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Two Beauty's One Beast...Spam Sushi...Recording Studio Today

Dec 17 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

A cold Thursday morning. It’s that time of year when I wake up and it’s dark, take a nap in the afternoon and wake up and it’s dark yet again. How many days til Spring?


It’s only 29 degrees right now as I’m blogging and will not get to 40 today. Still beats what’s happening in the Northeast where parts of that section of the country will get more snow in a couple of days than they had the entire year of 2019. I’ve pretty much determined by now that I don’t want to live anywhere where I wake up and think, “ya know hon, I need to go out and buy a bigger snowblower”.


They call those those things "Noreasters".  The good thing is they never have "Souther".



What a fun co-writing session I had with two great friends Linda Davis and Irene Kelley…the first time for the three of us. Irene and Linda both have had major record label deals through their careers and I knew they knew each other. I had thought they might have been on the same label or met through music but no. The met each other at the same hairdresser’s shop a long time ago.  Things you never hear a guy say. So it was fun visiting before we even got to a great idea that Irene had that we wrote with her and me behind guitars at our houses, and Linda behind her piano at her home. Now here’s a “what just happened” moment that came out of this.  Irene tells us about her idea and she has a few lines to the first verse. She’s got her guitar on her lap so I instinctively knew she had a melody idea and I ask her to let me play my melody idea first…and I did. Her eyes got wide and she said, “it’s almost exactly like mine”. What?  And then she held up her phone to the computer screen so we could hear her melody and it was right on top of what I had just played. I guess if you believe in “signs”?  This would be one.  So Wednesday was a day I think that was just supposed to happen…and I’m glad it did.



Fauci is now saying if enough get the vaccine the country could be back to normal by Fall of next year. Perhaps the most optimistic news we’ve heard since the pandemic broke out in March. Let it be so.


And it is now starting to look like financial Covid-aid will happen for many Americans sooner than later.


So many things being cancelled right now including the big Nashville Boat Show. Though many are hitting the lakes during the pandemic to get outdoors and doing something that feels safe, one cannot go into a convention center and look at all the new boats and accessories available or 2020. Which reminds me that I once played at a big boat convention in Cincinnati?  I played for a bass boat company and there was no stage.  Instead, I sat on one of the seats in a bass boat and crooned while the crowd passed by and or to those who pulled up a chair.  One of the weirder stages I’ve played on for sure. I kept trying to put my lyrics on the depth finder to no avail.



Drive By Santa’s are big this year too for kids in an effort to be safe. You roll you windows down and interact with Santa from your car. One of those is just east of town and they have some elves too that will toss marshmallows into your car if you want.  And they’ll give you a bag of popcorn to boot.


My first remembrance of seeing Santa was as a kid in my hometown of Montgomery City, Missouri…population?  Very very small. The local merchants opened up the one screen cinema (that’s long gone) and kids could see a movie for free. That’s where I saw Old Yeller and was scarred for life when they shot the dang dog. Merchants saved the day by having Santa in the back of a truck outside the theater and when the kids came out you got a big “Ho Ho Ho” and bag of candy and popcorn.  I did ask him but Santa said he could not bring Ole Yeller back.



You can actually get a picture of your dog on a holiday can of Budweiser beer this year. “Feliz Navi-Dog I suppose”. Nothing like having your pooch stare at you as you pop a top. Here’s the details in case you want a picture of your hound for your next round.



In Florida they now have python sniffing dogs. They have a lot of HUGE pythons and they are trying to thin the herd by constantly hunting them. And now they have a dog that can stop and say, “SNAKE”!!! 



Does anyone drink regular old homogenized milk anymore? We have Rice, Almond, Coconut, Soy and who knows what else in cartons in our fridge. And now you can get Pistachio milk. And they say it’s delicious…whomever they are. For sure cows’ udders are not nearly as sore as they used to be with less farmer yanking on them. I’ve said it before…I have no idea how you milk an almond much less a dang pistachio.


Ever wonder why a pistachio nut is in a shell when you buy them in a bag unlike most nuts?  I found out this morning in an article that it’s partially a healthy thing as those shells are hard to open so we eat less of them because of the hard work trying to get to the nut. Who knew?  I need them to leave Mac N Cheese in a shell then.



In a song I wrote with Lisa Shaffer titled “Spam” there’s a line in the song that says, “Well I like it mild, or hickory smoked. Put it in a salad or a Sushi roll”. I just made the Sushi line up obviously but now in Hawaii you can actually get Spam Musabi. Yep…I had no idea I was predicting the future when I wrote that line. I’ll pass.



On Sunday mornings I go to You Tube and pull up the Saturday Night Live highlights from the night before. Last week one of the cast members Melissa Villasenor showed up at the SNL news desk to show us her Dolly Parton impersonation for the first time. I watched, thought it was fun, but when she started singing I was sure she was lip syncing over Dolly Parton’s voice on those Dolly hits she sang. Wrong. Turns out…it’s actually her own voice impersonating Dolly. If you missed it…check out how great an impersonation this is. Good enough to fool me.



For me, the most over-sung song since the remake of “Star is Born” came out with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper is the duet “Shallow” that the Lady & Bradley sang to each other. If there’s a musical boy and a musical girl on stage you can pretty much guess that sooner or later, they will break into “Shallow”.  With that said…this is a pretty cool version of it from Garth and Kelly Clarkson.



The Academy of Motion Pictures & Sciences out in Hollywood have announced they will finally be able to open the doors to what should be a very entertaining museum. It’s been delayed because of the pandemic but soon tourists will be able soak up some of the history of the movie industry. Here’s a peek of what it will look like. It would certainly be on my list of things to see if I ever get back to Hollyweird.


I’ve been a couple of times to work over the years. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is a cool place to stay as we did when we covered the Academy of Country Music Awards Show once with all the history there…the first place to hold the Oscar Show.


And after that I’d recommend going to the Magic Castle (if you can get someone to pass you in) a baseball game at Dodger Stadium, a meal at Blackstone’s on the Beach (where Bobby Knight strolled in the night we ate there) Disneyland (of course) hit one of the beaches, take in dinner at Frank & Musso’s that’s been right in the heart of Hollywood forever (incredible steak) and the original Universal Studios is great fun too. (I should be dang travel guide)



This is also entertaining but more on a “redneck” kind of level.  In Pigeon Forge, TN you can now crawl into a plastic ball and roll downhill at a place called “Outdoor Gravity Park”. They call it “Zorbing” Pretty cheap money maker for the owners. Buy a downhill plot, buy some big plastic balls, and the gravity is free. All they have to do is convince lots of people to crawl inside a ball that a lot of other people have been in and go “Zorbing”…especially during these times.



This girl on a dating app went viral when she posted to potential suitors, “hit me up if you can fix my dresser drawers for me”.  Tell me romance is not alive and well.



A Performer Was Put Out of Work by Shutdown. He Responded by Going on Zoom and Reading People’s Minds”.



I’m the studio today to record a song I helped write several months ago. It’s a girl song so I won’t be singing. That will go to one of the young co-writers on this song Meagan Allen. Meagan has a cool eclectic type voice that’s perfect for this particular song. So she and Gary Cavanaugh, the other writer will join me at a studio my publishing company owns to record that today. Should be fun.


Have a great Thursday!






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