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Special Christmas...More French Line Dancing...Watching You

Dec 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

The day after Christmas.  What do I do with all these empty boxes?



I hope all of you had a great Christmas.  I honestly don’t know how mine could have been better.  My daughter Heather and her husband Casey who flies on choppers out of Fort Campbell came and spent most of the day with me and my wife.  The little diet I went on went all to you know what with the feast my wife prepared for the day.  And all day I received the nicest texts from friend and family from all over the country.  Man.


And Casey and Heather gave us a special American flag for Christmas.  I can’t say a lot about it but I will just say that I don’t know that my wife and I have ever received a more meaningful Christmas gift in the 36 years we’ve been married. One that tugged our heartstrings for sure.  It will hold a place of honor in our house for the rest of our lives.


And we capped it off playing a board game and watching Elf on the big screen.  And now this reminder…it’s only 364 day til Christmas!



Stay off the roads and avoid airports today.  104 MILLION Americans are traveling back to their homes today.  The good news is there’s a ton of good weather right now keeping most roads dry and snow free.


I did see this article about a super machine that they claim can clear a runway in 15 minutes!  Wow.  Wonder if it can de-ice a plane in 5 minutes?


Here in Nashville again today we’re up near 70 degrees or so.  So far this would have been a bad year to invest in long underwear or corduroy pants.  Remember those bad boys?



I grew up playing in bands in an era where the Country bands all dressed in the same outfits…matching.  The lead singer may have worn something different but the band dressed the same.  One year I had the band buy matching brown corduroy three piece suits.  The steel guitar player hated them and said something I’ve not forgot, “Whyte…if sh#%t were in fashion you’d wear it”!  Still laughing.


Today of course seeing a band wearing matching outfits is rare.  Vintage…throwback if you will.  I don’t miss it.  And it’s a whole lot cheaper to be on stage playing music today in your own jeans and t-shirts.  Corduroy.  It seemed like such a good idea at the time.



Croatia just opened a Hangover Museum.  Uh huh.  Personal stories and items related to hangovers from drinking are on display for all.  I’m guessing they have a lot of toilets in the place.



Of course one must drink…quite a bit to get that hangover.  And for that you can now have wine delivered to your door.  And apparently in New York right now there’s 50% off from one of those services.  Which means of course that soon someone will open a store that delivers Excedrin and Blood Marys.



Yesterday I shared a video of a couple in France teaching line-dancing lessons to a Christian song I helped write “Safe Haven”.  Here’s a little follow up.  Check out this VIDEO of the two of them teaching their dance in French.  Mind boggling to me.


And here’s another example of how songs are used in different ways.



When I play with my songwriter trio “Hits & Grins” that also features Victoria Venier and Steve Dean we always perform the Rodney Atkins smash hit “Watching You”.  That’s because “Hits & Grinner” Steve Dean is one of the co-writers on that wonderful moving inspirational songs that’s been one of the biggest country hits of the past decade.


I found this VIDEO using Steve’s great song when a Dad got the surprise of his life.  Watch the video…and keep the Kleenex box handy.



We'll be singing "Watching You" a whole lot starting this Fall when a 21 concert tour will start taking us all over the country from October-March.  Those dates are close to being ready to announce and as soon as they are you'll be able to see if we'll be in a theater close to you by checking my online calendar.



Lindsey Vonn the world-class downhill skier proposed to PK Subban an NHL All Star hockey player.  She said on her social media that it’s only fair that the man get an engagement ring too.  I’m pretty sure the folks who own jewelry stores are hoping a new trend will take hold.



Kylie Jenner…one of the youngest Kardashian’s just paid $12,000 for a Beanie Baby covered in crystals.  She’s worth a Billion already so don’t worry bout her covering the payments.  And I thought I splurged when I bought the two pack or Slim Jims the other day.



Post Christmas and I’ll be trying to figure out how to make the electronic gift I got work.  Is “assembly required” was part of this gift...I’d have to explore the return policy.  Sigh.  Wish me luck.


Have a great Thursday!








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