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Jewell of a Movie...Christmas Hits...Flying Catfish

Dec 23 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Merry Christmas Eve Eve.  I just saw our Christmas weather forecast.  Santa can show up in his shorts and flip-flops this year, as we’ll hit 66 for a high!



Caught the Clint Eastwood Richard Jewell movie that was very good.  Haven’t seen a Clint Eastwood movie that I didn’t like whether he was acting or directing.  In this one he’s the director.  All of the actors were really fun to watch and great.  It is concerning that Clint is getting a lot of heat that he unfairly depicted the Atlanta newspaper journalist who first broke the story that Richard Jewell was a suspect for the FBI in the Centennial Park bombing.  In the movie she’s played as if she slept with an FBI agent to get a lead on the story, and that she may have done that more than once.  If you dig into you’ll see two different spins going on.  Bigger folks than me can sort that out.  But the movie itself was great fun to watch.



Eddie Murphy made “Saturday Night Live” REALLY funny again with his return.  And I got my wish.  He did reprise is iconic roles of Buckwheat, Mister Robinson and my favorite “Gumby” showed up on the “News” segment.  If anything he’s gotten better and those characters are still funny.



Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself will be returning to the beautiful Ritz Theater in Toccoa, Georgia on Friday night July 31 of next year.  The Ritz is one of those old theaters that was rebuilt on the square in Toccoa and it’s gorgeous.  We played there last year, and it’s always nice when folks want you to come back again.  We’re all looking forward to that.



My publishing company sent me a gift that showed up over the weekend…completely unexpected.  The folks at Daywind sent me an umbrella!  So I sent them back a note with a “thank you” and ask if this was a subtle hint that they wanted more rainy day songs from me?  I’ll let you know what they say.



And this was a nice gift from one of the leading online Country Music folks “The Boot”.  This is a nice ARTICLE about “Cowboy For Christmas” that my friend Jenny Tolman recorded that she wrote with me and Dave Brainard. So thank you to the Boot for shining a spotlight on this cowboy-waltz-Christmas tune we all love.



Apparently hand written lyrics of songs are catching on.  The songwriter offers up a handwritten lyric of one of their most popular songs and folks buy them online at the artist or songwriters website.  Kinda cool.  Prices range from $40 to $200.  So, if anyone is looking for the handwritten lyric to “If You’re Not Careful My Wife’s Gonna Leave You”?  I’m your guy.  Send me a note…we’ll work something out.



Hear the bell ring?  Hopefully you do.  And watching the Polar Express over the weekend (it’s become one of my all time fave Christmas movies) I was reminded that there’s nothing wrong with believing…especially at this time of the year.  May you hear your bell loudly and clearly this season.



Believe it or not…science is trying to explain why there have been no real Christmas hits in recent times.  Its kind of what you would think.  We love the “familiar”…nostalgia…especially at Christmas.  Radio never adds a lot of new Christmas songs into a rotation for that reason so it’s hard for them to gain traction. Plus, it’s a very short amount of time that radio stations even play Christmas music so a new song won’t get enough play to make it stick in your head.


 If you check the track list on any artists Christmas album a lot if not most of the songs they record are the familiar ones with maybe a couple of new tunes.  So, draw up a list of your Top 10 Christmas songs and I’m betting there will be nothing new from the past 10 or even 20 year on it.  And that’s your Science class for today boys and girls.  Now play “White Christmas” one more time.



I thought it might be the Baby Yoda that’s exploded with the popularity of “The Mandlorian” series on Disney but no.  It’s a BABY BENZ.  A small baby Mercedes for your kid.  Move over Barbie car…ya just got passed.



How bout this electric “Bobsla” snow scooter drifter thing?  It looks so much fun that it might make snow bearable…might.



Yep…I’m ready for spring and baseball.  I’m usually ready about the time the World Series wraps up.  If you’re a baseball fan this is pretty cool.  A VIDEO of each Major League team’s best defensive play of the last decade.  Look for the team you root for.


The sport is doing pretty dang well.  Last year MLB baseball made 10.7 BILLION dollars in revenue.  No wonder they can pay the players hundreds of millions now. 


There are some new rules that will be adopted.  Each pitcher brought in now has to face three batters before the manager can make another change.  That’s because they want to try to speed the games up a bit.  And umpires apparently are going to be okay with a computerized strike zone in the future.  That experiment has been going on for awhile and I see nothing wrong with getting the calls right all the time.  And it will be interesting to see a manager come charging out of the dugout to argue with a computer.


I’m ready.  Play ball!



“North Carolina Woman Says Flying Catfish Smashed Her Windshield”.  I guess they’re flying south for the winter.



I have zero appointments all week…until Friday and with temps in the 60’s here today it will give me a chance to get a little hike in the outdoors.  I’ll be keeping my eye open for flying catfish.


Have a great Monday!






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