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Busy Co-Writers...Hail Cannon...Bunch O Donuts

Dec 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Friday…the weekend.  How many shopping days left til Christmas?  I don’t wanna know…surprise me.



I had a very fun writing session with a couple of regulars…Nathan Woodard and Brent Baxter online. Nathan is writer-artist for Daywind here in Nashville a huge gospel entity and I write for Billy Blue a bluegrass label. So it makes sense that when we write together, we’re thinking grass-gospel or at least something in that arena. Brent is a true lyricist, doesn’t play an instrument but what he brings to the table thought wise and lyrically is always great. I had a chorus start to a gospel song with a smile in it that both liked…so we wrote that. It is easier when someone brings an idea and or a start to a song. At least it is for me. So we were able to get our collective three sets of teeth into this song pretty quickly.


Nathan stays busy when he’s not writing or working on his new album by being a musical leader at one of the big churches that’s just north of Nashville.


Brent stays busy with a podcast, online songwriting classes AND he and his wife have four kids. So yea…he’s busy too.


And all of us make time to write songs and yesterdays was pretty danged good.



Pfizer got the green light yesterday. Folks that want to can start rolling up their sleeves. How many are going to want to is the question. With the stark news from the CDC director yesterday that in a coming brutal stretch of time the country is likely to see more deaths from the virus each day than from the Sept 11 attacks or Pearl Harbor. The first vaccinations could start Monday.


Apparently if you find Clorox wipes it’s like finding gold right now. They just can’t keep up with demand. The Pandemic broke out in March, we’re in December…you’d a thunk maybe they could have solved that problem by now. So, if you see any please grab one for me…and a 12 pack of toilet paper while you’re at it. 


So to put that in perspective, all the stuff we can’t find has something to do with wiping.



Dolly Parton might have saved a little 9-year-old dancer on the set of a new Christmas movie Dolly is filming for Netflix “Christmas On the Square”. The little girl did not see a big vehicle moving right at her when Dolly swooped her up. The girl said Dolly saved her and in typical Dolly fashion she said, “Well, I am an angel you know”. Dolly plays an angel in this movie. That girl will tell that story for the rest of her life…and especially at Christmas time.



It is hard to believe that Lifetime has a sexy Colonel Sanders movie coming up titled “Recipe for Seduction”. No kidding. I just never thought I’d hear Colonel Sanders and sexy in the same sentence. If this draws big viewers look for movies on Mr. Clean and the Michelin Tire Man soon.



They now have 86 MILLION subscribers. That be a lot. And a ton of new content is coming for their streaming service. At least 10 new Marvel action superhero type movies to go along with several new Star Wars kinds of shows…spin offs. I’m hooked on the “Mandalorian” so to me it will be interesting to see what other familiar Star Wars characters might be featured in their new content. Maybe ole Jar Jar Binks will get a second chance at being popular.



Check out this homemade “Hail Cannon” that this guy made in New Jersey in order to have better weather for his vineyards and to scare away the birds who were eating his grapes. Folks nearby were complaining about the noise…and now they know where it came from. It does boom. Wonder if one of these would work for dogs barking late at night when you’re trying to sleep?



Hard to believe but they’re saying if we’re in a really dark place in Nashville this Wednesday night that there’s a longshot chance that we could actually see the Northern Lights. That’s something I’ve not yet seen even though I’ve driven some late-night miles in North Dakota. I did hit a seagull believe it or not…in North dang Dakota. Smack on the windshield. Maybe that dude in New Jersey fired his “Hail Cannon” and scared him into my Winnebago windshield.



A Texas fisherman could be in trouble. He caught 173 crappies over the legal limit. Just 173 over. I think I hear him pulling his checkbook out right now. 



Victoria’s Secret is having a 60% off sale. I’m only bringing that up because I have a line in a comedy song of mine that relates. The song it called, “The Question Song” and one of the questions is, “what the heck do you see exactly in a Victoria Secret half-off sale”? I don’t know. But take another 10% off right now if you want.



I love donuts…don’t eat a lot of them anymore thought. I may have to break that habit though as tomorrow you can buy a hot dozen donuts at Krispy Kreme and they’ll give you a second dozen for just $1. One buck…12 extra glazed donuts. That should keep me jacked up all the way through Christmas.



“Woman Sues Boyfriend for Not Proposing After 8 Years of Dating”. Happened in Kenya. The judge told her to try and settle out of court. Good luck.



Temperatures are in the mid 60’s here today so I’m getting an early hike in this morning before my afternoon songwriting appointment today with the bluegrass duo Darin & Brooke Aldridge who were just on the Grand Ole Opry this last weekend singing their hearts out. They just signed a record deal with the company I write for, so hopefully we can add something to their pile of songs they’ll be considering for their first release on Billy Blue Records.


Have yourself a great weekend!



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