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Merry Christmas!

Dec 25 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Merry Christmas…can you believe it’s here again?



We spent some time, and by we, I mean my wife Kathy preparing the house for a small Christmas gathering this morning with my daughter Heather, her husband Casey, his sister Paige and Casey’s Mom Anissa and her husband Alan. The house looks beautiful and ready because of her hard work and if I do say so our little abode looks really pretty at Christmas time with tree up and the fire on.


You can see a little bit of that if you go to my Facebook Page where I took time yesterday to record and post a song, I wrote with Rick Lang a few weeks ago titled “Road to Bethlehem. If you’ve not seen it, here ya go. The song was Rick’s idea and I feel blessed that he shared his idea with me to co-wrote. Kind of perfect for Christmas Eve and what that truly means. A son is born.


Then last night my wife and I laughed out loud again at those bumbling burglars in the movie “Home Alone” as some light snow fell outside our windows here in Nashville. Right on cue.



My youngest brother Gene called me from the hospital he’s been in because he’s had Covid to let me know they were about to release him to go home. Talk about a Christmas blessing for him, his wife Karen and our family. We certainly had been worried and even though he’ll have to quarantine as will she…he’s home. And that’s a pretty good Christmas considering the alternative. Made my Christmas Eve morning.



I had not seen this before. An animated version of the Willie Nelson Christmas classic “Pretty Paper”.  Dolly is singing with Willie in this animated video version.


If I put together a top 5 of Christmas songs that I like outside the traditional hymns, “White Christmas” and the likes I think these songs might be in them.


Pretty Paper…Willie Nelson


Old Toy Trains…Roger Miller


The Marvelous ToyJohn Denver


Tender Tennessee Christmas…Amy Grant


Colorado Christmas…Nitty Gritty Dirt Band



That’s what my daughter said to me this Christmas…Dad you’re hard to buy for. And then she gave me a little coffee cup warmer I have at my desk to help keep my caffeine warm while I blog early in the early morning and get set for the day. And of course, I love it. I don’t think it’s that I’m hard to buy for, it’s just that I reached a point in my life a long time ago that I don’t really want or need anything for the most part. Just blessed really. Although when my wife surprised me with a guitar a few years ago…that didn’t suck. I can remember as a kid sitting on the floor with the Sears Roebuck Christmas catalog circling almost everything, I saw hoping Santa would take the hint. More fun to give than receive?  That old adage is true for sure these days.


I saw an article headline this morning: “Gifts for Those Who Have Everything”. And I’ll be you somewhere there’s a person reading that thinking, “Hmm…I’ve already got those things”.



Hope. I feel hope when I read articles that mention an ICU nurse who caught the virus…fought for 8 months for her life and then walked out of the hospital yesterday. I would be there are going to be some very inspiring movies about front line workers next year…deservedly so.


Now they’re warning those who have facial fillers that they could have an adverse reaction to the vaccine. That would pretty much eliminate a lot of Hollywood from rolling up their sleeves.


Another study was released yesterday suggesting that Vitamin D is helpful in reducing the risk of Corona. Yep…we do that along with Zinc and a multiple vitamin and Elderberry. So far so good.


And as if we needed another horrid reminder of how serious a situation, we are in. L.A. County just recorded 140 Covid-19 deaths in one day, a new record.



It’s just not right that someone has created a VEGAN cheese chalet…a healthier alternative I suppose to a Gingerbread House. Sigh. Is nothing sacred? 


My comedian friend James Gregory always joked that vegetarians could never be a pallbearer because they would be too weak to lift the casket.



A lot of the list is comprised of things related to the pandemic as you might guess.


How to make a mask without sewing


How to make a mask with a bandana


How to make whipped coffee


How to make face masks with fabric


And number one was: How to make hand sanitizer



“Wild Pot-Bellied Pigs Wreaking Havoc in Puerto Rico”. Maybe the tourism folks can turn that into a positive and take a page from Spain and hold an annual “Running of the Pot-Bellied Pigs”.



Uh…it’s Christmas.  Merry Christmas to all!!









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