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More WSM...Ray Stevens...Guns & Ammo

Dec 27 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

A little rain with the threat of a thunderstorm starting the day here in Nashville.



I spent the middle part of the day on WSM doing the 10-3 shift and I’ll be right back there today and tomorrow.  Today…Ray Stevens will join me.  Ray was scheduled to be on a show I helped host a week ago but plans changed…so it’s today.  And we’ll talk about Ray’s new place he built called Caba Ray where he had a run of Christmas shows that were great and is now getting ready for a big New Years Eve celebration.  And…maybe we’ll talk about the song of mine and Brent Burns that he recorded “Retired”.  Tune in worldwide at wsmonline.com



I did write a parody for New York yesterday about the volatile stock market, which is like riding a roller coaster up and down the Grand Canyon.  We took the Billy Currington hit, “God Is Great, Beer Is Good and People Are Crazy” and turned that into “Gas Is Low, Government’s Shut Down, Stock Markets Crazy”.  Who knows which way it will go today.  In the words of my special guest on the radio today…”Don’t Look Ethel”!



I think folks are partly drawn to songwriting not just for the creative process but some may do it in hopes that they leave something that lasts beyond their death.  This happened with songwriter Jimmy Work who most folks won’t know by name.  Jimmy passed away at the age of 94 yesterday.  He had a few of his songs recorded and then got out of the business and became a millworker.  But one of his songs will last as long as country and bluegrass music is recorded.  “Making Believe” which has been recorded numerous times and will be recorded again and again and again.  And while that is remarkable by any standard…what is even more remarkable is that he was married 77 years. 



Sometimes music has a negative effect.  Like in Virginia where some gangs had gathered and one gang didn’t like the song the other gang was playing.  A 200 person brawl broke out.  One can only hope that once the idiots started exchanging blows they switched to “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”.  No arrests were made believe it or not.



A lot of folks did that in 2018.  Over 1.8 million got stuff done to their tummies, and breasts, and behinds and on on and on.  The new big trend for 2019?  Lip lifts. How high is too high for a lip lift?  My answer would be…if you have trouble breathing out of your nose…you lifted your lip too high.



A couple just named their new baby after the highway where she was delivered in Queens.  Uh huh.  They can call her I-495 for short.  Makes me glad my Mom did not deliver me after hitting a pothole on the highway.  Pothole Whyte would be pretty catchy though.



Those in the “spider” know say, “never kill a spider”.  Apparently they do a lot of good eating bugs in your garden. I always know when one is in our house.  My wife calls me and wants me to take care of it…but to NOT kill it.  I always thought that heels on shoes and boots were made for things like this…so I’ve had trouble adjusting to scooping them up and then letting them out again.  My theory is…they’ll find their way back in.  So we compromised on this issue and I don’t kill them.



I love the story of the Dad who found out his daughter who was a flight attendant had to work on Christmas Day.  What did Dad do?  Booked himself on every flight she was on over the Christmas holiday to share Christmas with her.  Hopefully she was able to keep her Dad out of the middle seat.



A 6 year old boy got busted for cheating on his homework.  Was he stealing the answers from another kid?  Did he write the answers on the back of his hand?  Nope.  This is 2018.  He asked Alexa for the answers.  I’m pretty sure teachers make kids check their cell phones before tests are passed out.


All those years of doing morning radio shows…trivia contests were big.  I did a lot of those.  First right answer wins a year supply of duct tape…or whatever.  That’s kind of been ruined because someone can pull up the answer so fast on the other end of the phone by “googling”.  So it’s back to caller 10 being the winner.



How bout this.  The cast of the TV series “Friends” still make 20 million per year on re-runs.  That’s the thing about creating intellectual property.  It’s a tough tough business…but one hit written like that?  It will keep you healthy for a long while.  All I need is one of THOSE ideas!



“Six Men Draw Guns On Men Allegedly Trying To Steal Tools In Store”.  I think I’ll write a new song off of that and call it “America’s Packing”. 


I did co-write an over the top funny song with Brent Burns about those who are armed for Armageddon that Brent recorded.  Check out “Guns And Ammo” if you dare.



Back on the radio 10 AM-3 PM on 650AM WSM the radio home forever of the Grand Ole Opry.  Again…you can listen in from anywhere you are with our free app…or by going to wsmonline.com


Have a great Thursday!






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