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Ray Stevens Today...Really...Operation Song...Branson Shows

Dec 28 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Well…a pretty good wind came through yesterday knocking down one pretty big tree near us…rain fell…but all is well this morning with temps in the 60’s with sunshine this afternoon.  Winter…just like I like it. 


And meanwhile…in Australia…it’s summer and 120 degrees on the beach.  You need like SPF 150 for that right?



I was on air at WSM again…and will be today.  My apologies for getting the date of our Ray Stevens interview wrong.  I posted that it was going to be yesterday when in reality Ray will join me on the phone today between 11 and Noon Nashville time.  So do tune in if you want to hear that from anywhere at wsmonline.com


The Opryland Hotel where the WSM studios are located is still lit up for Christmas…and it was full yesterday and will be this weekend as the Music City Football game takes place today.  The Purdue Boilermakers and all their fans were all over the place yesterday getting ready for the game.  Welcome to Music City USA.



I also had the pleasure of recording a couple of PSA announcements for Operation Song which is an organization of songwriters who write with our veterans capturing their stories in music and sometimes on video.  My buddy Steve Dean is a big part of that and ask me if I would do it.  I was happy to give a small something back to those who have given so much.


The song therapy is apparently helpful for those veterans who suffer from PTSD as so many of them do once they come home.  I have such great admiration for those folks as well as those songwriters who have found a unique way to help those veterans.


Let me share just one of those songs that I like.  Steve helped write this song with a veteran who was a photojournalist.  He shot pictures of what happened in Viet Nam. The song is called “We Shot The Pictures They Shot The Guns”.  The pictures you see in this VIDEO are actual pictures taken from that veteran.  Pretty riveting.



The oldest American died.  He was 112.  And he was a World War II Vet.  He was at Pearl Harbor that day.  He was at Iwo Jima.  He was at Okinawa and somehow survived all of that and lived to be 112.  Pretty sure the word hero would fit.



To my talented co-writer friend Lauren Mascitti who got engaged Christmas Eve to another talented music person in this town Shawn Camp.  Could not be happier for them.


So I’m thinking the song that Lauren and I wrote with Wil Nance captured on this CRUISE SHIP VIDEO with Lauren and her now fiancée Shawn might perfectly describe how she’s feeling.



I have three appearances in 2019 in Branson, Missouri for the Billy Yates Songwriter Series scheduled.  Three shows each weekend.  A Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon show at the Americana Theater right on the main strip in Branson. Billy who wrote “Rockin’ Chair” and “Choices” for George Jones to name a couple is in each songwriter round and is the host.  But I just found out yesterday who else will be on stage with us when I’m there.


May 31 June 1 and 2 Irene Kelley will be with us…the noted bluegrass American artist.


October 11, 12, 13 Max T Barnes who wrote “Love Me” for Colin Raye amongst others.


November 29, 30 and December 1 Steve Dean with is 9 number one songs. 


To my Missouri friends and family…think about making a little trip down to Branson next year.



So my wife is talking about the diet flavor of the year KETO.  Think low carb, high fat, no sugar. I dunno.  I had no luck with the Atkins diet.  Did not lose a pound…and did not learn to play guitar any better even though I read all the Chet Atkins guidelines.  What’s with that?



So…the article I read this morning claims that less and less of us 50 and over will not have much say so about leaving a job when we want.  Nope.  Young and younger rule and that’s likely not to change.  So…the wise person starts thinking ahead to other things they might be able to do as they are approaching an age where management is starting to consider change themselves.  Or…make so much dang money by 50 that it doesn’t matter. 


I know that I was shocked when the Chippendale Dancers told me I was unemployable.  Can’t count on a job that requires one to wear a speedo.  I guess.



“Car Stolen From Airport Lot Returned To The Same Lot Months Later”.  So…more like borrowing than stealing I suppose.



Back on the air 10-3 today filling in for Mike Terry again on WSM Radio AND I promise Ray Stevens will be joining me today between 11 AM and Noon. Then tonight my wife and I are off to see my young co-writer Laney Meredith that many of you will see competing on the upcoming season of American Idol at Puckett’s in Franklin, TN.  Should be fun to hear about her experience out in Hollyweird.


Have a great weekend!



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