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5 AM Newton...Soap For All Of You...Star Wars

Dec 17 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

We’ve had a lot of booming from thunder and heavy rain overnight. Temps have dropped and we’ll be below 30 tonight but then it warms up for the next 5 or 6 days and we’ll be back in the 60’s.  I’ll take it.


And starting my morning at my 5 am Starbucks stop they had “Danke Schoen” playing.  How many times do you hear that SONG at the crack of dark?  For those old enough, did you swear it was a girl singing instead of a very young Wayne Newton?



I wrote a fun up-tempo bluegrass tune with Scott Barrier yesterday…and old idea I’d written down quite awhile ago.  My good friend Jerry Salley is producing bluegrass albums out the wazoo these days so we tried to write something he might like for one of his groups.  We’ll see.  Either way it was a quick fun couple of hours of rhyming.



And I did get caught up watching Drew Brees break the record for most completions against the Colts last night on Monday Night Football.  Unreal.  29 of 30 completions and 4 more touchdown passes to add to his long career.  The best part of all is he’s a “class” guy and easy to root for.


I went to a Purdue basketball game once in Indiana where Drew Brees was QB.  That night they honored their top athletes in all sports and Drew was one of them.  Not even he had a clue what was to come.  He’s a pleasure to watch and root for.



A guy named Bernard Manning penned this funny Christmas quote. Some parents may want to steal this.  He said, “I once bought my kids a set of batteries for Christmas with a note on it saying TOYS NOT INCLUDED”. 



I saw a list of under $10 items that they swear any of us would love for Christmas.  One was Butt Face Soap for cheek-to-cheek cleaning.  AND...you can get one day delivery using Prime.  I can’t wait to see my wife’s reaction when she reaches into her stocking and pulls that bad boy out. 



I’m awful at wrapping.  If it weren’t for duct tape none of my stuff would be covered in Christmas wrapping.  But this guy is pretty clever with this wrapping hack he came up with.  It’s gone viral on Twitter so a lot of folks may be trying this.  Just scroll down a little to find the VIDEO.



There’s a company that gives employees “hang over” days off.  For those that party too much the night before.  It’s a digital marketing company that needs lots of young employees.  They realize those younger employees like to party…too hard sometimes so they give some creative leniency. 


I’m still looking for a job with a company that has “I don’t wanna come to work just because” days off.



Officially in theaters Christmas but they gave a sneak preview last night and those that got to see it…especially the Star Wars super fans are “wowing” over the final installments.  Critics seem to be mixed early on.  How can ya not go?


I got to see one of the Star Wars films at the famed Grauman Chinese Theater in Hollywood one year.  The theater itself is a treat. Add a Star Wars film to it and you know what a cool night that was.  And yes, some folks in line dressed up in their Star Wars garb.  I went as Jar Jar Binks that night myself.



Star Wars has never won for Best Picture and probably will not this year either.  But it got me to thinking about the list of films that did pick up the Oscar.


The first award was passed out in 1928 at the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard where I once did my show for several days covering the Academy of Country Music Awards one year.  Some or the historic pictures are on the walls of the beautiful hotel.


I checked the list of all of the Best Picture winners since it was started to see how many I had actually seen. I surprised myself.  I’ve seen 53 of the winners.  A lot of them in the theater, a lot of them after they transferred over to TV.  How many have you seen?  Here’s the LIST.



Three days until the first college football bowl game.  Wow.  For the life of me I still do not know why Kohler’s has not sponsored the Porcelain Bowl game yet.



“Man Sneaks His Pet Possum On The Plane”.  Why is there no Pet Airline for folks who insist on bringing the possums, and pigs, and rooster, and donkeys and you name it on board? 



A little more Christmas shopping and then a little Christmas gathering with some great friends this evening.  I’m taking my pet possum for emotional support.  The Christmas season is just too stressful for me sometimes.


Have a great Tuesday!





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