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WSM With A Dog..."Luke Bryan" and Great Odd Jobs

Yea it's cold.  So cold that yesterday I was assigned to write a parody song about cold weather.  Really cold. 



One more afternoon on WSM filling in for the regular host Devon O'Day.  Her producer Lexi Carter made my job pretty easy these past two days.  Thank you Lexi.  We had some great guests on yesterday including a local humane center who brought Nellie...pictured here whom they are trying to find a home for.  I'm hoping they do.  What a gentle old dog....11 or 12 years old.






And I was so impressed with this new young group Painted West that you see.  Four young brothers all with names that start with the letter "J" from Oklahoma...and they have all moved here trying to make it in the biz.  We had a lot of faces pressed up to our studio windows of tourists staying at the Opryland Hotel who were watching and listening to the sing "live" songs that they wrote.  Their Mom and Dad who live and work in Memphis drove over to "beam" while their kids played on WSM.  I don't blame them.  Kids to be very proud of for sure.  A set of twins and two other brothers writing, and singing in 4 part harmony.  It truly was a pleasure to meet...interview and hear them.  I'm rooting for their success.



We also had the marketing guy on for the George Jones Museum which is on 2nd Avenue here in Nashville.  I've not yet been there...but plan to soon.  I'm not sure he loved my brilliant idea I gave him for free though.  I suggested on air since George was known as "No Show Jones" for so long from missing so many shows for various reasons (not all his fault) that the museum should have a "No Show Stage" where every show is cancelled.  I can't imagine why they would not take this brilliant idea and run with it.  Sigh.



I've mentioned that I write a lot of parody songs...almost daily for a company in New York...United Stations that Dick Clark once owned.  That free lance writing job started accidentally somewhere near 25 years ago or so while I was in Milwaukee using their on demand Comedy service for radio stations.  I was writing little comedy scripts and parody songs that applied to Milwaukee and got a call one day from their Senior editor who liked my writing and suggested I send the songs and bits that applied nationally humor wise.  So...a little at a time...and it's turned into a very fun long lasting creative marriage.


I bring that up because my friend there Margaret Verghese who has been my point person for almost 16 years has decided to leave an concentrate on running a gift shop that she and her musician husband own in New York.  She and I have worked together all those years by e-mail and phone and I only met her face to face a couple of years ago here in Nashville at the Country Radio Seminar.  It's funny how jobs like that work.  I correspond with two or three folks in the office but only by e-mail or phone.  I'm glad I had the chance to meet her...and work with her for so many great years.  My very best to you Margaret.  It's been a real pleasure for sure.



If you don't see a blog here tomorrow it will be because I hit the Powerball.  I have a ticket...I just haven't looked yet.  But you'll know if you see a big blank spot here tomorrow morning.  I'm quietly pessimistic.



While I was trying to get someone to adopt a dog on air yesterday...Luke Bryan was giving his wife a TWO baby kangaroos...in diapers.  True.  Who gives kangaroos as presents?  Luke do.  Which means I'm probably going to have to go back and add another verse to this "Luke Bryan" song I helped Cledus T. Judd, Colt Ford and Chris Clarke write.



How about the airline flying to Tokyo that found out 4 hours into the flight that they had a passenger on board who somehow got on the wrong flight.  Uh huh.  So they flew to Tokyo then returned with their wrongly boarded passenger right?  WRONG!  They actually turned the plane around and flew back to LA to deposit the passenger.  That means those going to Tokyo added another 8 hours to their flight time.  The normal flight time LA-Tokyo?  12 and a half hours.  Add 8 more to that.  Turns out that there is some kind of security rule that forces them to do that.  I can't wait to ask my daughter Heather...who flies for American about that.



Disneyland had a big power outage for awhile yesterday which left some passengers stranded on their rides.  I LOVE Disneyland and Disneyworld...but...can you imagine being stranded on the "It's A Small World" boat ride and hearing that song played over and over and over and over...???   I would have jumped out and swam back to the entrance.



Looking for a fun interesting job that pays a salary?  Check out a few of these that I found in a list on MSN this morning.  I had NO idea that some of these existed...for pay!



You get paid $60,000 if you get the gig that runs from March to August.  They put you up at all the fine places and your job is to brag about Mexico.  I can do that.



It pays $28,000 per year and the wedgies are free.



Those guys and girls make $56,000 a year for eating ice cream!  Wonder if they hire Mac & Cheese tasters?



Travel the world, blog about it and you could make as much as $53,000 per year.  And everything is pretty much free as you are putting. spotlight on their attractions, restaurants, hotels and more.  Not a bad life if you love to travel.



Some folks write those fortunes they stick into the cookies.  That also pays $53,000 per year.  Man would I have fun with that. 



Uh huh.  Some folks (like me) hit a lot of golf balls that somehow end up in the bottom of a lake.  They pay divers $33,000 per year to go get those with many of them being resold at the Pro Shop.  In Florida...I'm pretty sure they sell a few arms they found from golfers who gave up that arm to a gator when they tried to get their ball back.



They do pay some folks to dress as a Mermaid full time.  Tourist attractions.  That actually pays $62,000 per year!  I don't have the tail for the job unfortunately.



Well...nothing big today so maybe my wife and I will start using our Christmas movie passes today.  Might be a Star Wars Thursday.  I'll let ya know.


Have a great Thursday yourself.



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