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New Song...Hall of Fame Date...Spam

Dec 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Wow…just like that we’re a week away from Christmas.



I had no writing appointments but did sit down with a guitar and wrote a song by myself.  At a Christmas dinner with great friends Tuesday night that I blogged about yesterday conversation over dinner led to a song idea popping out.  And I could not get it out of my head so it spilled out yesterday.  I don’t write a lot solo anymore but it’s a good exercise.  I’m happy to have it in the catalog.



Yesterday I got word that I’ll get to play the Ford Theater again at our impressive Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum with my friend Steve Dean.  I think this might be the 4th time we’ve been invited for the songwriter series that’s always held inside the Ford Theater in the Hall that’s a perfect venue for songwriters.  We play at 11:30 AM the morning of Saturday April 18.  If you’re in town come see us.  We play 45 minutes to mostly tourists from all over the world who come to Music City and want to see the sights.  Admission is free with a museum entrance fee.  Thank you to the Hall for having us again.



The most interesting conversations sprout up sometimes depending upon the ball-cap I’m wearing.  For instance.  This morning I was wearing a “Montana” ball cap that I bought this year after playing in the beautiful state.  My barista at Starbucks asked if I had been and I said yes and couldn’t wait to go back for more.  She told me she was from Seattle originally and that her family would always take a long train to Montana to snow ski.  But originally they were from Mason Iowa.  And here’s the interesting part.


She talked about how gloomy it gets this time of year.  Her Dad cut a ton of trees on the property and when their neighbor complained about being depressed about the constant early dark and rain her Dad told her to cut her trees down too.  They block the light…the little light one gets at this time of year.  I’d never heard that before but boy do I get it.  Except for the holidays this is far from my favorite time of year too because of the cold and the gray and the early dark.  I’m just trying to figure out how to explain I bought a chainsaw to my wife.



Every employee should earn a 6-week sabbatical.  My wife and I have a friend who told us here employer gives them a 6-week sabbatical after 4 or 5 years.  A chance to leave, re-charge and come back to the company when that sabbatical is over.  How cool is that?  I’d take mine during the winter and the dark months.  Maybe a trip to somewhere with no trees.



The report this morning is that stocks are “mixed” on the heels of the news that the President was impeached.  “Mixed”….split…like the country I suppose.


I’m non political.  I watch very little to zero of any kind of political news.  But I thought this SKIT on SNL made a good point about what folks are thinking around their dinner tables.  And their opinions vary in a funny way.  If nothing else, it’s been a banner year for comedians looking for something to talk about. 



I’m a fan of that CBS show that had it’s finale last night and teased the 40th season by letting fans know that it’s going to be some of the best players to play the game going at each other next year to be sole survivor including folks like Boston Rob and Sandra who served as mentors on this season’s show.  I’m in.  Just to see if the cast is smart enough to vote off Rob and Sandra early because of their winning past.



One of my all time favorite comic strips is the Far SideGary Larson sorta retired the strip several years ago.  But now he’s back!  One can pick up the hilarious strip online…right HERE.  What a great Christmas present.  I’m still smiling after reading the “Robot” one you’ll see if you scroll down a little.  What a warped creative funny mind Mr. Larson has.



I was glad to read the news that Spam is hot right now because of Hawaiian cuisine that uses the Hormel product.  In fact, they reported record-breaking sales this last year!  Surely that will make this little SONG I wrote with Lisa Shaffer more popular too…right?



Did you know that there was a Star Wars TV special?  Me neither.  It aired just one time on CBS I think way back in 1978 never to appear again.  BUT…every dang thing can be found You Tube.  Here’s the ENTIRE show.  These days it looks a little campy which may be why George Lucas has never let it air again.  I dunno.  And maybe the best part of scanning through this is that the commercials that aired in 1978 are also included.  There’s some Thursday nostalgia for ya.



Some creative folks are making a living on You Tube.  It can be done.  My daughter is trying her hand at it in a very creative way with a couple of CHANNELS and is getting very close.  Nothing like 8 year old Ryan Kaji though.  His You Tube channel makes him 26 million dollars per year!  What do he do?  He reviews toys from a kid’s perspective.  26 mil a year folks.  He may pass on college.


Back in a songwriting room with Gerald Smith today.  I’m going to suggest to Gerald that we need to start our own You Tube channel for folks our age and review Medicare insurance supplements.  We’ll see if that catches on.


Have a great Thursday!













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