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A Christmas Gathering...A Christmas Song...House of Cheese

Dec 18 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Got a space heater on near my blogging feet this morning.  It be a tad chilly.  The deer out on the front lawn were wearing leg warmers last time checked on them.



Well, I thought I had the day off when I got a text from my friend and co-writer Irene Kelley who asked “we still on this morning”?  Uh…I didn’t think so but realized quickly I was wrong.  I had our writing date scheduled for today. Fortunately for me my day was open so I grabbed a guitar and my computer and flew out the door to make it on time to sit in her kitchen and write a new bluegrass tune with her.


Irene has had a lot of airplane and critical praise for her current CD “Benny’s TV Repair” dedicated to her Dad in Pennsylvania who ran that TV repair shop.  I love the two songs we wrote together that are on that project.  Irene is gifted at writing beautiful melodies and often she’ll start with that and then lyrics just start falling out over those melodies.  That certainly was the case in this song she recorded "Walk With Me Today"  that a respected bluegrass columnist says should quickly become a bluegrass gospel classic.  I don’t know about that but I know this simple beautiful melody that underlies the lyrics of faith is gorgeous.  If you’ve not listened listen just click on the link and see what you think.


And we got a really cool “traveling” up-tempo bluegrass song written that those bluegrass folks can’t seem to get enough of. 



We had a little Christmas gathering with our great friends Lang Scott and Linda Davis at their house with a small circle of friends and really got into the Christmas spirit.  Lang had everyone in our circle pick one person to talk about and what they mean to him or her.  It was a great idea as I think sometimes we think that person knows how much we think of them…but saying it aloud like everyone did last night?  Pretty special stuff.  As we all get older you realize you need to do those things…say those things.  The dinner was awesome…but spending time with great friends was the real Christmas gift last night.



My great brother and friend Lang got me last night.  I ate a fair portion of what I thought was mashed potatoes and loved them.  He pointed at me and asked how I liked it (as he cooked much of the meal last night)  I loved it.  Turned out to be cauliflower mashed potatoes that my wife and daughter have tried in the past to get me to eat and failed because I hate cauliflower.  Or at least in my mind I do.  So…now I actually like the meatless Whopper at Burger King AND cauliflower mashed potatoes.  What is going on here!?



And with that I want to share this Christmas song that Paul Bogart recorded that we wrote together one summer day (of course) at Sony on Music Row.  Paul wanted to write about the traditions each of us have at Christmas have meaning and how thankful he is that he and his wife have carried over some Christmas traditions that have been passed down from his family as he was growing up in Oklahoma. I could relate as I have a couple of those things too…like leaving out a little plastic white church that lights up and plays “Silent Night” like the one my Mom used to have that she set out every Christmas.  My wife surprised with that gift one year with some reference help from my older sister.  And every night I see that little church lit up.


So the song is called “Thank God Some Things Never Change”.  Take a listen by clicking on the link.



There’s Christmas spirit in the air…literally.  A guy gave up his posh luxury first class seat on an airline this week to an 88 year old woman who was a passenger because he wanted her to experience that…a complete stranger.  Proof that there are lots of good souls out there.



Those folks are out there too.  Like the Dad and his two teenage sons who decided to “Cheese” a car and home.  Now, I’ve seen tee-peed trees and houses but never a “cheesed” house or car.  It happened in Pennsylvania.  They are facing disorderly conduct charges.  I have a brother who lives in that state.  I’ll have to call and see if people are referring to his abode as the Velveeta House or not.



If you’ve not seen this VIDEO that I shared on my Facebook Page take a look.  Peyton Manning is having fun congratulating Drew Brees for breaking his record (for now) of most completions in the NFL.  Hard not to love both of these guys who are class individuals.  You just never hear a bad word about either.


I’ll always remember sitting inside the Indianapolis Colts training facility with a bunch of media covering the draft that year.  The Colts had the number one pick.  Some actually thought the Colts might choose Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning.  That obviously didn’t happen as the Colts chose Peyton and the rest is history.  The difference in what happened to those two players…the good for Peyton and the sad Ryan will make a good movie some day.


The Colts passed out a free jersey after selecting Peyton with his assigned number of #18.  That’s one of those things I wish now I had put away instead of tossed away.  Sigh.



That they make “mushroom” beer.  Uh huh.  Just like it sounds.  I’ve taken a bag and searched in the woods the last two days and nothing so far.  I’m not giving up.  Is it out of season I wonder?



So my day opened up and I have nothing big that I have to be doing.  And I am really good at doing nothing.


Have a great Wednesday.



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