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A Great Christmas Present...When In Rome...A Christmas Song

Dec 24 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And a Merry Christmas Eve to all.  Santa better put on his red long johns if he’s sliding down our Chimney tonight at the temperatures in Nashville fall with a high of just 28 expected tomorrow on Christmas Day.



The first of many days with no writing appointments as even songwriters and entertainers and those in the arts lock down and get ready for Christmas and New Year’s. My wife and I are getting ready a small family Christmas gathering at the house tomorrow so our…well…her attention for sure has gone to getting the house ready and all that goes with preparing a Christmas meal. I know that even in this trying year of 2020 we both feel like we have many blessings to count and be thankful for.


And right at the top of the list for not only me and my wife, but also for my brothers and sisters is the relief we feel that our youngest brother Gene who has been pretty sick and, in the hospital, who got to go home yesterday and will be with his wife Karen and those kids he loves to dote on these days. Can’t think of a better Christmas present this year.



The purchase of another 100 million Pfizer doses of the vaccine means that every American should be able to get it by June now according to some reports.


And already one million Americans have gotten their vaccine shot. The percentage of those who initially said they would not take the vaccine seems to be decreasing rapidly. As more and more get it with hardly any adverse reactions I’m pretty sure we’ll see a whole lot more folks who were hesitant rolling up their sleeves.


Because of Covid Santa has been really creative this season. He wears a mask, sits behind plexiglass to talk to some kinds. Some sit in those big plastic round balls with a microphone to interact. There’s a lot of virtual St. Nicks on the computer for the kids to tell him what they want. And one of my favorites was this Santa in England who got up in a cherry picker to wave at kids inside a hospital who won’t be home for Christmas. Good job Santa.



I do like how this woman in Michigan who lost her husband this year will now keep his memory alive every Christmas when she hangs an ornament that she made out of his glasses that will remind her of him. Very creative what she did here.



So this guy in Idaho goes bass fishing and catches a world record size carp instead. A little more than a 30-pound mirror carp on the Snake River. The all-time world record carp period is a 75-pounder caught in France.



I see where they are going to build a retractable floor for the Roman Colosseum which will allow them to have shows again. No Gladiators or lions…think theater shows. Lot safer…and the entire cast gets to walk out alive.


It is impressive…the Colosseum. My wife and I got to marvel at it from all corners when we went to Italy on tour with my friend Brent Burns a couple of years ago. You can almost envision the deathly fights that took place there. And yes…I would go back to Italy and if you get the chance you should go to. We saw Rome, Florence, Venice and some beautiful small towns high up on hilltops. The wine is great…the food as advertised. But it was really hard to find and Olive Garden over there.



So, I know I’m living in Covid times when I see an article that reads, “How to Upgrade Your Sweatpants”. I’ve pretty much lived in mine since the weather turned cooler. I could throw out everything in my closet right now except for shorts in the summer and sweats in the winter. Anyone need suits and ties or long-sleeve shirts?



The first driverless cars will hit the road to deliver groceries right to your front door as early as next month in parts of California. Go out, grab your food and the car leaves. The Nuro company is the first to design one that got a permit. The world keeps changing making George Jetson look so ahead of his time.



Here’s a great example on how to handle criticism. Steeler QB and future Hall of Famer Ben Roethlisberger has been under fire from the press because the Steelers who started the season perfect all of a sudden dropped three games in a row. And Ben has not looked like Ben. His response? “When you play like poo, you should get talked about like that”. Hard not admire folks who “own it”.



Brent Burns and I wrote this Christmas song years ago…my idea. I love the ocean and all that goes with it. So I thought it would be cool to write a fictional story line about an old Captain who loves Christmas and dresses up like Santa to deliver Christmas packages to the boys and girls who live along the coast. It’s called the “Santa Boat”…and I thought I’d share it with you. Brent never loved the song as much as I did. I could see it being turned into a children’s book. Listen and see what you think.



Well, it is Christmas Eve. I hope you and yours have a very blessed one.


 When I think of Christmas Eve growing up, I think of or family singing in the New Hope Baptist Church in Missouri. 5 kids, Mom and Dad all singing. In church every Christmas Eve. All of us sang, my two brothers at one point played bass guitar and sang in my band. Those that don’t know my brothers would be pretty surprised to hear that I think. The music did not stick with my brothers as it did me though…it became a lifetime thing. And I think my Mom in particular would be pleased and maybe surprised a little at how many gospel and Christmas songs I’ve written through they years. And happy. So on that not for this Christmas Eve I’m going to share the lyrics to a new Christmas song about the birth of Jesus that I wrote with Rick Lang. I’m pretty sure next year sometime Rick is going to record this for a Christmas project he has in mind. Here’s the lyrics.




Strong in spirits hopes held high

They set out at first daylight

Across the mountains o’er the plains

To Bethlehem


The cold wind blew that sacred night

Joseph walked by Mary’s side

The only sound a donkey’s bray

To Bethlehem



Bethlehem O’ Bethlehem

Mary’s carrying the Son of Man

The Great I Am

To Bethlehem


Three men wise beyond their years

Crossed the desert without fear

A shining star showed the way

To Bethlehem



Bethlehem O’ Bethlehem

Mary’s carrying the Son of Man

The Great I Am

To Bethlehem



They knew it was their destiny

That they fulfill the prophecy

Angels sang as they went

Down that road…to


Last Chorus

Bethlehem O’ Bethlehem

Where Mary carried the Son of Man

The Great I Am

To Bethlehem





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