for one has already taken up that 2020 challenge. Cool idea. I’ve seen most Mark Wahlberg films…I’m an even bigger fan now.



I found out that in Asia they now have a meat free Spam. And my question is, “Wait…Spam is a meat”?



They found a gingerbread monolith in Frisco this weekend that crumbled to the ground in short order. How did the aliens know about gingerbread?



Couple things. First, there will be a Wonder Woman 3 for sure. Wonder Woman 2 just came out on Christmas Day and they have already green lighted a third one.


And “The Masked Singer”?  So successful that there will now be a “Masked Dancer” with Paula Abdul judging. I can’t dance. Too many years on stage singing to others who danced. In fact, I dance so bad that if I was going to ever try and dance again, I would want to wear a mask so that nobody would recognize me.



I played basketball for Elsberry High in Missouri. Back when some were shooting between the legs set shots. Our team did not win a game the year I played. Shows you how great I was at that game. Nothing like Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors one of the sharpest shooters ever in NBA History.


Did you see this?  In practice he just made 105 CONSECUTIVE three-point shots! 105! I didn’t believe it until I watched this VIDEO myself. Geez Louise…how do you get that good?



This makes me feel guilty about sitting on my couch and watching football this past weekend. 90 something year-old Johanna Quaas, a gymnast is still getting up and doing things I will never be limber enough to do. Check her routine out…at 100!



Not a thing on my calendar. The high will be around 50 today so it might be warm enough to take a hike as many people have asked me to do through the years.


Have a great Monday!





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