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Big Trees...Funniest Joke Ever...Charley Pride Biopic

Dec 23 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And…it’s Christmas Eve-Eve. Two places I will try mightily to avoid today will be the Post Office or an airport.



My last writing appointment of the year was with Gerald Smith the “Georgia Quacker”. And Gerald brought a really great bluegrass Christmas song idea that didn’t take us too long to write. You’d think we’d have to wait for a full year now before anyone would be interested in listening to Christmas tunes for record projects but actually artists start looking for those sometimes as early as May and June…or even earlier sometimes. So, we’ve got one in the can for that cause in 2021


Gerald continues to make a little noise with his first ever bluegrass album titled “Where There’s A Will”. And this is another song the two of us wrote with Lisa Shaffer that’s already been number one on the gospel bluegrass charts a few years ago for Darin & Brooke Aldridge.  Check out Gerald’s version of “He’s A Coming”.



Even Antarctica has Covid. And that mean that every continent on the planet is now infected. And the new strain that started in London is now believed to be here in the states too. And the 2020 hits just keep a coming. The good news again is most of the so-called experts do believe the new vaccine will handle that…or they can tweak it in very short order to help combat that. Comforting to hear especially with Christmas and New Year’s travel and folks getting out which means our darkest days very well could be coming in January.


More of us are losing our hair. I’m ahead of that curve. The reason given is stress because of all that goes with a pandemic. Loss of jobs, sick, worry about loved ones etc. 


And now there’s talk that the $600 stimulus check might increase to $2,000 per individual?  Any objections to that?


And this is truly startling. One person with Covid-19 went to work in Oregon. Officials say that one person became a super-spreader on his own. 7 people at his workplace died. 300 had to quarantine.


There is humor. One store had to put up a sign by some bottles they were selling that reads, “These are café syrups NOT hand sanitizer”. Better check those bottles twice at I-Hop when you order the tall stack.



Survey shows that more people have left the state of New York this past year than any other state. NYC in particular. Even without the virus that’s driving some to look for places that aren’t as congested, NYC is acquired taste.  Folks that love it…REALLY love it. Others?  Not so much. I’d be in the second category. Fun to visit, but I can’t imagine me living there. First time I slept or tried to sleep in a hotel in mid-Manhattan I could not believe the horn honking you’d hear…all night…even up 36 floors or more. I covered the CMA Awards there one year…went another time to cover the Garth concert in Central Park and a third time to catch a baseball game at Yankee Stadium. All of that was fun. But for me it’s kind of how I feel about Vegas. A few days and I’m good.



Scientists believe that a 13,000,000-pound aspen tree in Utah may be the oldest living thing on earth. They’re called Pando aspens. Beautiful to look at. And I do love aspen trees. My wife and I went horseback riding once outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Our guide took us up through a forest full of aspen trees and then to a bluff with magnificent view we took in from the saddles. Some things you never forget because of sheer beauty alone.



Have you ever seen an F/A-18 jet get launched from a ski ramp?  I had no idea they did this but a lot of Navy fleets in other countries use them instead of an aircraft launcher because it works and it’s a lot cheaper. Pretty cool…take a look.



A million people around the world voted this as the funniest joke ever.  Do you agree?  Here’s the joke.


A couple of New Jersey hunters are out in the woods when one falls to the ground. He doesn’t seem to be breathing and his eyes have rolled back in his head. The other guy whips out his phone and calls emergency services. He gasps to the operator: “My friend is dead! What can I do”? The operator in a soothing voice, says: “Just take it easy. I can help. First, let’s make sure he is dead”. There is a silence, then a shot is heard. The guy’s voice comes back on the line. He says: “OK, now what”?


It is funny.  Funniest in the world?



A dump truck ran into our local comedy club Zanies yesterday. Scattered bricks all over the place…nobody got hurt. But if a truck hits a comedy club don’t you wonder if that’s a joke too?



I once asked an Army vet if he was worried when the enemy was firing at them? With no emotion his response was, “Our guns are bigger than theirs”. And now the Army has added an extended gun on a tank that can hit a target 43 miles away! Wow. So I guess he wasn't lying.



If you are in a panic with Christmas a couple of days away…you can still order butt-less pajamas. Yep. No flap in the back. So, give a gift that will let someone be not all their really “cracked” up to be. Perfect for the plumber on your Christmas shopping list.



Check out this article about Dennis Quaid bringing a biopic about Charley Pride to the big screen with Dwayne the Rock Johnson playing Charley Pride.  Could it be? Could be a great movie with all the layers of Charley’s life that they can bring to light. Baseball, fighting discrimination and racial slurs and becoming a gigantic country music star. Can’t wait.



How about Margot Robbie playing the iconic Mattel doll in a “live” action movie? Gonna happen. Anne Hathaway and Amy Schumer will also have roles. No idea on who will play Ken yet.  A young Brad Pitt anyone?



I could not help but notice an article giving tips to those who notoriously overpack. I know one. She lives with me. But the good part of that, as she will remind me is that there’s nothing I ever want for on a road trip because it’s in a bag somewhere. “Dang honey I just spilled cookie crumbs all over the floorboard”. Out comes a Hoover.  So there’s that.



Florida has a LOT of pythons. They hunt them in hopes of reducing the herd of slithery. Now, word is some restaurants may add python to their menus. Genius. Eat them before they eat us. I like it.



For me, and I’ll bet for you, there are some actors that draw you to their movies…even the bad ones because you like the actor or actress so much. Kevin Costner, Tom Hanks would be a couple of mine and Denzel Washington would certainly be another. I saw this TRAILER for his new movie “Little Things” that will co-star Rami Malek who slayed the part of Freddie Mercury in the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" about the rock band “Queen”. I’m in for this one.



We’re getting ready for Christmas here at the Whyte House. And it’s that time of year when everything in the work world shuts down. So, I have a big ole blank calendar for the most part until first of year. Christmas, Bowl Games, New Years, and too much food straight ahead.


Have a great Wednesday!





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