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Song Surprises...Christmas Stuff...WSM Late Night

Dec 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Have you got your Christmas shopping done?  Yea…me neither.



I hunkered down with Jerry Salley and Australian artist Kristy Cox Friday after I posted the day’s blog and we wrote a new up-tempo bluegrass song for her.  Kristy will be having her second child in the first quarter next year and has a trip very close to that time back to her home country to attend the “Golden Guitar” awards.  She’s nominated three times…one of those being for Female Vocalist of the Year. 


So she has a lot of tricky calendar planning she’s dealing with trying to balance a baby coming, a new single, and new album and a trip to Australia all surrounding that.  So our goal was to get her an up-tempo tune that she needed for this next project so that she can decide which 10 or 12 songs will make her album.  I’ve got a pretty good feeling that this tune we wrote from an idea I brought to the table will make it as it will feature some great musicians showing off their skill sets.  In fact…some names that a lot of folks would know could be making a guest appearance.  That’s a few months down the road so I’ll let ya know when I know. 


But…it was fun sitting in the room writing with those two talented folks for sure.



We’ve had a little spitting snow over the weekend…nothing serious here though…mostly rain.  But just a little over an hour away in Clarksville, TN where my daughter lives with her Army husband they had enough snow and ice on Sunday morning to make them cancel a trip down here to see us.  It is kind of nice to hear your kids be mature enough to think it might be a tad too dangerous to be driving on the roads right now. Another time for sure.


So for most of the weekend it was football, Amazon Prime (Christmas shopping) and Netflix.  Yes…my wife and I finally figured out how to use the “smart” part of our smart TV.  We are now officially part of the cool kids.



I saw a “behind the scenes” look at the new Mary Poppins movie that’s out December 19.  It just looks terrific and should be an absolute smash hit at the box office.  And at 91 years of age…we get to see Dick Van Dyke dance on a table.


That will be competing against Aquaman I guess.  I say that because it’s already taken in over 90 million in China and it’s yet to begin it’s run here.  Big muscle guys coming out of the water sell tickets…I guess.



One of the nice things that happen after you’ve written a lot of songs for a lot of years is that you find out they have a life of their own.  I’ve always thought songs are like babies.  You write them…and then they just kind of go off on their own and find their way sometimes years after you’ve written them


I got a nice text from Jim Pollard this morning who’s a songwriter in Arkansas who hosts a house concert every now and then down there near Little Rock.  My “Hits & Grins” trio will play there this March as a matter of fact.


This past weekend an Arkansas native Wood Newton was one of the two songwriters featured in Jim’s home and he sang a funny song the two of us wrote several years ago.  Now…Wood has written some big number one songs including “Bobby Sue” for the Oak Ridge Boys.  But he really loves this silly idea I shared with him so much that he sings it almost every time he performs somewhere and it ALWAYS gets big laughs.  Check out this VIDEO of my friend singing our song “My Wife’s Gonna Leave You” and see if you don’t laugh too.


TOP 10

The Tennessean newspaper music writers released what they considered to be the top 10 albums of the year from Music City.  I was surprised that I owned several and agree with their assessment. 


The new John Prine CD “The Tree Of Forgiveness”. 


Ashley McBryde’s debut album “Girl Going Nowhere”.


 Brother’s Osborne “Port St. Joe” which was recorded in Port St. Joe Florida right before the hurricane that devastated that little beach town.


 Kacey Musgraves “Golden”. 


Eric Church “Desperate Man”.


So I’ve worn out five of the ten they named this year.  And if I had to pick the best of those I’d choose “Golden” by Kacey.  The last song on that project, first time I heard it made me wish I could write something that good.  The song is called “Rainbow”…that catches the thought that sometimes negative folks fail to back up and see how good they really have it.



Kid Rock who’s been in the news recently did something very kind this weekend.  He lives just outside of town and he went in to the Wal Mart near his place and paid for all the layaways.  Over $83,000 of layaways.  Tyler Perry and one other celebrity have done the same.  I don’t know who started it first…but it’s pretty great seeing other kind hearts think, “that’s a good idea” and follow the lead at Christmas.



So many great Christmas movies.  I listed my top 5 a few blogs ago.  In there is the “Bishops Wife”…the old black and white version with Cary Grant and David Niven and Loretta Young.  Cary is an angel sent to help the preacher.  He has enough “angel” power that he could fill up an empty choir with kids singing in pure angelic tones.  That scene touches me every time.  I’m guessing that’s partly due because my Dad and Mom and had me and my two brothers and two sisters in the church choirs at very young ages when all our voices were higher and had not changed. 


If you’ve not seen the movie that my great friend Roger Naylor tipped me about years ago…seek it out.  But for now…here’s that great CHOIR SCENE I love.



Parents would not buy a lot of old vintage toys these days that some of us grew up with.  Jarts would be one according to an article I read.  I never had a set of Jarts…but I did play Pick Up Sticks.  Now those could poke an eye out.  I can’t decide which hurts your barefoot the most when you’re walking at night and they’ve been left out.  A pick up stick or the head of a Barbie doll your brothers tore off? 



ESPN had decided they will start their Sunday night baseball games an hour earlier.  Now at 7 pm instead of 8 pm.  Good!  Maybe I can see an entire game now before going to bed and so can those who have to get up early for work on Monday morning.  Instead of reading the final score on a sports app…we’ll actually be able to see the final score.  Bout time baseball.



I’m grabbing headphones and a nap today as later this evening I’ll be up late on WSM Radio taking Hall of Famer Eddie Stubb’s place for one night.  I’ll be playing a ton of “classic” country songs mixed with some Christmas music this evening so tune in some if you can.  You’ll find me and the radio station worldwide at wsmonline.com.  7-Midnight tonight.


Have a great Monday!





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