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Christmas Movies...More Cowboy Stuff...Daughter Bragging

Dec 24 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Wearing shorts on Christmas Eve with the temps in the high 60’s today and not a cloud hanging in the sky.  It’s a Jimmy Buffett kind of Christmas in Nashville this year.



My wife and I made the mistake of thinking we could go see the new Star Wars movie.  Wrong!  It’s a long holiday weekend…the movie is huge and pretty much sold out for the next few days so we’ll wait until the force can be with us.


So…I got out and enjoyed the weather getting in a walk and soaking up a little of that sun I’ve been bragging about.  Outside of that my wife and I watched a Christmas movie together, “Christmas Chronicles” with Kurt Russell that has a late appearance of his longtime girlfriend Goldie Hawn.  The movie is on Netflix and came out last year I think…very fun.  And the elves alone make it worth watching.


And then I rooted on the Packers who beat the Vikes last night to claim the NFC North again last night.  A nice early Christmas present.



This was a nice Christmas Eve Eve gift yesterday…a wonderful review of  “Cowboy For Christmas” that Jenny Tolman released this year that I wrote with her and Dave Brainard.  The review was in Music Row Magazine…pretty much the bible for what’s going on in Music City up and down Music Row.  And once a week critic Robert K Oermann (who can be a very tough critic) wrote these words about our song.


JENNY TOLMAN/Cowboy For Christmas
Writers: Tolman/Dave Brainard/Bill Whyte; Producer: none listed; Publisher: none listed
– Sweet, wistful, gentle and yearning. It’s a lovely country waltz wishing that Santa will rope her a wrangler for a present. Smooth as silk.


So thank you Mr. Oermann for making yesterday merry and bright.


AND…this morning Dave & Jenny sang our Christmas song “live’ to the Ty Bentli show that’s carried nationwide. Complete with a stocking cap on her head check out this PERFORMANCE from my friends. 



Here’s an item I found listed under weird items that get 5 star reviews from Amazon.  A can opener for cans that have that pesky pull top on them.  Finally.  The perfect give for Hormel Chili lovers to open that dang can easier.  Doesn’t the world need this?



The President tweets, so that makes it okay for everyone else to post there too right?  I’m glad just so that I was able to read this tweet one Father put up dealing with raising kids who can be a handful at times, as all parents know.  Here’s his tweet.


I constantly Google “how to put your kids up for adoption” so my kids can find it on my search history and know that I’m not messing around.


Tweet some more Dad.  I’m still laughing.



To my daughter Heather who had not one but TWO You Tube Channels.  One is a Disney unboxing thing…the other is tips on how to bake.  She now has enough viewers and streams that she’s able to monetize the channel.  Not easy to do and you certainly don’t make a lot right away.  But, when you watch her channel now you’ll see ads pop up before her fun content on her shows.  I know…we all hate ads…but in this case?  I’m proud to see them popping up for my daughter.


If you’ve not subscribed to her Channel or Channels…please do so.  I know she’d so appreciate that. Just click HERE to watch her "Sassy Cinderella" channel and check out her "Sprinkled Life" baking channel HERE.  



Our entire family loves Disney and Disneyworld.  For those that are over the top Disney World fans?  They know things we don’t.  Like the secrets of the park itself. 


Here’s a cool one.  At the Haunted Mansion ride in the Magic Kingdom (one of my faves) there’s a clock that exhibits how long you’ll have to wait before you get in the chair that takes you through the mansion.  If the clock says 13 minutes…as in unlucky?  It actually means there’s NO wait time and you can get right on. 



Man, with so many days off before I have to do anything, every day feels like Saturday right now.  It is Christmas Eve so I have wrapping to do before our little Christmas gathering tomorrow with our daughter Heather and her husband Casey.  With any luck I’ll get out and enjoy this perfect weather we have again today with a walk and my wife and I will go to a candlelight service and give thanks for our many blessings we have this holiday season.  And I hope you and your family have too many blessings to count this year.


Merry Christmas!






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