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Good Studio Day...Jeannie Kendall's New Album...Lettuce Wrapping

Dec 18 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Starting the weekend with a big ole smile on my face.



Started with time in the recording studio with my co-writers Gary Cavanaugh and talented young Meagan Allen who recorded a song the three of us wrote that my publishing company likes well enough to do a demo on…a recording to pitch to other artists. Megan is a Senior at Belmont University in Nashville who’s about to get her songwriters degree. They actually let you major in songwriting at that college here in Nashville.  She did a great job as I knew she would. My thanks to our engineer Anthony Johnson who really helped make this song sound great.



When I got home in the mailbox there was a CD from Jeannie Kendall formerly of the Kendalls duo that had big hits back in the day like “Heaven’s Just A Sin Away”. Her new album is titled “You Got Me” which is a song I wrote with Gerald Smith and Janelle Arthur a former American Idol star. That was the first surprise that we had the title track. I have THREE other songs on this album by Jeannie and Carl Acuff Jr and they all turned out great.


Now here’s the really cool part. She dedicated this album to the memories of her Father Royce, her late husband Mack (who was part of the band) and also to my second Mom Dean Raymer. That pretty much got to me. We lost Dean just a couple of short months ago. Dean was my manager, and she booked the Kendall’s a bunch. So we all got to know each other. The only vinyl album that I ever recorded happened when I was young at Fireside Studios here in Nashville. At the time the studio was owned by Porter & Dolly.   The Kendall’s produce it…and that happened because Dean ask them to. So, I’m moved and frankly honored to have these songs on this particular album. Thank you Jeannie Kendall!



With Moderna about to be officially approved it looks like a lot more folks will be able to get a vaccine. It certainly can’t come soon enough for many. I had lunch yesterday with a table of 4 and then some friends…four more dropped by and said hello. During that conversation all of them revealed they either knew of someone with Covid or lost someone from Covid-19.


The story coming out of Milwaukee this morning is just too sad. 8 nuns lost their lives in the same convent within a week. 8. From Covid.


On a more optimistic note. CVS is saying they accept the vaccine to be available by appointment by this Spring. And…with the news that a second vaccine has rolled out…hotel bookings shot up. If it’s ever safe to do “normal” again folks are going to book trips like crazy.


Some wealthy folks are trying to use their money to get an early vaccine shot. One asked, “If I donate $25,000 would that help me”?


Oh…and a Fox survey says the MAJORITY of those polled admit they’ve gained weight during the pandemic. No kidding. Gyms could get really busy in 2021. Or XXL clothing stores could be busy.



Apparently, there are side effects from the vaccine. VP Mike Pence got the vaccine at the White House yesterday and now he’s saying that Joe Biden won the election. So, if you’re in the camp that believes Trump won and will still be our President you may want to opt out. Just saying.



Just like that song they sing on the train headed to Vermont in “White Christmas” …the northeast did get a lot of snow. A snowplow buried a woman in 4 feet of snow and it was 10 hours later before they dug her out. Wow.


I remember my Mom slid off the road into deep snow and my Dad went looking for her and helped dig her out when I was in kid living in farm country in Missouri. I know after living in Wisconsin several years that a lot of smart folks keep a shovel, salt, blankets and something to eat in their cars in the middle of winter. For good reason.



Kripsy Kreme is rolling out their holiday “cheesecake stuffed gingerbread glazed donuts”.  Health food ya know. I’ll be going right by one to my writing appointment early this afternoon. That “green” light…if it’s on I’m going to struggle not going through the drive thru.


And one can now wash that down with Cocoa Cola. Yep. A chocolate flavored soda from Pepsi. Do you push tiny marshmallows down into that bottle?



My wife is a master of wrapping up Christmas presents. Her boxes always look PERFECTLY wrapped. Mine. Not so much.


I saw the perfect description of mine that was shared by another guy who has no clue how to wrap either. He confessed, “every gift I wrap ends up looking like a head of lettuce”. Exactly!



Paul McCartney will release a new album December 18. Today!  It’s been a long while since we’ve had music from Sir Paul. The album is titled “McCartney 3”. It’s such a big deal that Taylor Swift pushed back the release date of her new album allowing all the attention to go to the Beatle. I’ll be online looking for that later today.


Beatle-McCartney fans did get an early tease with this song-video “Find My Way”.  I’m betting this CD could be in a lot of music lovers Christmas stockings this season.


If you’re a Beatles’ fan, or just curious to really know more about their story and their songs I would highly recommend you buy or check this book from a library "The Beatles: The Biography". Years ago my “Hits & Grin” partner Steve Dean who is a Beatle’s freak gave me the book to read. I took it with me on a beach trip to Gulf Shores and sat out on the balcony with an ocean view and hardly saw the water because I got so wrapped up in the book. They tell the back stories behind many of their biggest hits with lots of nuggets of info about those songs I had never heard. So I found myself bringing up You Tube a lot and then listening to that song I had just read about in the book. It was like hearing the song for the first time armed with that info.  I’d read it again.



Tina Fey, the comedian who’s worth a lot of money just bought her first car. She could buy anything. Her husband suggested maybe she buy something cool and fun like a BMW Mini-Cooper. Tina told Jimmy Fallon that she had decided she wanted a car that “looks like a medical sneaker”. That turned out to be a Subaru Forester. I don’t know if Subaru will be thrilled with that description…but it IS funny.



I’m writing with a really talented dude today…Eric Erdman who’s in town to play guitar on some records, produce and write. I’ve gotten to know Eric through the Trop Rock movement…those guys that play Jimmy Buffett type songs for a living. Eric plays a lot of those beach type gigs but he doesn’t really play beach music. He’s a terrific guitar player and his own songs have some jazz in them and they’re just creative and different. But he can write stuff with a smile too like this song, "Peanut Butter & Jealousy".  Here’s one example. He also has worked with the current “Blood Sweat & Tears” guys on a new project so that tells you something about him.  So I’m glad he reached out to me with an invitation and it should be really fun and interesting to see what we can come up with in the writing room today.


And then tonight…it’s the final “Mandalorian” episode on Apple +. I was going to get my wife a Baby Yoda for Christmas but realized I would have to wrap it and that it would just look like a head of lettuce under the tree…so I passed.


Have a great weekend!



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