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More Cancellations...Bad Christmas Movies...Gator Golf

Dec 15 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday…and it’s only 10 days until Christmas. Pretty sure I need to start shopping.



My day was open and when I get one of those days with no co-writing appointments I'm trying to remind myself to attempt to write something all by my lonesome. And that's what I did yesterday.  Good exercise for sure to write solo once in a while. So I did do something productive with my unexpected open Monday. 



Some more cancellations did pop up into the New Year officially yesterday.  A show in McCallum, Texas and another show with a workshop in Grants Pass Oregon were both officially scrubbed off my performance calendar as it’s still not safe for those theaters to re-open for a “Hits & Grins” show with Steve Dean & Victoria Venier. I have a feeling it will extend through February too but we’ll wait and see. Not only do we miss playing these shows, we miss the travel and the fun we have when we’re on the road.  But all three of us want it to be safe when we do go back to doing our thing.  So January is now officially starting off like most of 2020.



An ICU nurse I think appropriately was the first to get the injection with the new vaccine yesterday. She works on the front lines in Queens in New York. Let us hope this is the start of a turn for the better.


On that optimistic note comes a pessimistic one from Bill Gates who says the next 4-6 months could be the worse yet.


A survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation reports that 71% of Americans now say they will get the vaccine. Those numbers have gone higher and higher since the first survey when about as many said “no” as said “yes”. 


Santa will indeed be social distancing this year. Won’t be many kids sitting on his lap. That’s why some virtual Santa’s are being offered up for kids to talk to and tell him what they’d like for Christmas. Victoria Venier in my “Hits & Grins” company is part of a huge production company with her husband Matt Davenport. Because of Covid cancelling all the shows they produce and book they’ve had to be creative too. And one thing their company had done is put together a virtual experience with the guy in the red suit with the white beard. I think I’ve posted this before but this is very cool and might be something for anyone with young kids who don’t want to miss an experience with Kris Kringle.



My old friend Doug Henry who’s now a minor league instructor for the Kansas City Royals after a long career pitching in the Major Leagues put up this heart tugging Christmas video on his Facebook that I shared on mine yesterday. But if you missed it there, watch this video of an older guy trying really hard to get into shape by Christmas…and why he’s doing so.  Great stuff.



You can now buy a $50 suit that’s actually made of pajama like material…for Zoom Meetings. It lets you look like your dressed for a business meeting but stay comfortable with a PJ feel.  Sort of like the old clip-on ties…or the dickey. Remember those?  A fake turtleneck look?  I have to admit I wore both. But I also wore platform shoes and an Elvis jumpsuit…so don’t go by me for fashion tips.



I actually saw an article titled “50 Best Valentine Gifts for Your Wife”. We haven’t even gotten through the stress of getting her something she’ll like for Christmas for crying out loud. Too much pressure for me. I think I’ll get her a heart shaped monolith.



Rotten Tomatoes just listed their choices for the “22 Worst Christmas Movies” and then asked, “How Many Have You Seen”?  I checked. I saw 3 of them. Click the link and see what your number is.


Hard to pick a FAVORITE Christmas movie though isn’t it? Couple of old classics would be in my top 5 for sure. “White Christmas” (just so I can hear the song “We’ll Follow the Old Man”) the animated version of “The Grinch” and one that my old friend Roger Naylor out in Arizona reccomended years ago that I always try to watch each Christmas season, “The Bishops Wife” …the black and white one with Cary Grant, David Niven and Loretta Young.



How about this Pensacola businessman who just paid 114 utility bills for homeowners that are struggling to keep the lights and heat on during the holidays? These are the kinds of stories that happen more than we know because crash and burn news takes precedent. Nice to see this.



Popeye’s is adding chocolate beignets to their menu. Have you had a beignet? Café du Monde…New Orleans…with their strong coffee?  Oh man…if you go to the Big Easy…go getcha some of that. And now I can get one at Popeye’s WITH chicken? I’m done for.



I just saw that the most expensive home built in Missouri is up for sale. Located in Brumley, Missouri which is located in the beautiful Lake Ozarks region it sits on over 800 acres with room after room after room. Asking price is 13.5 million. Take a look. And of course in Missouri you would never buy a home without asking the realtor to “Show Me” the house.



That’s pretty much sound golfing advice if you play a course in Arizona or Florida. In Arizona if you go searching for a lost ball you might encounter a rattle snake guarding your Titleist. In Florida it could be a gator. Now check this video out. This guy hits a bad shot (like most of mine) and the ball comes to rest on a Gator’s tail. Instead of pulling a new Pinnacle out of his bag, he decides “nope” and goes and gets the ball off of the alligator. Good way to get yourself a real golf handicap...Stubby. I just watched again...nope.



“Camel Spotted Shopping at Bath and Body Works with Owner in Nevada”. Just your normal everyday siting when you’re shopping for a loofa.


I do have one unforgettable Camel Christmas story that’s true. I was in Milwaukee doing a morning radio show. Every year they have several Christmas parades. My partner at the time Scott Dolphin and I were to ride in an OPEN-AIR convertible in the West Allis Christmas Parade which is where the State Fair is held every year. It’s COLD. Really cold. And we had some time to kill before we loaded into the back of Cadillac to wave at folks bundled up along the parade route. Within walking distance was the State Fair Bar. So we decide to get warm and kill some time until its parade starting time…so we go.


When we get there, we notice a camel are tied up to a lamppost. No kidding. And inside the bar we saw the Three Wisemen tossing back shots at the bar.  I laugh every time I think about it. And Santa was there too!



I’m online writing with bluegrass great Tim Stafford this morning who just put a new CD out. Tim is so talented. Great guitar player, write, author and more. I’m always amazed at what he can do with the ideas we come up. A pleasure every time to collaborate with him for sure.


Then our daughter and son in law are coming down this evening for a very early Christmas thing. Our son in law Casey is getting ready to start pilot school for the Army which means a move in the next few weeks so even though we’ll have them Christmas morning, we’re going to have some early Christmas fun tonight. I think I’m in charge of which Christmas movie we’re watching.  I’ve just got to convince everyone that “Die Hard” is a great feel-good Christmas movie.


Have a great Tuesday!



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