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Christmas Writing...The Gambler's Abode...No Cold For Me

Dec 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello Thursday morning…its going to be hard to top the weather we had in Nashville yesterday…warm and sunny. Two words I like seeing strung together.



I had a great time creating a new Gospel-Christian song with Rick Lang out in New Hampshire yesterday. An idea Rick had sent me the day before we were to write and I added a melody and a second verse to it before we even hooked up to start writing. So it didn’t take us long to bring the idea home together.  Like me, Rick is up at 4 AM has had coffee and has already played Scrabble with his wife and daughter sometimes to jump start his brain he says. I used the word “bray” in our song yesterday so I hope it’s something he might be able to score some points with during his morning scrabble game sometime. Because of my publishing deal with Billy Blue that is housed under a HUGE gospel publishing company Daywind I find myself writing a lot of these kinds of songs lately. And when I do, I sometimes draw upon my memories of being in the New Hope Baptist Church back in Missouri when I was young. And yesterday’s songs drew up memories of the simple Christmas services that were held there. The story of Christmas from the Bible’s perspective.  Mary, Joseph, Wise Men, Bethlehem, Three Wise Men, a Guiding Star, a Donkey all came into play from those memories. I’m glad to still have them.



I’m truly dangerous now as we got a new cable box to update our very old one. I can now record 5 shows at once instead of two and I can talk to my remote and tell it what I want. It’s like having Alexa in the palm of your hand. However, when I asked it to have my wife bring me a cold drink.  I got no response…pretty much the same if I had asked her myself. So even though it’s cool, there’s still some adjusting that needs to be done.



Gosh, I’ve stayed in so much because of Covid that my wardrobe has pretty much been sweats, tennis shoes and sweatshirt. I’m saving money on clothes for sure. I realized I have gotten a little too relaxed when I looked in the mirror and thought with my hair exploding that I was starting to look like Albert Einstein. When I told my wife she couldn’t stop laughing. And that of course means I must have hit on the truth a bit. Hair cut time today.


Grim…just grim. Yesterday we lost 3,140 souls to Covid-19.


Music City will not have their traditional huge New Year’s party this go around. Even the fireworks show?  They’re going up, and everyone will have to watch it on their TV’s and not in person. All the “oohs”…and “aahs” will be coming from inside living rooms as we ring out 2020.


Those that like to see the Nutcracker every year, as we once did when we lived in Cincinnati will be watching the Sugar Plum Fairies at outdoor shows given, or on TV only. It’s not just the ballet folks who have had to “dance” a lot this year.



Some things are flourishing. For instance, the stock price for Door Dash doubled yesterday, it’s first day on the stock market. It will cost you about $200 per share. Folks are wearing that company out calling for their meals to be delivered


Meanwhile Pepperidge Farm says they can’t keep up with cookie demand right now. Covid and a lack of labor is reducing the number of cookies they can crank out this Christmas. There’s been a 25% increase in demand for cookies this year. Comfort food.


Which begs the question…is Fig Newton REALLY a cookie? If it has a fruit attached to it can that still be a cookie? Doesn’t seem right to me.



If you had invested $1,000 in Moderna stock back in June and held onto it?  Today it would be worth $8,670. I didn’t invest…did you?  But I didn’t buy stock in cruise lines either so maybe it’s a wash.



We’re most surely headed back to the moon and it looks like sooner than later. Yesterday NASA named 18 new astronauts slated for moon missions.  Not sure what’s left up there to find, but we is a going.



40 minor league teams were eliminated yesterday by Major League Baseball. That will leave about 120 cities with minor league teams. One of them is Nashville and I just read Nashville Sounds this year will become a Milwaukee Brewer AAA team for a second time. Since I’ve been here, during three different times, our team has been associated with the Yankees, the Reds, The Cards, The Brewers, The Pirates, The Oakland A’s and last year the Texas Rangers. So this year I’ll be watching kids that Bob Uecker will be talking about on the radio someday.



If you’re shopping for a new humble abode, the Kenny Rogers estate near Atlanta is for sale. 26,000 square feet worth of abode. How big is that?  Well, it has 7 fireplaces in it. Why it would have 7 fireplaces when the house is located in a warm climate destination is a bit beyond me. But, I can’t ask Kenny why unfortunately. If you’ve got about 7 million dollars laying around you can own it.



How about the guy that found a 9-pound goldfish in a South Carolina lake?  How does a Goldfish grow to be 9 pounds?  I don’t think it was on a Keto diet of any kind. And I'm a little suspicous wondering if someone colored a bass orange to prank us. Like maybe those guys who a planting monoliths in everyone's backyard right now. 

When my daughter was very young, she bounced a ping pong ball into a cup at a little fair. Complete luck. But because she was lucky, we had to take a goldfish home in a plastic bag of water. I figured old “Goldie” would be with us maybe less than a year. It would not die. I think the dang thing swam around 10 years or more…or at least it seemed like it. That little fish never grew an inch. But that little diver at the bottom of the tank added 40 pounds. He must have been stealing the food we dropped in the tank.



I saw an article that suggested great Christmas cold camping gifts. Why would one want to camp when it’s freezing?  In Milwaukee where I once lived folks would try to get me out in a fishing shanty…on ice. I’ve sat in an outhouse in Missouri in the winter. I ain’t sitting on ice anymore even if there is a chance that I’d pull up a fish out of an ice hole. I used to ski…that was fun. I went snowmobiling once…that was cool too. But to pitch a tent in the snow? Come get and commit me to an institution if you ever hear of me doing such a thing. There’s a reason they invented heat and warmer climates.



I’m writing with Nathan Woodard and Brent Baxter today. Brent will be at his home in Missouri, Nathan and I will join him on computers here in Nashville. Brent is a great lyricist and sometimes will drop a COMPLETE lyric on us. Nathan is great with music with any luck today I’ll be able to say, “sounds good…put my name on it”.  We’ll see.


Have a great Thursday!




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