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WSM...Christmas Party & Wyn Varble

Thursday morning as I'm posting this short blog again inside the WSM radio studios.  I'm on 5:30-10 again this morning with Charlie Mattos and we are both a bit bleary eyed as we both hung out late at the WSM Christmas party last night at Fontanel...the old property where Barbara Mandrell used to live in one of the largest log houses ever built.  The place is now a tourist attraction with a winery as part of the attractions...and that's where we made merry last night.




So we'll be talking about that a bit on the show this morning AND our special guest will be songwriter-funny guy Wyn Varble who wrote "Waiting On A Woman" and the new John Pardi it "She Ain't In It" just to name a couple.  Wyn will be here at 8:30 or so...don't miss this. 


Tune in worldwide at wsmonline.com...watch us on Heartland TV and you can do that by going to watchheartlandtv.com.


Have a great Thursday!

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