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WSM Dates...Almond Dang Nog and New Movies

Really really thick fog outside my window that has Old Hickory lake enveloped.  The tugboats that sometime float by are surely honkin' on their horns.



Well I did get the last of my Christmas shopping done...I think.  Kind of appropriate as I had to write a country parody song for my New York folks yesterday about how so many guys wait til the last possible second before they finally hit a store.  It was like killing two turtledoves with one stone. 


I also put some more WSM dates on my holiday calendar.  I'm on this Friday 10-3.  And then December 26 and 27 from 7-Midnight on the radio home of the Grand Ole Opry.  It's always nice being on air and hearing from so many fans from almost everywhere.  Worldwide you can listen in at wsmonine.com





WSM archives a lot of the interview we have with artists.  You can just go to the "archive" section at wsmonline.com and listen in.  Here's one I did a few weeks ago with Aaron Tippin when he and his wife Thea brought in their new holiday wine for us to taste.  Yep...it's really good. 






Do you know what the most recorded Christmas song is all time?  I would have guessed "White Christmas" which has been recorded 128,276 times since it was first written by Irving Berlin.  But no.  The all time winner is "Silent Night" that's been re-done 137,315 times.  Wow.  "Jingle Bells" was close behind at #3.  No wonder we know all the words to those classics.



I'm not an egg nog guy.  Not my thing.  My Mom always had peanut brittle and those little orange slices out at the Whyte House when we grew up in Missouri.  My wife makes sure we have some laying around ours these days to preserve a little tradition.  But now they have Almond Nog out.  Uh uh.  Almond dang nog.  Sounds illegal.  I'm sure that I'll spot Flax Nog and Rice Nog soon in the dairy section.  For the Christmas health nuts...Santa came early I guess.  Just once a year I think it's okay to not read the ingredients on a carton.  Go be jolly for crying out loud.  Eat and drink the fattening stuff.  A public service message from me.



I blogged not too long ago about the first time I saw the Hall of Presidents at Disney World in Orlando.  To see those animatronic figures for the first time was truly mind blowing.  So how does the new Donald Trump addition look and sound?  Take a LOOK for yourself.  I was a tad surprised to see that he was not "tweeting" his speech to tell ya the truth.



Danica Patrick has broken up with her 5 year old boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse.  This after she lost her NASCAR ride.  I dunno but here's something ABC should think about.  Make a run at Danica being the next Bachelorette.  Arie Luyendyk Jr. is the new Bachelor this season.  Why not stay in the racing family??  Just saying. 





Toyota says there goal is to have a MILLION electric cars on the road by 2030.  Which reminds me...I need to call my stock guy and add some electric company stock to my portfolio.  Maybe I can pay it with the Bitcoins I should have bought stock in.  Sigh.


One of the big stories of 2017 will be about the stock market as it has shot up 5,000 points this year!  Pretty amazing really.  And now everyone is trying to guess when it will start coming down.  The old Blood Sweat And Tears lyrics are most certainly true.  "What Goes Up..."....you know the rest.



"The Last Jedi" movie has already taken in over $450 million worldwide.  And it's just the opening weekend!  It's on my list to see along with a stack of other holiday movies coming out.  "Oceans 8" just released their trailer...this one is with an all female cast for the first time.  Take a peek at the TRAILER.  Loved the old ones with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Elliot Gould.  I'll see this one too I'm sure.



Some scientist is concerned that sleeping too close your cell phone might not be a good thing.  Brain cancer and infertility he says could be a result of doing that on a regular basis.  That's too heavy for me to entertain to tell ya the truth.  At and this point in my life I'm just thrilled that I have not yet blown myself up pumping gas at the gas station with my cell phone...aren't you?



I'm making like Santa after I get my comedy song writing done this morning and delivering a couple of packages.  No...I did not buy any Almond Nog to give anyone.  I wanted them to love Christmas.


Have a great Tuesday!




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