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Normal Week...That Virus...Christmas In One Week!

Back to semi-normal this week.  Temps are going back up near 60 but we're at that time of year when it's cloudy a lot and it gets dark early.  My writer pal Roger Naylor who grew up in Cincinnati has told me more than once that he moved to Arizona for more sun.  It wasn't the cold and the snow that got him down in the Queen City...it was the gray.  I'm starting to understand why he's so happy all the time.







There was no regular blog here because I was on air all week for WSM.  It was a week full of great "live" guests and fun and if you tuned in at anytime last week or watched us on Heartland TV...thanks for doing so.  My thanks to Charie Mattos for making my job so easy again as I filled in for Bill Cody...and Charlie produced. One of the highlights for me was getting to play a little Christmas classic I recorded with my then 2 year old daughter Heather many a Christmas ago back in Cincinnati.  I played it for years no matter what city I was working in...and this week I got to do that on WSM which was pretty special.  Put me in the Christmas spirit for sure. 


On top of that I wrote a couple of new songs last week...attended the WSM Christmas party with my wife which was fun...and finished up a custom project in studio where we made a song I wrote for a guys wife up in Ohio come to life.  It's his present to her this year...and the good news is he loves it.  "Whew".  Not easy writing love songs...especially about someone else's wife.  Would love to be there when he plays it for her the first time.




I love Nashville because it breathes music.  Seemingly...almost everyone has ties to music.  Our paper covers the music industry daily...and I don't think there's another city that does that.  This morning I read about a songwriter I'm not real familiar with...Richard Dobson who was a great favorite amongst some of the top writers and artists in this town.  Good enough for me to make me curious...and I'll be checking him out more online today.


Richard apparently was in and out of town...worked on oil rigs for awhile...moved to Switzerland where his wife is from and still had great success...but maybe not the biggest monetary success had he married Music City.  However, what he said that was quoted in our paper this morning resonate with me...and I'm sure it resonates with all creative folks in this business.  He said, "music can open doors and take you places where rewards are not counted in money".  Amen.  I'd love to frame and hang that. 



Our little family was affected by that stomach virus that seems to be everywhere.  Yuk.  300 folks on a Carnival Cruise ship got it making for a very unpleasant cruise.  My wife had it worse than me...so we had a quiet weekend of rest and recovery here.  The good news is...it's starting to go away.  It was enough to convince me to go roll up my sleeve for a flu shot though...that's done.  And here's hoping all of you stay healthy.



I also noticed something I had never seen before last week while doing the radio show in the WSM studios tucked inside the massive Opryland Hotel.  The hotel is SO big...they actually ride on the vacuum cleaners.  True.  Pretty sure they could sell tickets if they have vaccuum cleaner races up and down the massive hallways.  I've proposed it to management...I'll let ya know what they say.  Of course each driver would have a pit crew that would leap over a wall and change a belt and bag when they need to.





I'm like many.  If I forget my cell phone...panic!  I did that one morning going to the radio station.  I kept trying to check it every 10 minutes or so...and it was not there!  Crazy.  When I finally get home I check...not ONE call...not ONE text.  I didn't miss a thing.  Do they have rehab classes for cell phone addiction?  "Hi, my name is Bill...I'm addicted to iPhone". 



I read an article that listed some very stupid, odd, funny calls that 911 operators have received.  My fave?  The lady who called 911 complaining and alarmed that her legs had turned blue.  Turns out she wore very tight skinny jeans to a night club the night before.  Problem solved.


There's a great book that was put out titled "Is This 911"?  And yes...someone called and asked that.



Scientists say they have found a new planet.  Don't plan on buying a condo.  It's 800 degrees on the surface.  If there's life on another planet...they must be wearing oven mitts for shoes.



Now this sounds cool...at least to me.  Google is putting out ear buds that will allow you to tap into an app that translates language.  Put it in your ear...tap it...choose the language you need and then ask it what you need to say.  "I'd like mac and cheese please"...and it comes back to you in your ear in Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese...whatever.  AND...it comes out of the speaker of your phone allowing the person speaking the other language to hear your response.   Check out this video demonstration.


There's  a chance my wife and I could go to Italy last next year on a adventure.  If that happens...I'll post all the info here..and I'll be out buying Google ear buds shortly after.  Stay tuned.



Got all your shopping done?  Me neither.  My plan is to finish it later today.  I don't feel too bad though as statistics show me that 64% of all Dads wait til the last minute.  I'm in good company apparently.


I was watching a TV show last night that talked about some of the behind the scenes things that happened during some of our favorite Christmas movies.  One that stood out was that Jim Carrey tried to quit "The Grinch" because of having to be in that Grinch outfit that took 8 hours per day to put on...and then two more hours to remove.  Brutal.  And he tried to quit.  They talked him out of it with the help of an ex military guy who taught him how to survive torture...like they do in the military.  Glad they did.  It's just hard to imagine that movie without Jim Carrey in that role.



Apparently your gas bill is higher if you put antlers, a wreath, a bow or a tree on the hood of your car.  It creates more drag...and it drains your gas tank quicker.  Good thing Santa doesn't have a gas tank on his sleigh huh?



A little writing this morning...and then out to put a bow on my Christmas shopping this year.  I'll be taking the Christmas tree off the hood of my car before I go.


Have a great Monday!


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