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Tribute Song...K.T Oslin...A Grandchild Sort Of

Dec 22 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday.  Christmas time’s a coming…Christmas times a coming.



I sat in a writing room with my friend Jerry Salley on Monday and tackled an idea about who the true heroes in this country are…at least in our minds. Those front-line folks in the pandemic right now that deserve our admiration and applause if they were standing in front of us. I can only hope we can find an artist that might love it enough to record it so that we can share this with so many who would like to say thank you in some way to those folks who are putting their lives on the line for the rest of us.



We did get outside the house to check out last night’s Christmas Star. I think millions and millions must have done the same looking skyward for the conjunction of Saturn & Jupiter. My wife and I looked up and saw a spectacular looking light and got excited before we saw it start moving and realized it was an airplane. When we found the actual star…it wasn’t quite as exciting.



Gosh, I hated seeing the news that K.T. Oslin passed away. I had no idea she had Parkinson’s disease and had been in assisted living for several years. And then last week they say she came down with Covid-19. They have no idea if that had anything to do with her death.


She hit the country charts at middle-age with hits like "80's Ladies"  Unheard of…and we may never see that again. She came from a Broadway background and wound up in the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame with the success of writing hits like 80’s Ladies that launched her career.


She had a New York kind of sensibility…did a lot of Broadway including “Hello Dolly” and “West Side Story”. And she was a joy to interview because she was old enough to not really care what she said in an interview. I remember her being a very fun interview on the radio with a tart tongue and a ribald sense of bawdy humor about her. Certainly and original. RIP K.T.



Peter Jackon who's the Lord of the Rings producer…gave us a sneak preview yesterday of the “Beatles Get Back” documentary full of footage we have never seen before. The film has been pushed back until sometime next year so it was cool that the produce gave us a tease of what’s to come. Some really amazing fun stuff…and in this tease we see them in their prime in studio. I’ll be buying one of the first tickets offered to see this.


What’s weird is that while I was out driving yesterday, I was listening to the McCartney 3 CD that was just released…with Paul writing, singing and playing every instrument on every song.



One headline describes the new stimulus package from congress as “Better Than Nothing”. I’m thinking there are some American’s saying “Amen” to that. I was glad to see them recognize that the entertainment industry has been brought to its knees and allocated 15 billion dollars to theaters and venues across the country who have had to shut their doors with no “live” music shows for months and months.


With a second strain of the virus many thought the stock market might dive yesterday but it held its own on optimistic news from the World Health Organization that the world can handle the new strain with the same vaccine that’s on the way to being injected into our arms. That mutant virus has shut down England and several other countries and a lot of flyers are also getting stranded where they are because of it. That could make for a very odd Christmas for those that can’t get home now.



I do want say congratulations to one of my favorite co-writers Sydni Perry as she and her husband Hani just had their first baby yesterday…a boy…healthy as all get out. Sydni, who plays out on the road with Carrie Underwood writes with me and Jimmy Fortune and when she got the news that she was pregnant she asked the two of us to be honorary grandfathers. So…I have an honorary grandson right now!  Talk about a great Christmas present.



I don’t listen to a lot of Christmas songs. But if I were to put one or two on…I’d go traditional. “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby or Nat King Cole's “The Christmas Song”. Same thing for movies. Though I love “Elf” and “Polar Express” …if I had to choose a couple, I’d go traditional again. “White Christmas” and “The Bishop’s Wife”. Familiar…tradition…feel good stuff. Stuff that you know your parents watched and listened to and loved that connect us somehow still.


I ran across a couple of stories behind some big Christmas hits that I did not know. Bet you didn’t either.


Did you know that the song “Santa Baby” was written by Phil Springer and that when he submitted it to his publisher he apologized for the song because he thought it was poorly written?  Yep.


And Hugh Martin who co-wrote “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” hated the tune and tossed it into a trash can. Fortunately his co-write thought otherwise and pulled it back out of the trash. One writer’s trash is another writer’s treasure.



That there’s a Ukele Orchestra in Great Britain? And that they can “uke it up” and play the Rolling Stones hit “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”



How bout Chevy Chase recreating a classic scene from his “Christmas Vacation” movie that’s a commercial for the new for Mustang Mach E? Pretty funny and a great idea. BUT…CHEVY Chase doing a FORD commercial?  The marketing folks at Chevrolet surely have to be slapping their foreheads.



This is a great interview with Willie Nelson who is now 87 years young. In the article Willie admits, “I never thought I’d get this old”. And that may have been what prompted my friend Shawn Camp to write “If I Knew I Was Going To Live This Long I’d Have Taken Better Care of Myself” that Willie recorded with Merle Haggard. I hope Willie lives another 87.



“Come In And Try The Worst Coffee One Woman On Trip Advisor Had In Her Life”. What a funny and effective way to deal with a hater. I’d have to go in and order a cup if I saw that sign.



“Don’t Let Toilet Paper Wipe Out Your Savings”. Folks are apparently dropping some coin to stockpile TP once again.



One more writing appointment on my books today before I pretty much check out of that until the first of the year and concentrate on Christmas. I’m writing with Gerald Smith today who’s new bluegrass album is doing well and this song “Prayer Conditioned” is getting some airplay…and that’s a nice early Christmas present too.


Have a great Tuesday!


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