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Sunsets...Line Dances...Merry Christmas

Dec 25 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And a Merry Christmas to all from the Whyte House where it’s going to be 71 degrees with sun today! 



Christmas Eve was quiet but my wife and I did attend a candlelight service early in the day.  My candle dripped hot wax onto my fingers while everyone was singing Silent Night.  I sang out something loud too that was not Silent Night and I can only hope that folks in that church have recovered.


And last night we had one of the most spectacular sunsets I have seen here in a long while.  A blaze of orange enveloped the city and Old Hickory Lake outside our windows.  One of those sunsets that makes you get off the couch and take a picture or two.  I posted one on my Facebook Page if you’re curious…but if you have Nashville friends on that social network you’ll see a lot of them.  It pretty much got everyone’s attention I think in Music City. 


Add to that a little viewing of the movie “White Christmas” and our house got prepped for the big day today.



Jimmy Buffett, Barbara Mandrell, Sissy Spacek are all Christmas babies…born on Christmas day.  I’m guessing they were there parents gift in those years they were born.



The things you find on the Internet.  The song “Safe Haven” that I helped write for Hillary Scott and the Scott Family about Hillary’s grandfather is now a line dance.  Ya can’t make this stuff up.  And I’m not sure what to think about it.  My biggest question would be, “did they listen to the lyrics of this song” that went on a Contemporary Christian Album “Love Remains” that won two Grammy awards?  Or did they just listen to the music and decide, “good dance beat”?  I dunno.  It’s a little flattering I suppose…but a lot more odd to me.  Either way…here’s the VIDEO.  You can learn the steps if you’d like.



This song “Been There, Drunk That” was made for line dancing that I co-wrote with the artist Brady Seals that landed about #30 something one year on the Billboard Charts.  Not one Christian lyric in it.  Click on the link to see folks two stepping to that bad boy. 



The Baby Yoda doll from Disney is now available for purchase.  Man is this thing going to be a huge seller.  It got out too late for it to be in Santa’s sack this year but I’m betting there will be a ton of non Christmas purchases for this little thing.  Maybe I can throw away that hot “Furby” thing we bought our daughter one year and replace it with Yoda.



This was shot several years ago but it still makes me smile every Christmas.  I co-wrote a Christmas song with my long time friend Brent Burns for his Christmas album he recorded one year.  One of the two songs I helped write was “Santa’s Gone Nascar”.  Now my friend Brent is not a NASCAR fan so I had to convince him this idea of Santa driving a NASCAR sleigh would be a good idea.  Now when you listen to the song you’ll hear it’s out dated.  A lot of the drivers we wrote into this song are now retired or gone.


But, it caught on with one Brent Burns fan so much that he used his song to coordinate with his Christmas light display on his house…all syncopated together.  Wow.  Here’s a LOOK at that.



An executive at a company called WeWorks which was failing under his regime was replaced.  Or, he exited. Under his contract his golden parachute exit deal may now be as much as 2 BILLION bucks.  Please leave…and here’s 2 billion dollars.  Okay…fire me!


And then there’s word that some of the upper NetFlix folks may see there annual salaries jump up to 34 million per year. 


I’m telling ya Mom and Dad.  If your kid asks you for a guitar for Christmas?  Say no.  Give him a suit and tie and send him to business school. 



Remember all the controversy with former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick who took a knee during the national anthem and now may never play another down?  Remember Nike running a TV commercial using him?  Remember some of your friends saying they would never buy a Nike shoe again and how that would kill their company?  Not so much.  Nike released a Colin Kaepernick shoe on Tuesday for around $110 and up apiece.  They sold out the first day.  Nike knew what they were doing marketing wise.  They’re stocks took a hit initially but has since seen an 18% jump in their stock price.


Understand I’m not defending Colin or Nike.  I stand and put my hand over my heart and take my ball cap off every time they play the National Anthem.  I don’t understand any American who doesn’t.  But…Nike-Kaepernick is surely an interesting study in marketing.



More and more noise is being made about putting Curt Flood into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  My very first baseball game I went to at Old Sportsman Park in St. Louis?  Curt Flood was playing centerfield for the Cards against the Pirates.  He was one of my favorite players as a young kid.  The Cards traded him to Philadelphia.  Curt said not…and was out of baseball the rest of his life.  His stance led to free agency for baseball players and hundreds and hundreds of million dollar salaries.  Every player should thank him.  He paid the price…big time. He passed in 1997.  If I had a vote?  He would have gotten mine long before he died.


“Head Transplants Could Definitely Maybe Happen Next Decade”.  I’m now trying to figure out who’s head I want.



Word is that today is Christmas.  My daughter Heather and her husband Casey will drive down from Clarksville where he’s stationed with the Army and we’ll get the chance to tear open boxes, and have a great dinner my wife has been working so hard on.  I’m blessed…very blessed and I know it.  So I’ll certainly take time to quietly thank someone much bigger than me for those blessings on his big birthday.


Merry Christmas to all of you.



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