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Christmas...The Road Ahead...WSM Today

Dec 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Well I surely hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas! 


Here in Nashville it was just our little family gathered round the tree and eventually a turkey that my wife whipped up with a great Christmas dinner.  We were grateful to have my daughter Heather here with her husband Casey Petersen who’s in the Army…already been to Iraq twice…and has to go again in a few more weeks.  We’re proud of him and all those who serve and have served our company…but of course each time he’s gone…we worry and can’t wait til his boots are safely back on US soil.  So…to have the two of them with us at our Christmas table this year was all we needed for a very Merry Christmas here at the Whyte House.  And now on to a brand new year in just a few days.



I’ll be working the rest of the holiday starting today.  I’m on air 10-3…right in the middle of the day filling in for Mike Terry on WSM radio not only today but the rest of the week and on Monday New Years Eve too.  So please tune in from wherever you might be at wsmonline.com.



We wound up with movie passes underneath our Christmas trees so we’ll be catching up on some movies we want to see…The Mule, Mary Poppins and maybe Aquaman.  Aquaman is killing it at the box office right now putting pressure on every guy to look that buff coming out of the water.  Way too much pressure for me.  I couldn’t get in that kind of shape if I hit the weights 8 hours a day.  Geez.


I’m all in favor of starting that company I saw someone suggest over the weekend.  Inactive Wear.  They make a fortune selling “Active Wear” to folks sorta kinda in shape.  Why not the bigger market?  Inactive Wear. 



We had a nice surprise when our young neighbor who plays bass guitar for Lee Brice rang our doorbell and gave us a bag of chocolate cookies his wife had made.  We talked about touring and playing music and I found out he had just gotten back from a gig they played in Tokyo.  Yes..there was a bit of culture shock.  Hotel rooms were TINY to say the least.  And they heard of a place…a coffee kind of shop where there are snakes hanging around…on purpose!  You’ve heard of coffee shops with cats that have the run of the place…some of them adoptable?  This takes it to another level.  For the record…my young friend mad a sane decision and decided not to go.  Nobody needs a python curled around their Grande Cup of espresso.  Nobody.  Take a peek HERE if you dare.



Gas is below 2 bucks a gallon here.  Unreal.  The stock market dived over 630 points.  Unreal.  So I kind of half smile when I fill up these days.



As 2018 gets ready to wrap up…I’m already bracing for a very busy 2019 with a lot of performing dates on the calendar.  My next shows will be January 19 in Gulf Shores with Brent Burns and July 20 with Brent in New Orleans on Bourbon Street for Pardis Gras…a multiple day gathering of Parrot Head fans.  That should be fun…and interesting to say the least.  I do keep my calendar up to date here on the website but if you click this LINK it will take you there for a 2019 peek.  Hopefully I’ll be somewhere near you in the new calendar year.


My wife Kathy must have been thinking about that schedule as I’ll have some dates that require me to fly with my guitar.  She got me a great hard shell guitar case built to withstand any abuse from checking it at the airport which will not only allow me to check it and not worry…but it will make it easier for me to board and have to plead sometimes to get it in an overhead bin in the soft shell guitar case I normally use.  I’ll make great use of that for sure.



Kentucky Man Charged With Throwing Christmas Ham.  Uh uh  He and a woman got into an argument about which day would be best for Christmas dinner. 


I’m guessing they must have ordered carry out once they calmed down.



Off to WSM radio for the middle of the day. 


Have a great Wednesday!








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