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The River Cruise...Jukebox At The Beach...The Weekend Ahead

Dec 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And here comes the weekend before the Jolly Old Fat Man puts some Crisco down the chimney’s he’ll be sliding down.



I wrote with Gerald Smith at my publishing company and they are always looking for bluegrass tune and gospel bluegrass tunes.  And Gerald brought a great title for a “gospel” grass song that we jumped on and wrote.


Before he got there in the second writing room was my friend Jerry Salley who heads Billy Blue Records in Nashville…a bluegrass label and he was writing with a new act the label just signed Carolina Blue.  Here’s a little TASTE of how good they are.  I met the three members Jerry was rhyming with and we’re already sending them songs to consider for their first effort with the new label. 


So it was a very f un fruitful Thursday in my little creative world.



All the info on the Danube River Cruise I’ll be on…that you too can be on is going up on my Facebook Page this morning.  This is the cruise with my long time beach friend Brent Burns and Sunny Jim White (another great beach song entertainer) so this will be some experience.  The details are also on my calendar here on the website.  We depart from Nuremsberg July 4 2021 and we have ports of call in Budapest, Vienna and several beautiful towns in Germany.  Salzburg is also on the list.  Even though it’s a long way away…they are selling the cabins now and already a bunch of folks are jumping on board.  So if this is appealing to you…don’t wait too long to reserve a spot for yourself. 



Also be looking for 21 concert dates across the country with my “Hits & Grins” trio featuring Steve Dean, Victoria Venier and myself on the calendar.  We’ll be all over the US in the Fall of next year and Spring of 2021.


And the “Evening In The Round” show with Linda Davis and Lang Scott looks to have a return date to Big Canoe, Georgia in September of next year.  This is a very cool outdoor event in a beautiful setting that’s tucked away in a vacation resort. 


I thought this year was busy…but next year is going to give that a run for its money.



The Trop Rock World I blog about (beach music singers) now has several internet based radio stations playing nothing but that kind of music.  That’s great for exposure for those guys and girls who like to play that kind of music wearing flip flops and shorts.  Yesterday I saw that TIKIPODRADIO listed the title track from Brent Burns new album “My Jukebox At The Beach” at number 4.  That’s a song idea I had that Brent loved, we wrote it together and it seems to be resonating with folks that love that escapism type of music.  We’ll take it.  And thank you Tikipodradio. 



Why is there a Miss USA AND a Miss America contest?  Is there any difference in the tiaras and sashes?  And I’d have to sit and think to name one winner…much less a runner up.  How much leg was is used in one competition?  How many baton twirlers are there as opposed to singers in the talent competition?  Has any contestant every worn flats instead of heels?  Why can’t each contestant get a sponsor to wear on their gowns to help offset the cost of them entering?  Miss Hormel Minnesota.  Miss Budweiser Missouri.  That I would watch.



If you go to a songwriter show you’re likely to walk away talking about the stories behind the song.  To me, that holds my interest as much as the song.


One of those great stories is “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” written by my Texas friend Randy Brooks whom I’m going to write with in a few weeks.  (there goes the normal neighborhood)  That song has made a great living for Randy…forever.  One song.  I’ve heard him tell the story many times.  One radio DJ in Frisco started spinning the little record and it just blew up from there.


But it’s also interesting to read this ARTICLE where Elmo (the artist) with Elmo and Patsy who recorded the song shares his story of this 40-year-old financial Christmas gift that just keeps giving every year. 



I can’t wait for Top Gun II next year with Tom Cruise…who’s a real pilot himself.  In fact they say he pulled 8 G’s flying one of those jets we see in the movie.  That’s a lot.  I know.  That’s because I flew once in the backseat of an aerobatic airplane with a pilot who had broken the most consecutive barrel rolls in a row.  I got invited because they were promoting him being in Indianapolis for some event when I was part of a morning radio show there on WFMS.  We got airborne and he rolled, did a straight down to earth hammerhead dive and that was enough for me.  I did not throw up but I never lost sight of the airbag.  I pulled 3 G’s  Sigh.  Tom pulls 8…and loves it.


Take a look at these SCENES with Tom Cruise flying the jet himself.



“The Worlds Smallest Gingerbread House Is Smaller Than A Human Hair”.  That headline was so bizarre I didn’t even read the story to find out how that’s possible.



Winter solstice is Sunday…shortest daylight of the year.  Good.  Start lengthening out the amount of daylight we get…I’m past ready.


The Cats movie and Star Wars are out.  One’s getting great reviews and the other is causing some critics to cough up hairballs.  I’ll see one.


Eddie Murphy returns to Saturday Night Live!  I’ll tape that for sure.  I can only hope he’ll reprise a couple of his old characters…Gumby would be nice to see again or Mr. Robinson and his neighborhood.


And my daughter Heather’s alma mater Belmont has a basketball game here against Alabama.  I’ll go and will not yell Roll Tide.



Off to write with Brit Taylor and Wil Nance…the first time for this trio.  Brit has a little place, Wil has a little place and they both have animals.  Think small time Green Acres kind of.  Brit has goats…lots of goats.  My wife for some reason loves goats.  I’d get here one and put it under the Christmas tree but I’m sure the dang goat would eat the tree.  So, I’ll take a picture or two for her after we’re done writing today.


Have a great weekend!






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