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Do You Hear The Bell?

Dec 25 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And a Merry Christmas to all!  How can it be Christmas already?  It’s early, dark and quiet at the Whyte House this Christmas morning.  Our daughter dig get home flying from her American Airlines job late last night so we are grateful that she and her husband will indeed be around our Christmas tree and Christmas table a little later today.  Turns out…nobody was flying on Christmas Eve that late in the day.  So there’s our blessing this Christmas.


Tomorrow I’m going to be on WSM Radio from 10-3 as well as the rest of this week and on Monday too the last day of 2018.


I’ll put up a full blog here tomorrow.


But today…it’s Christmas.


 Last night I watched Polar Express again.  I never look at a Christmas bell without thinking of the message in that movie.  I still hear the bell…do you?


Have a great Christmas!

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