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Redneck Echo...Details On The Danube River Cruise...Christmas Shopping

Dec 13 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Friday morning…end of the week…time to get some Christmas stuff done.



I wrote Brit Taylor yesterday who’s another young talented female artist here in Music City.  She’s from Kentucky and that’s evident in her music some.  She’s completed a major album that I hear for the first time yesterday after we got done writing and I was so impressed.  Loved every song on it and I would think there’s a better than good chance that her music is going to be heard by a lot of folks who will fall in love with her talent.  She’s just a pleasure to be around.


She also gave me a very funny redneck gift before we left…this VIDEO that I posted on my Facebook page yesterday that’s all about a more redneck Echo device.  It that doesn’t make ya laugh a bit…you may need to check your pulse.  Thanks for the great day Britney.



Temps tend to be cold at night but yesterday the sun came out and we went into the low 50’s.  So I caught lunch at a great local place that has a nice view of Old Hickory Lake.  We live off of Old Hickory Lake but our house was on the OTHER side of this little restaurant that I like.  It was a good way to toast a new song and a good day.



And when I got home I picked up the guitar again and started writing on a southern gospel song idea for my publishing company who’s looking for songs to pitch to a certain southern gospel quartet.  So I have a song that quartet in question loves so I spent time listening to that and trying to write something in that vein that they might also like.  We’ll see what they think soon.



I’m happy to share the details of a Danube River Cruise I will be on with my wife in 2021. Brent Burns, Sunny Jim (another great Trop Rock artist) and myself will be entertaining on board multiple times.  We start in Nuremberg Germany where we catch and Emerald Waterways ship (great ships!) and we’ll visit the cities of Budapest, Regensburg, Passau, Vienna and others along the way.  After cruising the Rhine River on the same ship-line, I can tell you that this will really be a spectacular trip.  Here’s the LINK to the Travel Company and my friend Dana with all the details including price and how to sign up.  You’ll see you can save several bucks by signing up early too.  So you’ve got a little time, but save up and join us in 2021.  We’d love to have ya.



I added a March 11 date to my calendar.  My co-writer friend Gerald Smith and I will be writing with tourists at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville from 1-3 pm that day.  I’m getting more details but in essence Gerald, myself and two other folks will write with the tourists that pay to get in to place.  That should be interesting.  They get to watch how songs are written and will be invited to contribute to the process.  It is on my online calendar but I’ll be posting more details about it soon.



Music Radar just listed their top 10 acoustic guitar players.  At number one with over a third of all the votes is Australian Tommy Emmanuelle who I’ve blogged and bragged about before.  No argument from me.  One of my favorite experiences in music was watching Tommy play on a song I helped write titled “Finger Pickin’ Good” recorded by another Aussie Kristy Cox.  I co-wrote the song with her and Jerry Salley (who’s nominated for a Grammy this year) and Tommy just played the heck out of it.  The song will be on Kristy’s new album out early next year and I can’t wait for folks to hear Tommy play on it.  Thank you Tommy…and congrats.



In New York this week you can pop into a pop up Blockbuster store and actually rent-buy a danged VHS tape.  Seriously.  Does anyone miss VHS that much?  Does anyone still own a VHS player? 


Maybe I should have hung on to mine.  Turntables (after I get rid of mine) have made a huge comeback with vinyl outselling CD’s now for music lovers.  I think I’ll wait until they open up a Pop Up 8-Track tape shop.


And believe it or not, cassettes are also seeing a resurgence.  So much so that some of your favorite artists are releasing new music on cassettes. Great.  Now a new generation can try to figure out re-thread tape in those bad boys when it comes spilling out.  Everything old is new again folks.



If you need an odd job to make money to pay for all your Christmas shopping…these jobs actually exist. 


Professional bridesmaids

Marijuana delivery drivers

Writing other peoples wedding speeches


I’m not sure what kind of diploma you need for those…but there ya go.



I’m glad to be staying home for the holiday and not flying anywhere.  Especially since over 45 million will be flying to get to somewhere else.


Meanwhile I gotta shop for Christmas so an article listing gifts under $10 bucks that the writer says “everyone will love” got my attention.  When I saw socks were listed as one of the items I thought…maybe not.  Does anyone want socks for Christmas?


Maybe I should give what Kris Jenner…Queen of the Kardashian clan is giving her friends this year.  Botox treatments.  That must make one feel jolly when their friend gives them botox treatments.  Not saying your old mind ya…but…here’s some botox because I love ya.



It’s all about Christmas…the time has come.  Time to shop.  I see that Pepsi doubled the caffeine in a new coffee-cola drink they have.  I might stop and get one of those before tackling the rest of the day shopping for botox treatment coupons.


Have a great weekend!







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